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Spaceballs: The Star Wars-style DVD Cover!

I made this on a whim a couple days ago, it came out pretty good.

I took a couple of liberties with the layout, most evident on the back cover, but it’s buy-and-large the same format as the 2004 Star Wars DVDs.

Note: I don’t remember who did the art I used on the front.

Other note: There are two versions included, one for looking and one for printing, the printing one is the more washed-out one. (there’s also a poster version for Plex or something if you want) (and a little extra surprise)

Yet another note: The bonus features correlate to the 2000 double-sided DVD, feel free to tamper with it if you have a different version.


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fmalover said:

The Star Wars Purist said:

Diamonds Are Forever (1971)
Not good when you try to take it seriously, but it’s a fun, lazy afternoon kind of Bond movie.

If I had to do a ranking of all James Bond movies, Diamonds Are Forever would be at the very bottom.

That would have to go to Quantum of Solace for me.
It doesn’t really feel like a Bond movie, just a generic 2000’s action movie, to me.

MANOS: a remake of the worst movie of all time: The Script

So, I decided to script a remake of Manos: The Hands of Fate.

The idea is to take the basic framework of the original and build something new out of it. (in other words, to build something on it at all.)

So far, I’m still working on the major plot beats and themes, I’m using most of the original characters, and the location of El Paso’s outskirts. Other than that, it’s a whole new thing.

I’m going to have the “hotel” be more of an actual hotel, with more than one employee including (good ol’ Torgo), and all the Manos cult stuff now happens in the basement of the hotel. The ending (so far) will have The Master winding up getting on Manos’s bad side and being killed as a result, thus giving the movie a much lighter ending than the original.

I also want to add some more suspense and even a mild amount of backstory to The Master and the Manos cult, perhaps something along the lines of The Master abusing his power, etc., etc.

The thing is, I kinda suck at writing scripts like this, so if anyone can give me some tips, they would be much appreciated.

I’ll update you on stuff as it comes up/gets written.