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Grindhouse Series Vol. 3 - Mortal Kombat (1995) (a WIP)


Third installment in Grindhouse series after:


I’ve tried to do something with Logan just to see, that I have not enough heart for that movie (or maybe it doesn’t really fit for the feel I try to achieve with those edits). So it was canceled and the next installment in this series of edits will be one of my all time favourite movies and still the best game-to-screen adaptation I’ve seen - Mortal Kombat.

This one certainly fits into this series concept, so there won’t be problem here as were with Logan. This is also a movie I was a fan since its premiere back in 1995. Still love it and don’t even think I can improve on it. But since I’ve seen it countless times, there may be a room for some tweaking just to have an alternate version to enjoy. This one won’t be as experimental as Machete, I’m not sure if any additional footage outside of original movie will be used here.

Here’s what I am planning to do.

  • apply grindhouse look to entire movie (should look better than JLG, since I am now using much more overlays).
  • rescore some scenes (especially fight scenes) using various pieces of music including some themes from classic MK games (1-3).
  • few little cuts - there are some scenes I don’t like (like the one with random guys being thrown to the ground by Goro).
  • some sfx from the games here and there
  • maybe some blood effects, not sure about that yet.

The goal, as always, is to have something a little more funny.

And here’s the WIP, rough version of the opening credits created for this edit:

Justice League Grindhoused (Released)

Blueffalump said:

Only thing that I’ll probably never get used to is digital dirt. It’s bit too prominent and too regular for my tastes. Having worked with actual film-projectors once, I’ve yet to see these kinds of post-fx implemented in a way that doesn’t look fake to me. Good job regardless!

In my next grindhouse projects (Mortal Kombat in the works, Alien and First Blood being considered to follow) I’ll try to use some real damaged film scans (much more natural looking overlays) and not only digital. I’ve tried to work with adobe after effects plugins but I don’t like the outcome too much, so that will be used only occasionally.

And what you think about what was presented in Tarantino/Rodriguez Grindhouse?

Ladyhawke: RESCORED (Released)

musiced921 said:
I didn’t and won’t be cropping anything. No way lol!

That’s nice. Some people crop black bars and release their edits that way. I really hate it :>

If you like my edit and want to make it into a blu ray, I’d be honored if you shared the finished files and I’ll share it as an option for others in the future.

We’ll see, there’s a chance 😃

Maybe you could consider doing similar thing as wakeupkeo did with his WW84 edit? I mean, un-scored audio track as a bonus feature?

Ladyhawke: RESCORED (Released)

musiced921 said:

I’m just going with an mp4 at this point. I used to do the whole DVD menu with special features, but with the advent of blu ray and bigger files, I stick with just mp4’s. For what it’s worth, when I’m finished, I will be making a trailer while I do some test previews and sound checks.

What size of mp4?
I really hope you won’t crop black bars (because that makes things complicated with blu-ray conversion).

I usually do full Blu-ray with menus, but mp4/mkv half the size of it is usually first to be released. When I’ve announced Blu-ray of JLG (which has much better compression - twice the size and two-pass encode) literally no one was interested. Well, their loss, not mine.
Anyway, any edit interesting enough to watch it more than once, I like to have burned as regular Blu.

Machete Sharpened - the Grindhouse edit (Released)

Some time ago I’ve got this idea about Machete edit which will give that film more of a grindhouse feel that was lacking in theatrical version. After completing ZSJL Grindhouse edit, I’ve decided to give it a shot.

So, the goal is to have bloodier, funnier, sexier, more ridiculous (and not always making much sense) edit of Robert Rodriguez’ Machete with grindhouse look, some re-scoring, deleted scenes restored as well as some additional footage from other movies, especially those featuring Steven Seagal, repurposed to expand his role as an over the top villain.

  • Cut some scenes with senator McLoughlin (TV spots, his second death).
  • Cut part of the first and whole second scene with “smart bodyguards”
  • some more minor cuts here and there
  • re-scored big part of the movie
  • added layer of thick grain and grindhouse effects to whole movie (dirt, scratches, dust and other damage).
  • added 6 of 8 deleted scenes from the Blu-ray (characters of Sis and McCoy are restored in this cut)
  • added newly created flashback sequence
  • added some scenes with Steven Seagal from his other movies (see other sources)
  • added mid-credits scene
  • some additional nudity
  • used some shots from fake trailer (2007)
  • added blood effects in few shots
  • added SFX to rebuild some of the rescored scenes and in several other places.
FanEdit Reviews - Post Your Reviews Here

oojason said:

Vultural said:

By and large, fanediting is a thankless endeavor. Many beg to view, few say thank you.

