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Asteroid-Man said:

Has the possibility of using Sebastian Shaw + ROTS wardrobe been discussed? Him looking like Anakin in his youth confused me a bit, and him wearing Obi-Wan’s robes confused me even more.

Just food for thought.

Absolutely brilliant! The person/face Sebastian Shaw is needed, but with his old clothes there is no connection to the Skywalker from Episode 2 and 3 … and with these modification the deliverance of Anakin Skywalker would be perfect.

and have a look at Lukes small wink to the Jedi ghosts in the theatrical version of the movie (was removed in SE)


Nerosun said:

What about these scenes?

MalàStrana said:

I love this deleted scene:

In contrast to ANH and TESB the deleted scenes from ROTJ has many potential to be reediting into the movie. I agree with you. Especially:

  • Luke building this light saber
  • Bunker rush (nice action, see the link)
  • Emperor is commanding to destory the moon (more dramatic, more evil)

The difficult is to restore these blu ray material that it is matching to the rest of the movies (color, sound, scratches, effects). I think this is a lot of work. But when Adywan can handle this, this would be an amazin change.

I hope Adywan will try 😃

I have three other “wishes” for ROTJ:HD

  • in Jabbas palace Lando is showing his face (too long) in the camera Thats absolutely useless and senseless.
  • At the end, when Luke looks to the Jedi ghosts, in the original version he did a small wink with his eyes. Thats very individual, I like this … but its missing in the SE.
  • I like Sebastian Shaw as Anakin, but it would be great if he wear the clothes from the PT Anakin
ESB and ROTJ Wishlist

Just as summary for ROTJ. Someone will like it, some other will don’t. These are my ideas for ROTJ, maybe Adywan like or feel inspirated:

  • In Jabbas palast where we see the first time Landos face behind the mask: This scene is too long. Only a short view on the face is enough. Its senseless to enter undercover the palast and show the face for many seconds.-

  • The emperor said that Lukes saber looks like Anakins … but it looks like Obi-Wans.

  • Vader to Luke: Obi-Wan thought as you … Padme thought as Luke

  • At the end, when Luke looks to the Jedi ghosts, in the original version he did a small wink with his eyes. Thats very individual, I like this … but its missing in the SE.

  • The Jedi ghosts … I don’t like Hayden Christensen as Anakin in ROTJ too. But please give Sebastian Shaw the clothes from the Hayden Christensen Anakin from ATOC/ROTS.

Deleted scences:
I agree that the deleted scenes for ANH and TESB didn’t match into the final movie. But I ROTJ its a little different

  • Luke building his lightsaber: this scence have some kind of magic. Its hard to describe.

  • The death star want to destory the moon of Endor. These scenes give the final attack on the deathstar more dramatic and show one more dark side of the emperor

  • The bunker rush is cool action but not specially needed.

  • Same to the scence where Vader want to go to the emperor.

STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>AVAILABLE NOW</strong>

Dear Adywan,

I just saw your Revisited edition of The Empire Strikes Back. And I want to give you and your crew a big thank you!
I had the feeling, that I watched a 37 years old movie for the first time!

Your additions are so beautiful, especially Bespin and Hoth and you added so much details - but still kept the original feeling. That’s brilliant!

Thank you 😃

The Unofficial Complete REVISITED SAGA Ideas and Random Discussion Thread

I think the most important part is the original trilogy :)


Last time I saw ROTJ and got some ideas for a Revisited Edition:

- "Lando Calrissian and the poor Chewbacca never...." why 3PO said that Chewie never came back from Jabbas Palace? At this point Chewie shouldn't be inside the palace. But maybe i didn't get it right.

- At Jabbas home Lando showed his full face for some seconds ... this is not nessearcy and senseless. We all see recognize Lando without this ... and it's dangerous for him to show the full face in Jabbas palace. The half should be enough.

- Luke vs. the Bounty Hunters at the Sarlacc we see some good Jedi Action. Maybe some lightsaber marks would be improve the action?

- I don't know if it possible but some deleted scenes are really cool ....
1. Luke built his lightsaber ... we all know that R2 carry the weapon. Its cool to see a Jedi built his lightsaber ... and the communication between Vader and Luke give the movie a early focus on the force
2. The bunker rush give the fight on Endor more focus on the rebels, less the Ewoks
3. The plans to destory the moon of endor with the Death Star give the final more dramatic

- in the original trilogy Luke winkes ( ;) ) to the Jedi Ghosts ... this small shot is lost in the SE.

- Bring Sebastian Shawn back at ghost of Anakin Skywalker ... but give him the prequel clothes! He looks very strange ...


My ideas for ROTJ:R .... :)

Harmy's THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Despecialized Edition HD !!!MKV and AVCHD v2.0 NOW AVAILABLE!!!

Hi Harmy,


I like your despecialized versions of the OT very much. Its my prefered way to enjoy Star Wars.


At last you released Star Wars in the 1977 version in HD and with many additional languages. :)

Do you have any plans to release other languages for TESB? This version only have english and czech tracks.

I'm from germany and the blu ray release brought us the first good audio source of the OT for home entertainment.

So it would be perfect to have your despecialized version of TESB with the  german adapeted blu ray track :)


Same question for ROTJ, an audio update with the blu ray sound would be awesome :)

Short edit for ROTJ: I just checked it ... it seems that the german track for ROTJ is perfect :) So the question is only for TESB :)

ESB and ROTJ Wishlist

TV's Frink said:


Seriously, we don't need more PT in the OT, we need less.


The Hayden/Shaw Facemix was just a very fast idea, not more :)


My mainpoint is the clothesproblem. Sebastian Shaw in the clothes from Anakin from Ep2&3 could be very good :)


And some PT in OT works very good ... example the battledroid in Adywans Episode 4 or the music at the fight Obi-Wan vs. Vader in Adywans Episode 4 ;)

ESB and ROTJ Wishlist

maybe already advocated:

At the end from return of the jedi .. Hayden or Shaw? Anyway give Anakin the real clothes from Episode 2 and 3 and not a robe which was never shown before .... And Anakin is a little larger as Obi-Wan, in the movie scene @Ep6 both have the same size?



To the Hayden/Shaw Question: Mayb an old Hayden/Shaw mix could be created.

ESB and ROTJ Wishlist

RoccondilRinon said:

Yeah, but Luke (and the viewer if they're watching it in release order) will be thinking "What did he say? What's a padme?"


True ... but for the hole movieexperience it works, imo :)

a "Mother" would be better ... i was looking for it but didnt found anything.... my greatest hope was The Lion King but no way :(