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Justice League Remixed (WIP)

So here’s my take on th film which is a true fan-editor’s dream come true.
First of all, I’ve reframed whole thing to widescreen, but not standard 1.78:1 which would be too easy 😉

Here’s the trailer:

and the current list of cuts/edits:

  • edit opens with Lois visiting Superman memorial place, some flashbacks to Superman’s death occurs
  • then Wonder Woman’s introduction - bank scene (ZSJL version, with some few shots from theatrical added, and some little cuts, ends with similar fashion like theatrical cut), cuts to…
  • Themyscira - motherbox awakens / Opening Credits
  • after the credits Steppenwolf arrives / Amazon battle occurs (ZSJL version)
  • Flash introduction - Iris scene, a little shortened
  • Steppenwolf startinng to build his fortress, sends parademons to search for motherboxes
  • Batman on the roof scene from Theatrical, but Bruce doesn’t talk with the burglar at all. Alfred says “What the hell”, Bruce responds “the scout”, Alfred says “It’s time then”. No image of motherboxes on the wall.
  • Silas leaving labs, janitor abducted as in ZSJL
  • arrow scene
  • Tomb Raider scene cut
  • then Silas talking about the kidnapping, scene starts with “eight people never sign off”, he comes back home
  • Steppenwolf talk with De Saad.
  • history leeson, no mention of anti-life equation
  • after that, Bruce starts to search for Arthur…
  • Bruce meets Arthur, song shortened no sweater sniffing
  • Martha mourning
  • Bruce & Alfred conversation by the helicopter
  • Steppenwolf interrogating atlantean soldier CUT
  • Bruce & Alfred in plane - ZSJL version shortened, Alfred has no doubts as he already seen parademon
  • Fisherman rescue, meeting with Vulko
  • Bruce & Diana making plans
  • Cyborg origin with few cuts (hacking college computer, destroying tape recorder - it won’t be relevant later).
  • Diana & Alfred (no tea, added a little bit from TC)
  • Diana meets Cyborg and until Mera & Aquaman scene everything like in ZSJL, then line “my parents died in a war” changed to theatrical version
  • beginning of chapter 4 replaced with Theatrical version up until the team reaches stairs and the bridge, because I prefer theatrical music, and it’s a little shorter.
  • theatrical version of sword scene (intertwined with ZSJL to have proper Steppenwolf), Wondy kills parademon during landing
  • starting from Aquaman appearance, theatrical version of escape from the tunnel + additional scene with Gordon from TC
  • ZSJL version of discussion about reviving Supes
  • Martian Manhunter deleted, obviously
  • Steppenwolf/Desaad/Darkseid scene CUT
  • shortened sequence after exhumation (part ZSJL, part TC).
  • Cyborg’s vision during Supes resurrection CUT
  • pregnancy test CUT
  • TC version of Supes vs Flash
  • Quarantine scenes with Silas CUT
  • Bruce talking about his nightmares CUT
  • “It wants to fly” subplot CUT
  • final battle ZSJL almost complete, minus “Kal-El” line.
  • Darkseid does not say a word, just walk away silently
  • Aquaman epilogue scene intact, after that theatrical epilogue with Cyborg’s scene from ZSJL epilogue.
  • end credits
  • post credits scene - Flash & Supes race.

Total running time 194 minutes (Titanic runtime, works for me). 195 after adding opening logos.\

Still In-the-works.

Zack Snyder's Justice League: Redux Ideas thread

Cameron Samurai said:

Here’s a potential timeline for the opening act to a three hour cut

Reveal message
-Open the movie with Lois in mourning, fetching her coffe, visiting Clark’s memorial, segues into Diana’s mission to thwart the bombing.

-Steppenwolf seizes the first Motherbox, Amazons discussing sending the arrow to Diana, but we don’t need to see it shot and land or Diana discovering the all too convenient shrine to Darksied. She relays all necessary information to Bruce later.

-Bruce dreams of Knightmare Superman only, wakes up, and is visited by Martian Manhunter, who offers to help, this provides better motivation for why he helps Lois out as ‘Martha’ later, doing his own small part, and it also enables Bruce to become more aware that an invasion is immanent rather than the gut feeling he has.

