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4K restoration on Star Wars

Ronster said:

Z6PO said:

Do you mean John Knoll ? The guy who sold the idea of the Special Editions to George Lucas ?!

Yes. But that does not mean we won’t see the original version. He no doubt has a lot of respect still for the original film because he was the one also playing that nice extended scene in the deathstar conference room. And talking about Peter Cushings acting being good.

He may realise now you can not beat the real thing…

You’re right, John Knoll is not responsible for the disappearance of the originals.

The Last Jedi: Official Review and Opinions Thread ** SPOILERS **

LexX said:

DrDre said:

It burns the old Jedi texts for crying out loud, as a statement that the ancient history of the Jedi is boring.

That really pissed me off as a message the film gives at that point. “History is boring, let’s burn it for a few laughs.” And coming from Yoda it didn’t suit at all. I get the idea what it was trying to make which is let’s begin with a clean slate, but you should never turn your back on history. It always teaches something. That’s like burning constitutional laws or something.

The message being that the Jedi Order was wrong: the Force shouldn’t be a dogma. It shouldn’t be teached from ancient books by secluded monks to a few selected novices, but made accessible to everyone.