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Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Trailer Restoration

i've finished the restoration/re-creation of the theatrical trailer of mad max beyond thunderdome
you can check it out on youtube.
i had to make a few subtle changes due to missing frames/footage and use of alternate angles in the trailer.
everything was done to honor the original intend. though, i did change the opening warner bros. logo to the much cooler 1970's logo ;)

enjoy  :)

the trailer was edited in final cut pro x

Spider-Man World-Trade-Center 35mm Teaser Trailer

Hello Movie Fans

does anyone have the 35mm World-Trade-Center Teaser-Trailer of Spider-Man? I tried to get it from eBay, but the price was always extremely high. If someone has it, is there any chance we could use that Print to preserve the Trailer in HD? I do have a VOB of it, but the the quality isn't that great. In fact it's pretty bad ;-)
It's the source we've used on for our encode of the QuickTime Trailer - WTC Teaser

It would be awesome if we can preserve the Trailer, because I don't think it will ever see the light of day again from the Studio.

Army Of Darkness Trailer and TV spot HD remasters

Good job Space Kaijuu. I was about to work on the trailers as well, but then I've seen that you've already done it.

The trailers look they are 100% accurate, correct? Did you recreate the Title for the U.K. Trailer (Promo Trailer) yourself? I was looking for a high quality picture of it, but I had no luck.

Since you've also made the TV-Spots, any chance you'll try re-create the VHS-Promo?

Conan The Barbarian (1982) Trailer Restoration




this is a recreation of the original theatrical trailer for conan the barbarian.
the trailer is only available in a cropped aspect ratio and the quality is pretty bad as well. this version restores the original widescreen aspect ratio of 2.35:1 and improves the video quality tremendously.

enjoy :)


here is a little request on my own.

can someone please provide me with the untouched pcm audio for the trailer from the laserdisc?
if someone could re-create the credits including the title animation would make this release perfect. then i could release the hd version of it, which is basically ready to go (above download is taken from that hd version).

thanks in advance


Re-mixed audio tracks on video releases

did you notice the audio gap on predator when hawkins got killed. it was always present on the laserdisc and dvd - i don't remember if it still was in it on the s.e. dvd - but on the blu-ray the gap was gone. i always liked this audio gap/pause.

that's why i just made a bid on the ld on ebay and won it. i should've seen jonno's comment a bit earlier. oh well, no big problem.

i also predator 2 on laserdisc. how does the audio compare to the blu-ray?

as for batman, i still have the japanese ld of batman here. i don't know how it compares to the dvd/blu-ray. i haven't seen the movie in ages.