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Star Wars Games

Played a bit of Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast on the PS4 and it’s pretty unforgiving (I didn’t even finish the first level)! You have to save very often (there’s no autosave) and you have to go to the menus to do so, it becomes tiring real quick. They should’ve mapped a quick save to a button on the controller. Health and shield refills are very scarce (they don’t refill automatically after a few seconds like in modern games), and when the stormtroopers hit you they hit you hard! I may have to activate the cheat menu…

One more thing for the purists out there: there is an option for the original 4/3 aspect ratio, thanks the maker. (16/9 is just stretched 4/3 and it looks ugly)

Disney+ streaming platform : <strong>Star Wars content</strong> &amp; various info

sade1212 said:

Hmm, would it be possible to rip those DVD/Bluray cover looking images, and the big preview images/backgrounds? I have a soft spot for consistent saga posters in my Plex Library, even if they’re photoshops rather than actual drawings/paintings. Unfortunately I’m not in the Netherlands. There must be some way to get them from the website.

Not for Disney+, but you can find the artwork for the TV Shows & Movies on iTunes, thanks to this website.

The Mandalorian - Star Wars Live action TV series

ATMachine said:

Even online-based shows like Star Trek Discovery just have a ten-second title card.

Discovery have full classic opening credits! I don’t know where it’s been broadcast with just a ten-second title card, but on Netflix in Europe it’s more like 2 minute long credits, with a cool retro looking animation. (see for yourself)

Star Wars Games

Earlier in this topic:

Z6PO said:

There’s no season pass for Battlefront II, all new content is free for all players, except for cosmetic items like skins that you can buy with real money or in-game money.

It seems that only the maps for the smaller online modes are available offline.

Unlocking is based solely on your progress playing the game, and credits earned after each match.

Everything is already fully unlocked when you play offline.

Multiplayer is very competitive I’m afraid, but even if I die a lot I found it far more enjoyable than offline play. (Offline play is a good training ground)

There’s a campaign in Battlefront II, somewhat easy and rather short, but with a quite enjoyable story, and a new interesting character.

Battlefront II is first and foremost a multiplayer game, so there is some content that is only available when playing online. Mainly the bigger maps for the Galactic Assault mode, and all the objective-based modes (offline play is basically just deathmatch).