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An American Werewolf In London (mangowolf Edition) V3 Coming Soon

one69chev said:

I just finished watching version 2, very nice job. I really liked the extras that you included, they were a great touch for the BD-50.

Mango was kind enough to allow me to put together some disc art for his project:


Nice job on the disc art Rickster dude.!!

And big thanks to Mango for this, one of my favourite movies for sure…!

Star Wars Despecialized Editions - Custom Bluray Set

Captain_Danielsan said:

Another complete asshat. This guy ( ive reported him ) is selling a 9 disc set ripping off the works of Team negative one, Harmy, nvjc, towne, and romwlins box set instructions …not to mention the countless others who helped. Makes me so mad!!!

The worst thing is when I looked at his feedback this piece of shit has already sold 8 of these so thats $1500 he has made for doing fuck all just robbing eveybodys hard work and selling for a profit… Scumbag.!

LETS PRETEND: A Star Wars Technicolor print is for sale

Darth Lucas said:

Vader21 said:

How is it possible to have a technicolor print if the film was not shot on 3 strip technicolor…??

It can still be printed on 3 strip technicolor even if it wasn’t shot that way. Same as how you can have a 35mm film printed onto 70mm stock.

JEDIT: Or at least it could if Technicolor was still doing these kinds of prints, but Star Wars was actually the last movie they used this process for before shutting down their labs.

Oh ok got you cheers for the info bud… do you know why there would have been a need to create a 3 strip technicolor print since the film was already shot on the newer 35mm single strip colour film…???

Harmy mkv to blu ray disc...?

alexp120 said:

As an alternative, you can just send the MKV file to a USB stick, then insert that stick into the USB port of your Blu Ray player. I’ve been doing that for years.

Beware: some Blu Ray players will not play the DTS audio tracks, like my LG model.

Yeah I could do that cheers mate, I will have to check it out as I also have an LG model.

Cheers for the suggestion.