-End the prologue with Diana and Bruce discussing Darksied and Diana asking where the others are

-Begin Chapter One: “Don’t Count on It Batman”

The prologue would be too long I’m afraid.

I did something quite similar - mourning (+ some flashbacks from BvS) -> museum -> scene with Amazons from the prologue, and when one of them say to alert the queen opening credits sequence kicks in - after that, we move to scene where the queen arrives. Then some other scenes - Flash introduction, Steppenwolf sends parademons, Batman on the Roof (TC, which introduces him), janitor’s kidnapping, Arrow sequence, then Diana meets Bruce, history lesson and Arthur/Bruce meeting.

Icecream2448 said:

I felt the music that plays in the theatrical when The Flash realizes Superman can see him out of the corner of his eye was better. It was weirdly silent in the Snyder Cut and kinda sucked the comedy out of the little bit (it should be funny, Flash makes a funny face realizing).
Maybe I’m just used to the music cue selling the little sequence in the theatrical, and it’s not actually that good from an unbiased perspective, but I dunno. I definitely prefer it over the almost no music version that plays in the Snyder Cut.

Agreed. Restored the theatrical version of that fight in my edit. Also, Snyder Cut has some weird image distortion goin’ on there. One more reason to restore theatrical scene.

Also reinstated parademon chasing Wondy when Flash helps her with the sword.

dgraham414 said:

I would think to add-in from the Joss cut is the conversation with Flash and Batman before the first fight with Steppenwulf

Yup. I’ve done it too (shortened though).

Broom Kid said:

and if you literally do nothing more than hit the zoom button on your TV (thus cropping the frame down to 1.78:1) you’ll see that roughly 95% of the film’s composition works perfectly.

Disagree. I’ve reframed whole thing shot by shot, and I’ve seen edits auto-cropped - nowhere near to 90% “works perfectly” when we use that “no effort solution”. The more proper term for it would be “not that bad”. The fact that the movie was shot for 1.78:1 does not mean, that there’s no need for proper framing inside full frame.

Also, there are some shots in Snyder Cut clearly reframed from 1.78:1 of theatrical cut. I’ve replaced at least four of those with theatrical counterparts in my “Stage 2 edit” (three of them in the terrorists confrontation scene).

Zack Snyder's Justice League: Redux Ideas thread

Well, the most effective way to shorten Cyborg’s backstory would be using his theatrical scenes instead of ZSJL ones 😉

I’ve just cut scene with his mother talking about him helping some girl in college (there is later a better scene with the exact same message), and the Bear & Bull(sh*t) scene 😃. I don’think cutting too much Cyborg is a particualry good idea. That being said, I’ve decided to use theatrical epilogue, which isn’t centered on him.

In my “Stage 2 edit” I’ve cut the whole thing down to 194 minutes (including some theatrical bits here and there). I’m not sure if I will try and cut it down more. It’s also reframed to 2.35:1 (or more like 2.31:1), and uses that as the opening titles:

Friends: The Complete Edition - Blended Uncut and Blu Ray together. (Released)

Heavysyde said:

heathen3017 said:
As there’s no way to make the DVD footage 16:9 (has not been released by NBC or whoever made Friends), the only way to make the output image ratio consistent would be to crop the BR footage. Ofc, OP can do what he likes, just my thoughts on this.

I’d crop DVD to 16:9 to avoid changing AR.
Did just that with some Baywatch episodes.

Zack Snyder's Justice League: Redux Ideas thread

OGSpark said:

Maybe a “tilt and scan” 16:9 version? I get that the aspect ratio it’s presented in is part of Snyder’s vision, but the ratio makes no sense for home video consumption (which is at the moment the only way you can see this film). Hell even Christopher Nolan, who actually films on 70mm IMAX and has a reason to use that aspect ratio, converts those sequences to 16:9 for home release in order to retain as much of the “IMAX experience” for home viewing as possible.

I’d go farther and reframe it to 2.35:1 to match with previous movies.

As for the cuts - other than Martha-Manhunter which was completely pointless and everything after shirt rip, I don’t really feel the need to cut anything (that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be interested in watching tighter cut, just not planning to do it myself).