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Hardware Wars MVD Rewind Collection Blu-ray/DVD

Been a while, first of all.

Second, MVD is set to release Hardware Wars on Blu-ray for the first time (DVD too)!

Blu-ray: https://www.amazon.com/Hardware-Wars-Scott-Mathews/dp/B0CMR2XM31/

DVD: https://www.amazon.com/Hardware-Wars-Scott-Mathews/dp/B0CMR4V4Z6/

Special Features:

Brand new 2K HD transfer from the original camera negative supervised by director Ernie Fosselius
2.0 Stereo Audio (LPCM for the Blu-ray)
Optional English Subtitles
Audio Commentary with Writer / Director Ernie Fosselius
“Hardware Wars” Directors Cut (10:15)
“Hardware Wars” Trailer
“Porklips Now” (21:38) 1980 parody of “Apocalypse Now” from director Ernie Fosselius
“Plan 9.1 From Outer Space” (20:46) 2009 parody remake of “Plan 9 From Outer Space” with puppets from director Ernie Fosselius

The Blu-ray will include that plus the following:

Video Commentary with Writer / Director Ernie Fosselius (13 mins)
“Hardware Wars” Prequel featurette (05:23, SD)
“Hardware Wars” Foreign Version (11:19, SD)
1978 Creature Features Interview with Writer / Director Ernie Fosselius (12:12, SD)
“Hardware Wars Saves Christmas” featurette (06:09, SD)
Awards Reel (01:08, SD)
Reversible Artwork
Collectible Mini-Poster

Help/Info Wanted: 'Regular Show' - Uncensored/Original Cuts


"General Notes:
When originally aired, the (first) episode The Power, features 2 lines of dialogue which were later altered:

*How in the “H” are we going to fix this “S”?" to "How in the heck are we going to fix this stuff?

*“But he’s gonna be pissed!” to But he’s gonna be ticked!"

Another episode, Meat Your Maker, also features a line which was later altered:

*“You pissed me off.” to “You ticked me off.”

These alterations are found on The Complete First and Second Seasons set. However, the original unaltered version of The Power can be found on the Regular Show: Slack Pack release. Unfortunately, the unaltered version of Meat Your Maker has not been released on DVD or Blu-ray."

Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga 4k UHD -- 27 DISC Boxed Set -- 3/31/2020

CHEWBAKAspelledwrong said:

Encouraged that Disney is willing to acknowledge 20th Century Fox in the billing, especially considering the recent renaming of the studio. Glad that marque won’t be erased from film history.

Though I assume these are now wholly in the “possession” of LF? As in, did Disney move OT distribution rights over to LF division (or solely Buena Vista) after the acquisition, or is Fox still involved in some way?

Being is how Fox is under Disney now, I think it was a matter of Fox allowing them to distribute IV under their behalf.

I will say this, change it to 20th Century Studios (it did start as 20th Century Pictures after all), but remove “Fox” from any pre-2020 films, there will be a problem.

Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga 4k UHD -- 27 DISC Boxed Set -- 3/31/2020

Yeah, nevermind. Found out this was fake rumor. Sorry about that.

Anyway, the Scandinavian releases are up for pre-order on Cdon.no and they reveal the bonus extras all but IX. I say this because this is what can be expected on the US/Skywalker Saga release(s):

Episode I:
-Audio Commentary by George Lucas, Rick McCallum, Ben Burtt, Rob Coleman, Dennis Muren and Scott Squires
-Archival Commentary by the Cast & Crew
-Conversations: Doug Chiang Looks Back
-Discoveries From Inside: Models & Miniatures
-George Lucas On The Digital Revolution

Episode II:
-Audio Commentary By George Lucas, Rick McCallum, Ben Burtt, Rob Coleman, Pablo Helman, John Knoll And Ben Snow
-Archival Audio Commentary By The Cast And Crew
-Conversations: Sounds In Space
-Discoveries From Inside: Costumes Revealed
-The Art Of Attack Of The Clones

Episode III:
-Audio Commentary by George Lucas, Rick McCallum, Rob Coleman, John Knoll and Roger Guyett
-Archival Audio Commentary by the Cast and Crew
-Conversations: The Star Wars That Almost Was
-Discoveries from Inside: Holograms & Bloopers

Episode IV:
-Audio Commentary by George Lucas, Carrie Fisher, Ben Burtt and Dennis Muren
-Archival Audio Commentary by the Cast and Crew
-Conversations: Creating A Universe
-Discoveries From Inside: Weapons & The First Lightsaber
-Anatomy Of A Dewback

Episode V:
-Audio Commentary by George Lucas, Irvin Kerschner, Carrie Fisher, Ben Burtt, and Dennis Muren
-Archival Audio Commentary by The Cast and Crew
-Conversations: The Lost Interviews
-Discoveries From Inside: Matte Paintings Unveiled

Episode VI:
-Audio Commentary By George Lucas, Carrie Fisher, Ben Burtt, and Dennis Muren
-Archival Audio Commentary by The Cast and Crew
-Conversations: The Effects
-From Inside: The Sounds of Ben Burtt
-Classic Creatures: Return Of The Jedi

Episode VII:
-Audio Commentary by director J.J. Abrams
-Secrets Of The Force Awakens: A Cinematic Journey
-The Story Awakens: The Table Read
-Building BB-8
-Crafting Creatures
-Blueprint of a Battle: The Snow Fight
-The Visual Magic Of The Force
-John Williams: The Seventh Symphony
-Deleted Scenes
-Force For Change
-Dressing The Galaxy
-Foley: A Sonic Tale
-Inside The Armory
-and much more!

Episode VIII:
-Audio Commentary by Rian Johnson
-Score-Only Version of the movie
-The Director And The Jedi
-Balance Of The Force
-Scene Breakdowns - Lighting The Spark: Creating The Space Battle
-Scene Breakdowns - Snoke And Mirrors
-Scene Breakdowns - Showdown On Crait
-Andy Serkis Live!
-Meet The Porgs
-Deleted Scenes

Now the overview; there’s no telling if Episode I will have a Making-of Collection too, but if it’s telling us anything, we SHOULD expect all previous material related to each film ported over. One thing’s for sure; Episode VII’s material will be the same as the Collector’s Edition release and VIII will port over the Meet the Porgs extra which was only available exclusively at Target via a DVD bonus disc PLUS, you’re gaining a music-only track (which is something awesome!).

Info Wanted: Are there any preservations of Lucio Fulci's 'Zombie' (Zombi 2)?

Why does the font change release after release, was their ever an explanation given?

You know what would be a cool idea; a HD reconstruction of the original R-Rated US Theatrical Version (which I believe was on the very first DVD release from Anchor Bay, reports said the 5.1 mix on their wasn’t bad either).