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The "Is it in HD somewhere because I can't find it" thread.

The entire “Trumptonshire” Trilogy had their original film negatives re-scanned and restored in HD in 2011 but only “Camberwick Green” got a Blu Ray release in 2011. “Trumpton” and “Chigley” never got released in HD and “Camberwick Green” BD sells for quite a high price these days.

I never saw much of these shows but they’re considered classics and ought to be preserved and available in the best possible way.

The Blackadder

uridon said:

Watched half of Blackadder II and all of the first,
and I find The Black Adder way better than the cheap sitcom it progressed into.
Will give 3 and 4 a shot but it’s not looking promising from youtube clips I’ve seen.

The Black Adder has better production value, wittier and blacker humor, a more unique dynamic with the main trio,
the best supporting cast (Brian Blessed in particular), and Rowan Atkinson is just funnier as a bumbling
fop than he is a cunning sociopath.

“The Black Adder” is my least favourite series but is still very good, for reasons you’ve mentioned. When my family started collecting Blackadder on VHS in the mid-1990’s, we started with Blackadder Goes Forth then worked our way back. No particular reason for it, it just worked out that way and I knew that things were going to be very different when it came to Series 1. Unlike you, I much prefer the sitcom format of the later series with Blackadder II being my favourite but I can appreciate why someone who started of with Series 1 and loved it to then feel underwhelmed with the following series’. Prince Edmund from The Black Adder felt to me like Mr. Bean playing the character rather than Rowan Atkinson but I think it worked well for this Series. Brian Blessed is fantastic in that series and steals the show whenever he’s on screen. Series 1 had much more of a story arc than the latter series’ and like you say, a much better production and wonderfully shot. I also loved how they satirised the Middle Ages but sometimes the Series and tone can get pretty grim for a sitcom. They had to do away with all that in order to get a second series commissioned though but personally I think it was was all the better for it.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the series though, and if you don’t, you’ll have at least enjoyed Series 1.

Blackadder Hall is a great site and includes some deleted scenes/rare footage as well;

Info: Films re-released with alterations

SpacemanDoug said:

Nien Nunb said:

JayArgonaut said:

Back to the Future II: not necessarily a digital alteration but definitely a visual one.

The original: featuring “Coming Summer 1990”, as seen at the end of the theatrical and home video versions, including the Blu-ray:


Removed from the version shown in recent years by ITV (UK) and the “BTTF Part III” logo also appears to have been altered from the original.


This is an alteration, but I don’t think this is a recent change. It was actually more recently that the “Coming Summer 1990” was restored after years of it not having been included. I first became aware of it on the 25th Anniversary Blu-ray set and corresponding DVD set. It was not present on the 2002 DVDs or any previous VHS release I have ever seen. I believe it appeared in theaters this way and then was removed for it’s initial video release which is how it remained until 2011.

You’re right it was in theaters that way, I could’ve sworn it was on the 2002 DVDs though, but I do know it was missing entirely on the VHS

The “Coming Summer 1990” is not included on the full screen R1 DVD box set.

'The Fast Show' (UK TV series) - unedited episodes (Released)

Baobab Archiver said:

I might be able to do it. I enjoy the Fast Show but haven’t seen it in years, so not sure what I’m looking for.
However if the episode turns out to have what is needed, drop me a PM and I’ll see what I can do.

P. S. As these are a way off yet, you might need to prompt me nearer the time, as I can’t set them to record yet!

That’d be great if you could capture those for me. The top two YouTube links are the missing Series 2 sketches I was referring to and were oriignally included in the two episodes I listed. If you can capture them for me (I’ll be watching them as well) and if they have anything I need, I’ll PM you.

That’s fine, it’s too early to Sky+ them so I’ll prompt you nearer the time.

'The Fast Show' (UK TV series) - unedited episodes (Released)

UK Channel GOLD are going to be celebrating the 25th Anniversary of The Fast Show (belatedly) this month by marathoning the entire series along with a brand new special “The Fast Show: Just A Load of Blooming Catchphrases” to air on August 29th 2020.

