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The Clone Wars: Refocused [THREE episodes upgraded to v2.0, 3/5 seasons released to v1.0]

Hey everyone, me again, the CloneWars-noob here. To recall: I have never seen much of the original CW and am only tangentially aware of a small percentage of the plot points (I reckon at least, since I have no idea about how much plot stuff is there) and I got this deal with Eddie to eventually provide a no-prior-contact perspective on this project.

I am looking into this thread on a three times a year basis. It seems like some polishing effort is currently going on, but since I avoid most of the thread, I am out of the loop. Could somebody inform me via PM once S1 is in a state considered “ready” for the noob?

My original statement for Eddie was, I believe, “Just ping and share once you feel comfortable with the result”. Just wanted to make sure that was still on the radar.

The Clone Wars: Refocused [THREE episodes upgraded to v2.0, 3/5 seasons released to v1.0]

EddieDean said:
That’s perfect buddy, unspoilt newbies will definitely be really valuable. Once I start releasing I intend to do one weekly- it’d be great to have your feedback as it airs “live”.

Sorry for the necro but as mentioned, I am not really looking through this thread to actually remain “detached”.
Given that you seemingly have taken me up on my offer, can I then expect a PM at some point or how exactly will I be contacted once it is time?

D U N E - D E L U X E E D I T I O N ( R E L E A S E D )

Watched it, thanks a lot. I enjoyed it, as much as one can enjoy this movie at all. Personally, I think that SpiceDiver’s REDUX edit is a little bit better content-wise, but that is an unfair comparison. Your goal is something different and I think you achieved it.

You have certainly produced the cleanest, most polished version yet from a visual standpoint. The new desert shots were utterly seamless, I was really impressed when I failed to even notice the first one. And, without sounding over-enthusiastic, this is the BEST version “vanilla”-version of the movie, that is a cut that follows what was released back then.

The file is a keeper 😃

Pulsewidth said:
(never read the book… it’s on my list on things to do during lockdown haha)

The words must flow! The words have granted me increased intelligence for over 20 years.

The Clone Wars: Refocused [THREE episodes upgraded to v2.0, 3/5 seasons released to v1.0]

A Clone-Wars cut like yours could make we watch the series. Give me a Star Wars story, not a kid-focus-and-toy-selling-first story. Something between quality and continuity, I suspect, is what I am really after. I mean, it is a war story so it may depict the war, even if some parts are not connected to some wider story arc.
If “quality” is meant to include the good parts of this too, then sign me up.

Here is the trick: I am actually mostly unbiased, I have only seen a few Season 1 and a little bit of the final season stuff, so if you guys need a guinea pig, it is me.
I won’t look into this thread in any detailed manner, so just add me one some list and PM me if there is something to review.
In case you take up my offer, I shall devise some universal rating system to better quantify your efforts.

Best of luck!

Stay safe everyone.

Blade Runner (1982) The Nexus-7 Cut in 4K (Released)

Watched it. It was pretty good overall, certainly replacing everything we got so far in the visual department. Builds, lighting, color, added VFX, all stellar.

I like the limited inclusion of the narration but they very last one does not work. “I don’t know why he saved my life…” in the corridor does not work, ruining the tension of the scene while seemingly belonging to the one before. If this is included, it should be on the roof. Maybe just re-use some of the shoots of Ford sitting there, breathless, while it plays.

That Pris’ dossier is missing is kind of a shame, since we loose the peversity of her being a pleasure model that way. Removing Zhora is fine. Cannot figure out how to do both at the same time though myself…

Oh yeah, and Subtitles would be cool 😃

Info: Fixing the TFA and TLJ Deleted Scenes

JakeRyan17 said:
The reason I like it is because, “jerk” or not, it really solidifies what Luke believes and why he’s acting the way he is. It shows why he thinks the Jedi need to end in the clearest way: they can be manipulated by not understanding a cultural context into doing more harm than good.

Yoda was a “jerk” and constantly mocking Luke throughout Empire Strikes Back.

This. Exactly this. Well said.

It is my believe that the complaining people just do not get it, it seems they cannot deal with a deconstruction of a childhood hero. Including some of the film makers, considering we have the “a Jedi’s weapon deserves more respect” line in the final movie of the sequel trilogy. But let us not open this can of worms…

This scene should have been included.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine - NTSC DVD Restoration & 1080p HD Enhancement (Emissary Released)

Animaxx said:

Thank you for joining in. No problem, everyone also has a life to get back to at some point 😃

Since I will be working on DS9 and Voyager first, I would contact you once I get around to SG-1.
Also, I am planning to work on Babylon 5 (later on).

While this all sounds really cool, I cannot recommend a one-step-at-a-time approach enough. Such projects eat time and energy.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

I think it is time for me to request a workprint link too.

mrbenjamino said:

I dunno how to remove the watermark either lol.

We zoom the shot slightly and then employ an upscaler. Won’t be perfect but should be servicable enough.

Icecream2448 said:

Were there any explicit references to Rey’s dad being a failed clone of Palpatine?

I do not think the timeline would add up on that, plus it would feel really forced. Another clone? Fully with HAL on this one, we should not even try.

smpearce1981 said:

Watching the Ben vs KOR,(…)
I think we missed a trick not having one (or all) screaming ‘Traitor!!!’
Mirroring Kylo himself (to Finn) at the end of TFA.

I really like this. Remind me, what exactly was done here now? HAL mentioned an “earlier” line?

darkshadowspike said:

Vidmaster said:

So say we all.

I understood that Star Trek DS9 reference! /s

It is actually more of a Battlestar Galactica (reboot) reference.