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Theater Performance Preservations

Moth3r said:

Welcome to the forum Video Collector.

How did you make those screen grabs out of interest? The reason I ask is that they appear to be half-height grabs scaled up using a simple point resize (which is why there is heavy aliasing on diagonal lines). I suspect that one of the fields - half the resolution - got discarded somehow when you made your screen grabs. This would mean that the actual tapes contain twice the vertical resolution of your screenshots!

Very much looking forward to seeing these.

The screengrabs were made from VideoReDo (just because I'm using that program for basic trimming of the "raw" captures ).

I'm using a consumer DVD/Harddisc recorder that captures realtime MPEG2 to harddisk. Not an ideal solution, granted (even at the highest quality setting there is some compression-related blocking).

The captures are at their native PAL DVD resolution 768x576. Dumped to memory, pasted into Photoshop at 72dpi and saved as jpegs. That being said, I have no idea how the framedump function in VideoReDo handles the interlacing. The aliasing may be an artefact of the harddisk capture/encoding, and maybe WYSIWYG.

All the same, these grabs should give a general idea of the image characteristics of the tapes. I don't want  anyone to get their hopes up too high.

Oh, and everyone, call me Fritz, okay?

Theater Performance Preservations

My Jedi bootleg is a CAM of the old-fashioned sort. It made the rounds in 1983, so it is a testament to how the film appeared at the time.

Washed out colour. Cropped. No crowd noise, so must be from some sort of private screening. Sourced from the UK. (PAL)

At least we can determine the original subtitle placement and size. (I'm assuming this would be identical in the states and the UK).

The grabs say it all:


As you can tell, this is in horrible condition, but for anyone who deems it of value...




Theater Performance Preservations

Hi all. (My first post on the OT forums!)

After being contacted by members of this board regarding my ESB bootleg I decided it was time to join. I've been a lurker for a few years anyway. Time to contribute :-)

I have both ESB and Jedi on bootlegs from 1982/1983, and understand they may be of interest to you guys.


First, I've already made arrangements with None to give him DVDs of these bootlegs. I'm sure this will benefit all members of this forum, if you catch my drift ;-)


Empire Strikes Back: This is a telecine of a UK print, not a CAM. It IS from circa 1982, but I have no idea how such a copy came to be.

I'm enclosing a few grabs. As you can see the print is dark and oversaturated, and partly cropped albeit squeezed by some 90% both horizontally and vertically. I've enclosed a frame from Luke under Bespin to show the Falcon dish is present (ergo: No 70mm source here, sorry).


I'll fix the ratio when I master the DVD. There are some frames missing here and there where the tape is ruined. BTW: This is a PAL copy, and the DVD I make will remain so.

Also, there is a lot of telecine wobble in this, but I'll leave that to the Avisynth gurus to stabilize somewhere down the line. There are lots of small tracking errors as well, but what do you expect from a 30 year old tape and a 25 year old Sony Betamax player?

As you can see, the telecine operator has a hard time aligning the frame for the first several seconds. This happens at several reel changes. Just adds to the charm, I think.

It's kinda dark, but the dish is clearly present.

In my next post I'll cover my Jedi bootleg. Brace yourselves :-)


Now, to shamelessly plug my Star Wars Video Collection site: