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Falling Down - 35mm opportunity (a WIP)

Just thought I’d pitch this. It’s a German 35mm print of Falling Down. English audio could of course by synced. The print would probably cost around 200 EUR, scanning around 150 EUR.

Here’s an auction with an English print that was once sold with some pictures. I think it looks amazing: https://www.ebay.com/itm/333606062514

I presume the German one would look similar, but may have German titles, not sure. The Blu Ray looks a bit “eh” in my opinion, nothing special.

Since I don’t even know if anyone’s interest, I’m not gonna make any long detailed post for now. Just let me know if and how much you would like to pledge, if anything at all, to get this preserved. If we reach enough to at least buy the print, I’ll elaborate some more. =)

Pledges total: $70
FunkySi - $10
soupdrinker0 - $50
craigbillet - $10

Edited To Be Wrong: The Fellowship of Idiots [LOTR Parody]

The amount if silliness in this feels spread thin, like too little coke spread over too big hooker tits. Or something like that.

A few of the edits are really funny imo, but a lot of the in between stuff just feels a bit like empty filler and not changed enough considering what you’re going for. Reminds me a bit of the German edits where they replaced the voices - Sinnlos in Mittelerde. I think a custom dubbing like that could lift this up a notch or two.

Cast Away - 35mm preservation opportunity. (a WIP)

You would think a good 35mm film would profit from a 4K scan but theatrical prints are at least 3rd generation copies from the original (Original negative, interpositive, internegative) and aren’t as high resolving as the original negative. And the Russian film stocks aren’t terribly high resolving either. The only thing that would likely gain noticably more detail in a 4K scan of a typical print (there are exceptions I’m sure) is the tiny scratches, dust and hair all over it. =)

For example compare some commercial Blu Rays done from the original negative against some done from the interpositive and you might already notice a slight decline in sharpness, and that’s just the first generation master copy basically.

Dark Knight - 35mm preservation project opportunity (a WIP)

PMs have been sent to all OT members who pledged a donation for this project. I’m collecting the donations now to see who’s still in since we’re almost there.

Already mentioned it in the updated OP but: If we absolutely fail to raise the extra $150, the project will happen anyway. However I would have to pay a lot more out of my own pocket than I’d really like, so any further donations will be much appreciated. =)