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Alvin and the Chipmunks, speed-corrected versions

MrColeslaw said:

Do you have particular examples of season three episodes missing scenes?? Never heard of this being the case before.

I made my own Alvin set but hadn’t yet slowed them down to their original speed (outside of the first half of season five, I did slow those down) I’d love to help in whatever way I can!

I do have some of the opening bumpers you’re looking for, I believe around half the ones from s01 and one or two from s02? From the Cartoon Network reruns you mention. One from s03 (the premiere ep, Film Flam/Secret Life of Dave Seville) survives in the syndication package as aired in Canada, the source I have.

I’d love to get a hold of the German Junior sources, and I know they’re out there, but I’ve yet to get them.

An example of a missing scene from a Season 3 episode showed someone from the opposing Basketball team grabbing Theodore by the collar. It’s from “Court Action”. Actually, I’ve been told by someone who has the original broadcast of that episode that it’s not in American broadcasts. So apparently, these scenes were exclusive to foreign broadcasts.

And I didn’t notice that the second segment had both parts sped-up differently each. That’s because NBC cartoons had four commercial breaks instead of three, so the second segment would have an act break.

As for the teasers, just sent you a PM.

Alvin and the Chipmunks, speed-corrected versions

I’m trying to restore the original speed on all episodes of the 1983-1990 NBC cartoon that were sped-up for Syndication purposes. Channel 5 in Mexico and Junior TV in Germany showed the episodes in their original speed. Some were released on VHS and DVD in their original speed.

Here’s an example, the first episode.

[Links Removed, Rule 4]

The tricky part is that some episodes in Season 3 had scenes missing in Syndication.

I’m also trying to restore the episode teasers. Most NBC cartoons began with a 15 second teaser on the episode you were about to see. Cartoon Network showed some of these, but I don’t know where they are.

1982 VHS/Beta question

When Star Wars was first released in 1982 on VHS/Beta by 20th Century Fox Video on the Video Library Rental series, was it sped-up, or did it run 121 NTSC minutes? Can anyone who has this version of the tape please check?

This site claims the following:

"The time-compressed Episode IV has been used for some early CBS/Fox Video VHS issues and initial cable broadcasts on HBO, as well as years later for USA Network. In addition, the pan-and-scanning on the HBO airings is visually different from the VHS issues. The time-compressed Episode V aired on NBC for its broadcast premiere, and also aired later on USA."