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Dark Knight 35mm preservation project

PMs have been sent to all OT members who pledged a donation for this project. I’m collecting the donations now to see who’s still in since we’re almost there.

Already mentioned it in the updated OP but: If we absolutely fail to raise the extra $150, the project will happen anyway. However I would have to pay a lot more out of my own pocket than I’d really like, so any further donations will be much appreciated. =)

Dark Knight 35mm preservation project

Moiisty said:

Didnt an imax preservation get released in the last few years? how would this one compare to that?

Different thing. The IMAX preservation reintegrated some IMAX scenes into the movie in the normal aspect ratio instead of cropped in the top and bottom like in the official release. Those were sourced from Blu Ray extras and a fullscreen DVD.

This here would be a scan of a 35mm print as it was seen in cinemas back then, so you would get all the theatrical colors, grain etc.

Dark Knight 35mm preservation project

An opportunity has arisen to scan and preserve The Dark Knight (2008) by Christopher Nolan. It’s a 7 reel scope print.

The total cost of the project - if funding succeeds - will be between $800 and $950, depending on circumstances that are hard to predict at this time.

For now I will only be collecting pledges to see if enough money can be raised. Only if and when enough pledges are made, the money will be collected and the project will commence.

The final preservation will/would be shared with donators.

Current pledge status: $770 / $800-$950
Current pledge status: $1160 / $1085-$1160
Current pledge status: $1110 / $1110

Pledges (Thanks!):
$50 - Anonymous - DONATION RECEIVED
$30 - freedomland - DONATION RECEIVED
$10 - Avatar_Emil_Borg - DONATION RECEIVED
$20 - kchrules - DONATION RECEIVED
$35 - Aluminium Falcon - DONATION RECEIVED
$35 - SpacemanDoug - DONATION RECEIVED
$20 - trillary dump - DONATION RECEIVED
$20 - sebkarlbjork - DONATION RECEIVED
$30 - Aphroticus - DONATION RECEIVED
$60 - myself - DONATION SENT
$100 - TheEvilMayor - DONATION RECEIVED
$50 - shiftyeyes - DONATION RECEIVED
$20 - alleycat - DONATION RECEIVED
$15 - SpookyDollhouse - DONATION RECEIVED
$20 - Anonymous
$15 - craigbillet - DONATION RECEIVED

Update 15.05.2020:
I’m sorry, I made a mistake when calculating the costs. The scanning will cost more than I thought after all. However, when the funding was at $710 and the estimated cost was at a maximum of 950, I said I would pay the difference. Hence, I added a $240 pledge by myself, which means we only have about $150 more to raise and then the project can finally commence!

Edit: Since we’re really close now, I will start collecting the donations very soon to also see if everyone is still on board. Should we absolutely fail to raise those extra $150 in the end, I will somehow make it work, I promise it. However it would put quite a strain on me, so I hope we can manage to do it.

Second update, also 15.05.2020:
Well that was quick. Barely 2 hours have passed and we are now fully funded and the project is a go! Assuming all pledges come through of course. Any further donations at this point will otherwise just reduce my own pledge of currently $240.

A major Thank You to everyone who has pledged, no matter the amount! But specifically I also want to express a giant Thank You to Gryfun without whom this would not have been possible, or not have been possible anywhere as fast as it now is commencing.

Update 28.05.2020:
Final cost is now known, it’s gonna be $1110 in total. The counter has thusly been updated.

<strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> — Official Review and Opinions Thread

I might be wrong, but afaik shakycam isn’t actually handheld but rather a steadicam adjusted to get a specific type of shakiness. Since pure handheld footage would have much more high frequency shaking (hand tremor and such) that isn’t the same as the kind of “head moves around” harmonious shaking that you want for a shaky cam scene.

Though it probably depends from project to project.

<strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> — Official Review and Opinions Thread

JawsTDS said:

Can J.J. please quit stealing music from other films. He’s not just reusing motifs, he’s just straight up lifting the audio file and dropping it into his film.

The ending motif from TFA is pasted lazily into the final moments of TROS. I haaaaaaaaate that.

Thanks for reminding me. I swear there was a moment where they pasted music from iRobot or Minority Report iirc, not sure which one of them, and then some others too. Not 100% the same maybe, but very similar nonetheless.

My guess is they had placeholder music and then they had John williams remake it, so I expect to find it in the score, if it’s complete enough for that.

<strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> — Official Review and Opinions Thread

Just saw it.

My overall impression: It’s technically the best sequel, but realistically it’s merely better than TFA and TLJ.

In other words, it’s garbage, but it’s the most entertaining garbage out of the sequels. It’s like JJ still tried to pretend to be serious about it in TFA and for this movie he just decided “fuck it” and rolled with the punches and the result is oaky doaky cringe comedy. This movie may as well be a parody and still be funny, but the fact that this is advertised as a real film makes it pretty hilarious.

TFA is bad in a pretty boring way.
TLJ is extremely bad in an even more boringest way.
TROS is extremely bad in a somewhat fun way.

The constant action also distracts from all the obvious issues the movie has, which kinda makes it better than the first two from a mere “having to sit through it” perspective. Not that I feel like rewatching it, but at least it wasn’t too painful to watch.

Also, Rey was kinda dominated by Kylo in the main fight, which is a slight step up from the Mary Sueness of her character in the past movies. She still won for the most awkwardly edited Deus Ex Machina reasons, but hey, it’s something. Little, but something.