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Dark Knight 35mm preservation project opportunity

An opportunity has arisen to scan and preserve The Dark Knight (2008) by Christopher Nolan. It’s a 7 reel scope print.

The total cost of the project - if funding succeeds - will be between $800 and $950, depending on circumstances that are hard to predict at this time.

For now I will only be collecting pledges to see if enough money can be raised. Only if and when enough pledges are made, the money will be collected and the project will commence.

The final preservation will/would be shared with donators.

Current pledge status: $770 / $800-$950
Current pledge status: $1160 / $1085-$1160
Current pledge status: $1110 / $1110

Pledges (Thanks!):
$50 - Anonymous - DONATION RECEIVED
$30 - freedomland - DONATION RECEIVED
$10 - Avatar_Emil_Borg - DONATION RECEIVED
$20 - kchrules - DONATION RECEIVED
$35 - Aluminium Falcon - DONATION RECEIVED
$35 - SpacemanDoug - DONATION RECEIVED
$20 - trillary dump - DONATION RECEIVED
$20 - sebkarlbjork - DONATION RECEIVED
$30 - Aphroticus - DONATION RECEIVED
-$15 - myself - DONATION SENT
$100 - TheEvilMayor - DONATION RECEIVED
$50 - shiftyeyes - DONATION RECEIVED
$20 - alleycat - DONATION RECEIVED
$15 - SpookyDollhouse - DONATION RECEIVED
$20 - Anonymous
$15 - craigbillet - DONATION RECEIVED
AU$10 - Bobson Dugnutt - DONATION RECEIVED
$10 - desertfox - DONATION RECEIVED
$30 - salle

Update 15.05.2020:
I’m sorry, I made a mistake when calculating the costs. The scanning will cost more than I thought after all. However, when the funding was at $710 and the estimated cost was at a maximum of 950, I said I would pay the difference. Hence, I added a $240 pledge by myself, which means we only have about $150 more to raise and then the project can finally commence!

Edit: Since we’re really close now, I will start collecting the donations very soon to also see if everyone is still on board. Should we absolutely fail to raise those extra $150 in the end, I will somehow make it work, I promise it. However it would put quite a strain on me, so I hope we can manage to do it.

Second update, also 15.05.2020:
Well that was quick. Barely 2 hours have passed and we are now fully funded and the project is a go! Assuming all pledges come through of course. Any further donations at this point will otherwise just reduce my own pledge of currently $240.

A major Thank You to everyone who has pledged, no matter the amount! But specifically I also want to express a giant Thank You to Gryfun without whom this would not have been possible, or not have been possible anywhere as fast as it now is commencing.

Update 28.05.2020:
Final cost is now known, it’s gonna be $1110 in total. The counter has thusly been updated.

Update 29.07.2020:
Scanning is on its way. As it often happens, we had some technical difficulties, most of which have been solved. But there’s still one imperfection in the scanning process we’re working on. It’s not catastrophic, but worth eliminating if it can be done.
I’ve also received a few further donations, thanks a lot! With those we are now “overfunded”, meaning the original goal is exceeded, effectively putting my own contribution to -$15. I had however spendings related to this project that I didn’t include in the funding total, in particular a color target for color calibrating the scan which cost me around 80 EUR with shipping included, so any further donations will just go towards that.
If anything more should come in beyond that, we could get a hard drive for shipping the data. These are all non-essentiall things, hence not included in the total cost. The project’s success does not critically depend on them, but they make things a little smoother.

<strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> — Official Review and Opinions Thread

I might be wrong, but afaik shakycam isn’t actually handheld but rather a steadicam adjusted to get a specific type of shakiness. Since pure handheld footage would have much more high frequency shaking (hand tremor and such) that isn’t the same as the kind of “head moves around” harmonious shaking that you want for a shaky cam scene.

Though it probably depends from project to project.

<strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> — Official Review and Opinions Thread

JawsTDS said:

Can J.J. please quit stealing music from other films. He’s not just reusing motifs, he’s just straight up lifting the audio file and dropping it into his film.

The ending motif from TFA is pasted lazily into the final moments of TROS. I haaaaaaaaate that.

Thanks for reminding me. I swear there was a moment where they pasted music from iRobot or Minority Report iirc, not sure which one of them, and then some others too. Not 100% the same maybe, but very similar nonetheless.