A shame to see this seemingly become more prevalent too.

Unfortunately even fewer people leave feedback, constructive criticism - suggestions for improvements, or reviews.

They simply move on and make another public request for a link - not attempting to join in with the community - or even in other discussion topics on here.

Hopefully we’ll see this either reversed or remedied - soon.

I’m seriously considering releasing my further edits only for people who gave some valuable feedback (or review) to my or others editors previous work.

Daughter of Themyscira (an edit of Wonder Woman 2017) Released

I’m quite familiar with his ZSJL edit, I’ve given him some feedback regarding -re-framing (which is very similar to what I’ve done for my ZSJL “Remixed” and “grindhoused” edits).

“Hi Vilgefortz, Krausfadr has done an amazing job of combining mos and BvS”

Ah,ok, that explains a lot.

Zack Snyder's Justice League: Redux Ideas thread

D-A113 said:

The 2.35 for me feels too cropped .

Out of curiosity - have you watched ZSJL in that format? I mean re-framed shot by shot.

I watch it either the way director intended (4:3), or the way I like (2.35:1 or something close to it - which looks pretty good, maybe except couple of shots here and there). All three ZSJL edits I made are 2.31:1.
I’ve reframed also first Avengers - in that kind of movies there’s no place for 1.78:1.

Couldn’t care less for Snyder’s philosophy which he made up suddenly after doing Watchmen, MoS and BvS in 2.35:1.

Justice League Grindhoused (Released)

Video clip:

Shortened to 133 minutes, focused on action and main plotline, with most of the character backstories removed or significantly shortened, this version relates heavily to 70s aesthetics but is not limited to it. The movie got used, damaged look and most of the music was replaced with some 70s (but not only) funk, rock, and cues taken from another movie soundtracks and some TV series themes. The grindhouse factor is limited to visuals and music, there are no significant changes or new plot twists to the story. It’s just much shorter & straightforward now.

The approach taken is not really “pure Grindhouse” - there is damaged look and most of the soundtrack is from 60/70s, but if something else felt right for the scene I didn’t resist, so there are songs from 80s and from later years too. The audio is built around central channel from 5.1 audio track with added music and sometimes rebuilded SFX.

This edit is based on my previous “Remixed” edit, so there are some similar changes to the structure of the story, the opening scenes are the same, but it’s 60 minutes shorter. Mono and stereo audio tracks included, but in the stereo track only added music is really in stereo.


Too many to list all of them (almost half of the movie is missing here).

  • new opening credits sequence

  • Cyborg’s backstory heavily shortened

  • Flash backstory removed

  • Aquaman backstory mostly removed, only some little hints remain

  • most of the subplots which were not important to the integrity of the story removed or shortened

  • movie ends just after Steppenwolf’s defeat, no epilogue at all.

  • story restructured in almost the same way as in “Remixed” edit - Bruce starts to search for heroes after Diana’s history lesson.

  • some sequences replaced with theatrical version (scene with Gordon on the roof, final part of tunnel fight, Wonder Woman’s sword catching scene, Wonder Woman throwing the bomb in the air, Flash Vs Superman, diggin’ up Superman’s corpse)

  • some theatrical bits added here and there (“Save one person”, “Playing well with others”, “Aquaman being honest”)

  • some BvS flashbacks added to opening scene

  • Music: soundtracks from “Escape from Planet of The Apes” (Jerry Goldsmith), “Batman” (Danny Elfman) “Kelly’s heroes”, “Magnum Force” (Lalo Schriffrin), “El Cid” (Miklos Rozsa), “Navajo Joe”, “Big Gundown” (Ennio Morricone) and TV shows themes from "Wonder Woman ( 1975-1079), “Batman” (1966-1968), “The Flash” (1990-1991).

  • Songs by: The Upstroke, The Brothers, The Soul Machine, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Johnny Cash, ZZ Top, Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, The Doors, Queen, Eric Clapton, Rare Earth, Rolling Stones, Blue Swede and more.