Series 2, Episodes 3 and 4 both aired on 21st August 2020 in their original broadcast forms and have been captured thanks to Baobab Archiver
Christmas Special 1996 airing on 30th August 2020 at 12:20am
“You Ain’t Seen All These, Right?” is airing on 31st August 2020 at 10:15pm

Series 2 was presented in it’s original broadcast form with all sketches and licenced music intact so hopefully the two specials listed will follow suit.

I’m going to Sky+ them but I’ve no way of capturing them or even just capturing the audio as my Sky+HD box doesn’t have any audio outputs besides optical, so if anyone here would be able to capture these for me I would very much appreciate it!

Info: Back to the Future - without DNR & EE

TheHutt said:

The new 4K picture scan has been already used on Netflix for Part II. Though it’s still heavily filtered (by Netflix itself), it shows much more details and has better colors than the old master.

Thanks for sharing. Those Amazon JP shots do look rather grainy though which is nice. Aren’t they meant to be the same master as the Blu Ray?

'The Fast Show' (UK TV series) - unedited episodes (Released)

Would anyone happen to have any original broadcast versions of some of these episodes that have since been edited for DVD/VHS releases?

I’m mainly after Episodes 3 and 4 from Series 2 as they have a few missing sketches, the 1996 Christmas Special and “You Ain’t Seen All These, Right?” (from The Fast Show Night), both of which have music replaced in some sketches.

“Fred Halibut & His Little Banjolele” cut from Series 2, Episode 3;

…and this one from Series 2, Episode 4 for some bizarre reason;

The Fast Show - Christmas Special 1996 -

The Colin Hunt sketch at 29:16 in the original broadcast version features George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” played in the background during one of the Colin Hunt sketches, which has been replaced with an alternate instrumental track on the Extended Version which was released on VHS and DVD. The above link is a TV recording of the original broadcast version but with the same alteration. The last time it aired on BBC2 was Christmas 1999 and I did have a VHS recording this repeat which I tried to use but my VCR chewed it up recently. I’m kicking myself for not preserving it sooner when I had a working DVD recorder. The GOLD broadcast from August 2020 bizarrely didn’t have any music playing during this scene so I’ll have to do a custom track with “Careless Whisper” overlayed onto it.

The following sketch is from “You Ain’t Seen All These, Right?”. The original broadcast version features Louis Armstrong’s version of “What a Wonderful World” playing out towards the end, but on DVD it’s been replaced with a cover of the song by another artist;

I also had a VHS recording of this when it was repeated on BBC2, Christmas 2000 (the 2nd and last time it was aired) but I can’t seem to find that tape anywhere and I no longer have any means to capture VHS to digital. Again, annoyed at myself for not capturing it when I had the chance. Luckily the GOLD broadcast from August 2020 used the original music.

Series 2 was repeated on BBC2 in 2015 (except episode 7) in their untouched form which I wasn’t aware of until recently. I’ve tried to find some captures of these but no luck.

There’s also a Finnish DVD release of Series 2 by Pan Vision which is a 2 disc set rather than a single disc and Episodes 3 and 4 appears to be longer than the UK/AUS DVD leading me to believe that the Fred Halibut and Newlyweds sketches are intact, though according to DVDCompare it states that the’ve been cut from this release as well;

I would like to purchase myself but can’t seem to find it available anywhere. Homefully someone could shed some more light on this release or how to purchase it from the UK.

Here’s a great article about the changes made to home releases;

Plus a thread from another forum discussing the 2015 repeats;

There are some more edits listed on the wiki page;

I absolutely adore this show. It’s still brilliant and still holds up. Thankfully there isn’t too much missing from the DVD’s and not as severe a case like say “Only Fools and Horses”.


Series 1 as far as I’m aware is uncut on the original 2002 stand-alone DVD release (some alterations were made to the 2007 Box Set) so I’ll just use that.