My guess is they had placeholder music and then they had John williams remake it, so I expect to find it in the score, if it’s complete enough for that.

<strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> — Official Review and Opinions Thread

Just saw it.

My overall impression: It’s technically the best sequel, but realistically it’s merely better than TFA and TLJ.

In other words, it’s garbage, but it’s the most entertaining garbage out of the sequels. It’s like JJ still tried to pretend to be serious about it in TFA and for this movie he just decided “fuck it” and rolled with the punches and the result is oaky doaky cringe comedy. This movie may as well be a parody and still be funny, but the fact that this is advertised as a real film makes it pretty hilarious.

TFA is bad in a pretty boring way.
TLJ is extremely bad in an even more boringest way.
TROS is extremely bad in a somewhat fun way.

The constant action also distracts from all the obvious issues the movie has, which kinda makes it better than the first two from a mere “having to sit through it” perspective. Not that I feel like rewatching it, but at least it wasn’t too painful to watch.

Also, Rey was kinda dominated by Kylo in the main fight, which is a slight step up from the Mary Sueness of her character in the past movies. She still won for the most awkwardly edited Deus Ex Machina reasons, but hey, it’s something. Little, but something.

Buffalo Rider (Guy on a Buffalo) 35mm print found! Possibility of 4K Restoration! WIP

If I may chip in my two cents, that seems like a mighty steep price to me for an incomplete fading print of a movie that doesn’t seem to have much going for it aside from being an obscure meme with 370 ratings on imdb that average out at 4.6/10. I might be wrong, but I doubt this would go away for more than 100 bucks on ebay.

Spider-Man World-Trade-Center 35mm Teaser Trailer

Don’t have any HDR hardware myself, but, if you have the raw scan in a form that can be converted back to linear light (for example with only gamma applied), you could probably easily convert this into the Rec2020 PQ HDR color space, simply taking advantage of the naturally high dynamic range of the film. This could be done with AVISynth for example, or with LUTS, I think. Iirc, the brightest spot I’ve seen on the German trailer is that little inserted sunlight in one of the shots of Spiderman swinging.

I know that’s technically not a proper grade (in the sense of having an actual HDR preview and adjusting parameters on-the-fly) but it might be something to try in the meantime until someone can do a proper grade.

Info: Spiderman (2001) - German 35mm scan for sale on ebay - any interest?

Copy on ebay:

Would anyone here be interested in donating some money to get this bought and scanned? I can take care of the logistics and getting it scanned, but I can’t afford to finance it myself. Would need whatever the cost to buy the print and some 200 EUR to get it scanned. Could probably cough up the money for the scan myself but it would take longer to get it done.

Scan would be in HD, with the optical audio from the print, with a bit of luck the German Dolby Digital from the print and a synced English track or maybe even the English Cinema DTS if I can get hold of it.

I strongly believe that this copy is flat/Open Matte. says OAR is 1.85:1, so it can’t be scope and I believe I saw pictures of a print of this movie in the past that were Open Matte. So you would see way more than on the official releases, at least in a lot of shots. Of course VFX shots might have the normal cropping.

Would make both a cropped and an open matte version, so you could pick your flavor.

Anyhow, thought I’d give this a shot, let me know if there’s any interest.

Edit: I of course mean the 2002 movie. Got it confused because of the trailer still lingering in my head.

Godzilla, King of the Monsters - The Monster Cut

Thanks for sharing with me!

I personally think it still needs quite a bit of work to be watchable. Which is perfectly okay if this is your first cut and to be expected.

Here’s my thoughts/suggestions:

  • Most of the cuts lack audio transitions. This is the bare minimum you should always do to make it seem more smooth.
  • Not all of the cuts properly take the flow of the movie into consideration or aren’t quite timed ideally, resulting for example in a sweeping camera that almost reaches its target and then is cut off, or abrupt music changes that change the mood unorganically and such.
  • The WMV Codec isn’t the ideal choice for good quality, I’d go with an x264 encode. The image looks pretty soft at the moment and has lots of compression artifacts and is overall not very enjoyable to look at.
  • Possibly related to the codec choice, the black levels and overall contrast and colors don’t seem quite right.
Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * <strong><em>SPOILER THREAD</em></strong> *

yotsuya said:

And a lot of us don’t agree and still can’t understand where you are coming from.

