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Topic - The Official Thread
damn Mike, you know, this is really so damn frustrating

I mean, it's right there and it exists (I wouldn't have the technical know-how to do what you've done, not to mention the time) and for many of us it's like pouring water out onto the sands of a desert

but anyways, so George Lucas himself knows about this and refused allowing you to release it? I say that we oughtta lobby Lucasarts to hire this guy for restoring the prints (think about it. this is nice, but a proper restoration would have a 4000 resolution).
Info: holy smokes -

go to

I can think of just one word: WOW. This guy is a pro who’s worked on major films before, and he’s taken to restoring star wars by hand on his pc. He spent 2 days to simply fix a star field! Unfortunately, he has indicated that it is for his personal use… and that he has no plans to sell it. So I sent an email asking if he was willing to share it. But anyways, take a look, it’s really something

Idea: About De-SEizing the DVDs... We need to Vote on Changes!
no moving cgi, which moves unnaturally and is distracting.


2,3,5 maybe. they aren't really important shots, and on the originals the degradation on those parts is pretty bad

6,8,34 yes. minor clean-ups and improvements to matte paintings are good

23,24,25- I'm not so sure about those. I also haven't seen the new garbage creature in motion.

17 and 40, maybe. also, I haven't seen them, but if they're unobtrusive, why not

28 and 29 I think are also deserving.

edit: oh yes, I forgot about 42, the new auberish text. KEEP IT.

The rest, no. no no no.

but again, NO MOVING CGI
MagnoliaFan Edits - "Balance" and "Clone War" (Released)
I watched half of the phantom menace edit. I'm not sure if I like it though, because, and this isn't entirely magnoliafan's fault, there's no humor in the alien conversations that so permeates the OT. but to make things worse, the dialogue that's written in for the characters isn't well written and it is a bit immature. but nice effort, just find a better writer.
the "ultimate edition"
hmm, I just found this

out of curiousity, which LD version are the TR-47's sourced from? because they don't look much better than my VHS copy, aside from the widescreen, and from that page, the 1995 VHS and LD's were the last of the theatrical releases to be remastered. So, did he use 1993 or 1995 laserdiscs? that would make all the difference.