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Matching multi-purpose posters for the Bond series

A project I’m working on to make matching poster for all 26 Bond movies.

They will all have a stripe running diagonally through the middle (alternates direction every other movie) with various images inside, and the same general layout.

I’ll release them in decade/actor sets, I’m working on You Only Live Twice as we speak.




Brosnan era

Craig era

Info: My Logo Preservation Project

crissrudd4554 said:

The other day I caught Lethal Weapon 4 on TV and of course the opening logo is plastered but worse! Here’s the original which appears on the DVD releases. The logo segues via explosion to the opening credits.

On TV the other day, the film opened with the current WB logo (basically the same logo here but without the 75 years tie in and I don’t think the music was there either) which fades to black and then it straight cuts back to the old logo at the exact moment the explosion starts! It looks horrible and is unnecessary.

I don’t own the BD but considering that was how it appeared on TV and someone in the comment section of the first video mentioned seeing the plastered version on Netflix and the second vid is apparently from Roku I assume the BD has the plastered version.

Edit: someone in the comment section of the second video mentioned that the BD has the original logo so that’s good.

Even though I first saw this one on DVD, I could tell they put a different logo on it.
And I can confirm that the BD is the original logo, the guy in the comments is right.