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D+80 - Empire Strikes Back - 4K Theatrical Reconstruction (Released)

DVD-BOY said:

ahughes03 said:

Looks like the webhost (HostGator) issued a temporary ban due to overuse of shared resources:

Site Owner needs to contact the host to get things resolved.

It looks like probably the attention from the recent HelloGreedo post has cause the traffic to spike outside the TOS.

Thats what i thought too. Hope it will be back soon.

The Phantom Menace - Theatrical version scanned in 4K (a WIP)

ZigZig said:

Today is probably the good date to officialy announce that a scan in 4K, based on a 35mm in very good condition, is currently in progress.
And it will be done twice 😃

I received a few days ago from the lab in Paris a first test scan of reel 4 (made with a simple 720p scan), just to analyze the average condition of the reel before scanning it with a brand new 4K scanner. The lab scanned the entire reel… in 25 fps (the French standard) so it is not currently usable (there are ghosting artefacts and interpolated frames). Damn French people, always thinking that the world needs their own standards!

But It looks just gorgeous, even in 25 fps: the reel is in PERFECT condition, it looks like it was never projected before, the colors are perfectly preserved. The lab made NO correction at all (white balance, DNR or something else) and the rough result is astonishingly good.

The 4K scan will be obviously done in 24 fps, can’t wait to get it 😊

Happy birthday to TPM!

Any news about this 4K release ???

Star Wars Prequels 35mm 4K Filmized Editions by Emanswfan (a WIP)

emanswfan said:

I’m rendering out another preview tonight. I’ve since redid the whole grade, which is a lot more complex now, although I’m not quite sure I’m happy with it still, or am thinking it’s so much better.

Trying to bring up more shadow detail wasn’t as simple as a small adjustment to the previous grade. Personally those black levels look closer to something you might see with some theatre prints which have a dark filmic punch to them. But I’ve since tried to squeeze a lot more shadow detail in, although it doesn’t necessarily have the results I’m looking for.

Still, I want to see what you guys think about it before I go about working more.

A lot of my knowledge from working with the blu-ray applies here, but I’m new to working with 10 bit HDR-sourced footage, but I’ll say it gives a lot more freedom for color work over 8 bit SDR sourced material.

To clarify again, there are going to be multiple releases for each film, with different intentions. There’s a diverse set of options out there, so I’m trying to make different editions for different tastes, as well as for the fact that some versions will take longer or have more creative license.

This first edition of The Phantom Menace is a film-wide color grade straight from the disc, intended to recreate the look of your average theatre release print. I will release it in 10 bit SDR 4k, as well as 8 bit SDR 1080p. The 4K version will be rendered at a quality similar to a 4K Blu-ray disc, and the 1080p version will be rendered at a quality similar to a 1080p Blu-ray disc.

Later editions will go into shot by shot grading, and detail reconstruction via AI. But those will take a while.

I plan on releasing film-wide color grades of AOTC and ROTS as well after TPM, all before I move on to shot by shot graded and AI-enhanced editions of any of the films.

Here’s a screencap from the render:

alt text

To note the grain looks heavier in uncompressed still images, when compressed into video the grain gets smooshed into the image more.

Als a release as how it was in the cinema ???