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What SE changes (if any) did people like?

i’d be fine with them completely re-rendering and re-compositing all of the digital effects in the prequels in 4K, crawl to credits, while merely upscaling the 2k digital live-action footage for episodes 2 and 3.

also, making the lightsabers look more like they do in the sequel trilogy. i’d have no problem with them doing that.

i’m really just imagining them doing all of this with better graphics processing and faster rendering in 2019/2020

4K versions vs. DEED

4K77 and 4K83 have despecialized 2.7/2.5 beat, for now.

i prefer the DNR version of 4K77 and hope there’ll be a similar release of 4K83 if someone else has the a lossless version to create it with.

i think the 1080p despecialized edition should be free of SD or upscaled sources. that and the most dynamic color grade, and appropriate brightness/contrast for home viewing. (i really like neverar’s technicolor regrade of ANH) i’d like them to look as close to what a proper home video release for truly classic films should look.

STAR WARS but every shot comes from a random source

Chewielewis said:

the AARRSSTW page states that the shot length data “by negative1, was a documentation of the 2006 DVD (GOUT) release’s shot length.”

Does anyone know where to find the original post? would be great to find that data for ESB and ROTJ

something like this?

The Disney/Fox acquisition....

poita said:

Jedi Master Skywalker said:

i meant to day it could be legacy not saying it is legacy

Legacy is great, but I’d be hoping for something sourced from better materials than release prints.

Anyway, no-one at Lucasfilm seems interested in the OUT, the merger with Fox would solve some distribution problems, but it doesn’t give any real change to the motivation of Disney/Lucasfilm to embark on an OUT restoration.

I hope that changes, but there seems zero interest within Disney to do it.

if they’d only hire you + mike + rob + dre + ohteedee + harmy to work with scans of negatives to rebuild the original films in 4k frame by frame, shot by shot, reel by reel…

the community will probably have to use whatever the next revamped/restored version they release to retail as a source for the next generation of preservation projects.

Aladdin 35mm (Released)

“This particular print was struck in 1993, so unfortunately it has the censored song lyric at the beginning”

Would anyone here use a lossless rip of original pressing of the soundtrack CD with the uncensored “arabian nights” lyric? to SoX resample to 48khz and replace that portion in the title sequence?

Dunno how multi-channel separation would work with a TrueHD or DTS-HD surround track for that brief section, but since this release is just in stereo I figured its worth a shot for posterity.

1997 Star Wars Special Edition 35mm Project

Can someone with sources post a comparison of an uncropped frame of a lightsaber shot from 4k77 & the 35mm special edition?

ohteedee said on another forum that “Most FX shots have a smaller frame size than non FX shots.” (the post was regarding ROTJ specifically, but is a rather general statement)

I wonder if this is still true in the recomped 1997 versions of the same shots, and if the 97SE 35mm preservation wont need to be as cropped as 4k77, 83, etc.

The Phantom Menace - A "Good Enough" Reconstruction

ZaneFlare92 said:

You have the bridge that was added to the 2001 dvd, Just after the queen leaves back from Naboo following the shot of the palace. The Original theatrical didn’t have the shot the cgi bridge to the left where the river is. Also certain shots of the Podrace sequences look soft and I can understand you taking the route you did but maybe you didn’t know. Being you want to make this a HD Preservation, the digital movie collection has the original podrace sequence in full hd . So you can have that one crowd shot on and Watto yelling Subulba in HD and not a upscale. Also what kind of audio did you use out of curiosity. There’s nothing bad about it I was just curious if you went with the DTS track that’s available ?

at which store can one purchase the digital movie collection with extras that provides a download file?