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Song Of The South

kwork said:

Until and while we wait for the latest version, is there a release that most people are happy with here? If so, could someone please pm me on how/where to get it? Thanks so much. What a wonderful project to work on a full restoration of this movie.

Well, actually Notelu released a slightly updated version of the restoration on

It apparently featured raw uncompressed audio for the English and Japanese audio tracks ripped from the Japanese Laserdisc and corrected some errors such as the audio syncing and the labelling of the two Portuguese audio tracks and oh yeah made it Blu-ray compatible.

Spider-Man World-Trade-Center 35mm Teaser Trailer

HELP WANTED!! Looking for someone who can HDR Colour Grade.

So for a while now, I’ve been thinking of doing a V2 of my remaster of the 4K scan. I’ve wanted to tweak the colour grading, but then I got the idea, “What if we added HDR?” So That’s what I plan on doing.

The problem is I don’t know how to colour grade something in HDR, so I’m looking for some help.

If you want to help, please DM and I will get back to you.

Thank You


ScreenX Preservation?

Avatar_Emil_Borg said:

Looking over the movies shown in this format at I see a lot of Asian movies. Is there any kind of ScreenX presence at all in the US?

Yes though it’s not that common in fact in Ontario, Canada there’s only one theatre that supports ScreenX. I think the reason there’s a lot of Asian movies in ScreenX is because ScreenX is a Korean invention.

ScreenX Preservation?

With “IMAX Enhanced Blu-Rays” coming to market I think it’s safe to say that future IMAX movie preservation is going to be ok…

But what about ScreenX?

For those who don’t about ScreenX well, I can’t really explain it all that well, but what I can tell you is that ScreenX a relatively new way of viewing movies in select theatre with some scenes being extended onto the walls. The thing is, how is something like this going to be preserved for the future you guys have any ideas?