But this is supposed to be about TROS, not rehashing TLJ. I’d be curious to see how opinions change in the next 10 years (or just after TROS is out). For a long time TESB was considered the weakest movie of that trilogy and now it is considered the best. I’m hoping that TROS has a solid ending that die hard and casual fans love. If it goes how the supposed leaks are leaning I think it has a good chance.

Fair. If you enjoy the sequels, I don’t mean to try and convince you otherwise. I just didn’t think anyone would, that’s all. 😃 And now I should really stop derailing this thread.

Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * <strong><em>SPOILER THREAD</em></strong> *

OutboundFlight said:

I must ask, why do some claim “The Last Jedi is one the worst films ever”? I’m not attacking this opinion by any measure… but I don’t understand it at all. As someone more negative than positive towards TLJ, I must admit it creates a fun, cohesive narrative with masterful visuals. Are you that angry about Luke? Because you might argue the same has happened to Obi-Wan and Yoda, two legends who were reduced to a life of shit. I think some moments are flat-out “bad” (Luke trying to kill Ben, etc) but are those moments really worse than Jar Jar stepping in poop?

I just don’t think it’s a good movie in any way. It ignores everything that TFA set up, deliberately subverts reasonable expectations without being original while doing so, introduces very unlikable characters (imo) out of nowhere who make terrible decisions but are presented as heroes, has no world building or explanation of TFA’s world building, the main villains are turned into a giant goofy joke, highly illogical and boring main plotline, illogical character behavior, an entire illogical side plot that ultimately adds nothing to the story, no character arcs worth caring for … I could go on and on, but I’m sure it’s all been said before. Add to that the arrogant and condescending way in which the media and the filmmaker reacted to criticisms.

Personally, as someone who likes Star Wars, but isn’t really a fan, I could probably forgive a couple of things, like Luke, but it’s just a terrible movie in every other way too imo, even as a standalone. Except, as you said, the visuals. Disney of course has masters of the visual craft at its disposal, and John Williams’ score is naturally also always on point. It’s sure somewhat enjoyable to watch a single time, but that’s it for me.

Not saying it ruined Star Wars for me or anything dramatic like that, just that I find it hard to care about this sequel storyline after it.

About Jar Jar … well, I was a kid when I was watching the movies, so maybe I’m more forgiving out of nostalgia, but even so, that was just one part of mostly decent movies imo.

The Beatles - Preserving Unaltered Beatles in Mono

There are places on the internet with a lot of different vinyl rips of Beatles albums, I would wager that the proper ones are among them. I could be wrong though. Would love to give this a listen in any case. Personally I’d release in 96kHz/24bit. Even if you can’t hear the difference, at least it allows some more editing for those who want to do it. It’s supposed to be a kind of archive after all.

Just an idea: Marvel Storyhour

This is just an idea, I’m not working on this, as I have enough other stuff to do, but thought I’d just throw it out there, if only to remember it.

The idea is to structure all Marvel MCU movies into one single movie with individual chapters, but everything extremely abbreviated. It would have a narrator and would be narrated in the form of a father reading a story to his children before sleep, with each chapter in the book being maybe 10-20 minutes, and all leading together into the finale.

Character’s voices would either be kept, or replaced by the narrator’s voice, or a combination of both.

Each movie would effectively turn into a short story, basically. Each little story would serve to introduce a hero to the eager listeners.

This would require a few things:

  • Well-written narration, ideally by a talented writer
  • Well-recorded, fitting and well-executed voice
  • Maybe a few scenes recorded of a father/grandfather reading to his children to showcase this, however it could also be just done with title cards, I think it would be good enough and maybe even have more charme than making it too concrete

The entire thing would be a few hours max, meant to be consumer over the course of a few days without too much time investment - each night before sleep. 😉

I’m not really a big MCU fan at all, and I dread rewatching any of the movies, mainly because (in my opinion) there is a big lot of filler and generally not much depth in it, but I think such an abbreviated condensed retelling might be charming and could also be made a little more consistent in terms of plotholes and such. Some story arcs could even be changed, since the voice is actually telling what’s happening, so one doesn’t necessarily need actual footage of an actor saying or explaining or doing something, the narrator can do it.

Anyway, just an idea. If anyone should want to steal the idea, feel free.