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“The Ride of a Lifetime" - book by Bob Iger. Lucas mention.

captainsolo said:
And the whole going back to film is a misnomer generally used for marketing. Everything is done digitally in effects and post anyway outside of a few exceptions and the film shoots will do a immediate scan back to digital where everything is manipulated to within an inch of its life thus making the original capture methodology null and void.

The dynamic range of film is greater than video cameras currently, and it has no real upper limit on resolution (though you stop extracting detail somewhere between 4 and 8k for 35mm). There’s a lot more workable data in film than digital at the moment.

4K restoration on Star Wars

For me to buy it, it has to be new or exclusive content. I’ll probably buy it even if all they do is remaster the SEs.

What’s incredibly frustrating is how comparatively easy and cheap it would be to make a quick IP transfer. For most people, myself included, that would absolutely be good enough. While I appreciate high quality fan preservations, they’re not very accessible for the general public.

70mm print of GOUT on Saturday in Academy Theater in CA!

Valheru_84 said:

So with the recent revelation of George Lucas himself having signed off on this public screening of a legit unaltered '77 Star Wars, I wonder what it could mean for the below matters:

  • George’s changed stance/view on the original theatricals?
  • Clauses within the contract sale to Disney that allow him to do this and I wonder what else?
  • Some tangible proof of future 4K releases of the original theatricals?
  • Possibly a new source for fan restorations in perfect condition (apart from possibly 2sec of damage as detailed below)?

Pretty interesting turn of events either way! 😄

Or he just doesn’t care because it costs him nothing.

Films re-released with alterations

SpacemanDoug said:

The Godfather Part III in theaters originally ran at 162 minutes, but for all home video releases a 170 minute “final director’s cut” (it says this only on the VHS cover even though DVD and blu-ray versions are the same) was created while the 162 minute version never made available on home video at least in the US (idk about international home video releases)

That could possibly qualify on this list even though I can’t find any comparisons on any website.

Can you get me a source? If you can’t find one, I’ll put it there anyway, but I don’t want to edit it twice 😁

Star Wars trilogy box sets coming next year?

rodneyfaile said:

canofhumdingers said:

No idea of the legitimacy of this article, but it certainly sounds interesting.

Probably just someone trying to get clicks since it’s Celebration time.

At the very least, it’s the most concrete thing we’ve had for quite some time.