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'Star Wars: Squadrons' - video game

c0rpze said:

doubleofive said:

c0rpze said:

Hey everyone, what’s the learning curve for this type of game if you haven’t played a lot of flight sims? I have played X-Wing Alliance and Tie Fighter on PC a long, long time ago (no pun intended) and own the Battlefront games. Though, I’m average at best at these type of games. I’ve been intrigued by being able to play Squadrons in VR especially after playing the Battlefront X-Wing experience (and that is something else!). I also read up on some reviews and have heard negatives. Any positives you may be able to share?

I was afraid I would not be good at this game, and I’m not, but I’m having fun with it. I have the same experience as you, so I imagine you would be as mediocre as I! I think the key is finding your class and sticking with it. Get good at Bombers or Interceptors, something like that.

Yeah, as long as it’s fun, that’s all that really matters. Do you play this game in VR by chance? I can imagine it being quite exhilarating if the gameplay isn’t too challenging. I played Battlefront’s X-Wing VR experience and had a blast with it.

It’s easier to play in VR: you can easily look where you want, independently of your flying! And a quick look around allows you to orient yourself and assess rapidly what’s going on in the battlefield.

The game is daunting at first: it’s quite fast paced, there’s a lot to master in the cockpit but after a few hours things become to feel natural, you get better at the game, and this is where the fun begins!

What's so great about ESB?

CatBus said:

canofhumdingers said:

What’s wrong with the romance between Han and Leia? Their back and forth banter is one of the oft-cited strengths of the film, and I agree. Their chemistry on screen is really fun and engaging.

It’s basically the “boy sexually harasses girl until she gives in” storyline.

And when she finally gives in, it’s at the worst moment: they should all be working hard to fix the Falcon’s hyperdrive to escape the Empire and Han has no better idea than to go bothering her to get his kiss.

But it’s definitely a problematic part of Empire IMO.

It hasn’t aged well that’s for sure. In fact, Harrison Ford movies from the eighties haven’t aged well, as explained in this video: Predatory Romance in Harrison Ford Movies