Series 2, Episodes 3 and 4, I will be reinserting the missing sketches from TVrips into the DVD version (most likely the original stand-alone 2003 release as that has fewer alterations compared to the 2007 Box Set) or better still, if any of the BBC2 2015 repeats surface and they at least match the DVD in terms of quality then I will just use those as my definitive versions. The 2020 GOLD broadcasts of these two episodes have been captured (Thank you Baobab Archiver) and have been used to reinstate the missing sketches and licenced music into the DVD version. Unfortunately due to the different framing and colour timing between the TV and DVD versions, I’m currently unable to remove the GOLD logo from the reinstated scenes. These episodes will be stand-alone .mpg’s.
Status - Complete

Christmas Special 1996 and “You Ain’t Seen All These, Right?” will simply be a case of doing a custom audio track by pasting portions of the original audio over the DVD AC3 of the Extended Editions. No re-encoding required. For these two specials, I’ll be able to reauthor the existing DVD’s including menus, chapters and subtitles but with the custom selectable audio tracks. The restored “Careless Whisper” version will be the default track and I’ll include the altered DVD version and the GOLD 2020 broadcast which is (I presume) and unfinished version (licensed music and laughter track missing in some sketches) as an option. These will both be DVD5’s.
Status - Complete

(I may even do a restoration of the original shorter broadcast versions of these two as they’re not commercially available and they both include elements that are missing/altered for the extended version)

Series 3 DVD’s claim to have edits made to them but I’m not sure what they are, if any. The 1996 Christmas Special was included on the original 2004 stand-alone DVD release so maybe the disclaimer was referring to that.

Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends UK Series 1-2 Original Broadcast Version Reconstruction (WIP)

UncutIsSuperior said:

alloneword said:

I’m sorry to report that Michael Angelis, the narrator of Thomas & Friends from 1991-2012, has passed away aged 68;

I might include a little tribute to him in my Series 3 preservation.

Oh, no. Well, I’m sure every Thomas fan will miss him. Myself included.

He was great. I will always prefer Ringo as narrator as that was who I grew up with coupled with Series 1 and 2 being my favourites, but Angelis also did an amazing job and did it for so long. In many ways he was better than Ringo as I felt his narrations were more lively and he put more enthusiasm into the role and the voices of each of the characters.

For my tibute to him in my Series 3 VHS preservation, I;m thinking of putting it toward the begining just before this screen;

I initially thought about placing it at the end so as not to alter how the original VHS tapes play out but then I thought it would seem redundant doing it like that. Therefore I think placing it just before the “Time for Trouble” title card would be best and have it fade in/out in a similar manner.

I’d love to do the text in the exact same font so if anyone coukd please confirm what font that is I would appreciate it.

It's the full collection, Charlie Brown! AKA continuing the Warner Peanuts 1960s, 1970s "decade" collections (Released)

Swift S. Lawliet said:

There are also some specials released on iTunes in HD and some HDTV airings in torrent sites, I’m not sure about the quality of them, though.

The HDTV 1080p version of “Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown” is 4:3 open matte, unlike the Amazon Prime version which is cropped to 16:9. The HDTV however does have a logo in the bottom-right corner at certain points.

Wallace & Gromit in "The Wrong Trousers" - Original Audio Preservation (Released)

EGOvoruhk said:

The best way to figure out the proper framerate is to compare to the soundtrack/score, if it exists officially anywhere. You would check the pitch and length against the video audio. One might be the same pitch, but longer or shorter

I don’t think the soundtrack was ever officially released on CD or digital for the TV specials. Only “The Curse of the Were-Rabbit” had an official release.

All I can find on YouTube are Blu Ray rips.

There is this, which is apparently a rare promo CD but I can’t find any more info anywhere else;

Help: looking for... Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves - a Theatrical Cut

The theatrical cut has been released on Blu Ray in Australia and Germany but apparently the quality is rather poor, yet still the best official release thus far.

Australian -

German -