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Mass storage devices or services for music, any recommendations?

You can still rip your CDs to iTunes without using any music or cloud service. I’ve got all my 1000+ CDs ripped in iTunes on a Mac hooked to my stereo system and I synchronize my music to my iPhone with iTunes. No cloud, no Apple Music. But you’ll need an iPhone with a lot of memory (128-256 Gb) if you want all your music on your phone!

Alternate title for "A New Hope"?

ChainsawAsh said:

I quite like “The Princess of Alderaan” title, actually.

I like it too. It’s better than “A new hope”, a title that I find quite bland. But I think a better title would have to include a reference to the rebellion, as the other two titles in the trilogy reference the empire and the Jedi. With rebellion in the title you would have the 3 main organizations referenced in the trilogy titles.

What about “The Rebel Princess of Alderaan”? Or “The Rebel Princess”!

4K restoration on Star Wars

Ronster said:

Z6PO said:

Do you mean John Knoll ? The guy who sold the idea of the Special Editions to George Lucas ?!

Yes. But that does not mean we won’t see the original version. He no doubt has a lot of respect still for the original film because he was the one also playing that nice extended scene in the deathstar conference room. And talking about Peter Cushings acting being good.

He may realise now you can not beat the real thing…

You’re right, John Knoll is not responsible for the disappearance of the originals.