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Denoise, Regrain And CC of ESB Grindhouse (Released)

I posted V2 to usenet (a.b.starwars) earlier today. Unfortunately, I had an error which resulted in the PAR files not being posted, but I was able to download and unpack the file, and it appears to be working fine. It’s currently the top entry if you browse a.b.starwars via binsearch.

This is an MKV file, with no extras. I won’t be uploading to Mega, torrent, etc., because it’s readily available on usenet. If you need help with usenet, Google is your friend, and many usenet servers offer free trials.

If someone downloads and watches the whole file, and notices issues/corruption, I can try to post it again, hopefully with PAR files included.

EDIT: I’ve been notified that my original attempt to upload didn’t work for someone, so I’m trying the upload again- here’s hoping it works this time, it should be done in approx 10 hours.

EDIT2: Upload complete. I had to fix a few pieces, so it might show as incomplete on binsearch/nzbindex, but I’ve verified that the nzb can download/unpack completely. I had the same PAR2 issues as before (I’m really rusty at this stuff), so this was my last attempt. I’m hoping it works for those who are asking!

The Original Trilogy restored from 35mm prints (a WIP)

I completely agree with everything Williarob said- I’m very thankful that there are so many people who work so hard on these projects, often using their own resources, to provide a product to the fan community. Poita, your efforts transcend most, and in addition to scans you provide, your expertise and knowledge in the areas of film restoration are monumental. Thanks!!

Neverar's A New Hope Technicolor Recreation <strong>(Final Version Released!)</strong>

Octorox said:

Is there any chance for a V2 that you could put the 97 DTS track as the default? I know it’s a simple remux but if this release is supposed to represent the “best of the special edition” I think it should default to the track that is widely considered better in both content and quality.

Change the header in MKVToolNix so that the 97 track is default. Takes less than 5 seconds 😃

kk650's Regraded Titanic (1997) IMAX (blanket yellow tint removed from 3D blu-ray) (Released)

^…^ said:

I’ve been on MS right now, to check the invites, and I can’t access the invites page, got “access denied” error!

Can someone else check as well? Dunno if it’s a common problem, thanks!

I got the same error as well. There’s a post on it in the MS forums, it’s not so much an error as an administrative decision…

Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 - MKV (Released)

littlebiggtoe said:

oojason said:

digitalfreaknyc said:

And now there’s a website?!?

a quick whois will likely show a few details - I imagine the hosts’ terms and conditions may be violated by this person(s) selling stuff like this… (and GoDaddy may not like to feel the wrath of Disney/Lucasfilm getting in contact) - and then handing over files to help ascertain just who is behind it…)

Looks like they registered through DomainsByProxy to keep their information hidden. I wonder why they think they would want to keep themselves hidden… \s

I resolved the IP Address to using an ssl server lookup.

Running a whois found the following info regarding contact info for abuse:

person: Abdulla Hashim
address: Emirates Telecommunication Corporation
address: P.O. Box 1150, Dubai, UAE
phone: +971 4 3717272
fax-no: +971 4 2959876
remarks: For any kind of abuse orignating from our network please
remarks: email

Star Wars Despecialized Editions - Custom Bluray Set (Released)

AnyWon said:

40 years after having seen the first Star Wars in cinema, I wanted to dig out the DVD set - just to find that the ANH disc has a bad crack in the middle ring…

… so I was very happy to see your post.

I read through, but did not find a download source, just postings of eBay auctions and MEGA shutdown notice.

So I would like to ask, if the ISOs are available somewhere, I thing it is not good to pay the eBay people as they seem to rip off hard work of people here in the forum.

Thank you in advance!

You’ll want to ask for a MySpleen invite here