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Dragon Ball Series Preservation (* unfinished project *) - much info & ongoing discussion

HarveyPlissken1138 said:

Jason0839 said:

As far as i know, there is already a team of people working on the entirety of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z doing scene by scene colour correction.

And what of Dragon Ball GT? Is someone working on that, too? If they’re doing DB and Z, they might as well do GT to complete the original run.

Does GT even need CC? I never found the colors to be off on the GT Box, compared to the normal FUNi releases anyway.

Info: Recommended Editions of Disney Animated (and Partially Animated) Features

monkeyjb1988 said:

jolennon said:

Oh sorry, my mistake. I must have mistaken it for another movie.

Hey, a little positive news: there’s a 1080p Make Mine Music somewhere around the internet and it’s uncensored.
You can see some screenshots here:

Cool news. All I could find was a Japanese laserdisc. Not bad but the fact there’s an HD version floating around is still a nice find.

simps said:

jolennon said:

The Toy Story change was made before the first DVD release. The original opening never made its way to digital home video, only laserdisc/vhs.

The change for Toy Story’s opening logo occurred in 2009 with the 3D re-release with Toy Story 2 in cinemas and has been that way since. 😃

That’s what I remembered too. A rare change I don’t like (the fade from the original log and the wallpaper was cute). On that note, I’ve been re-watching all the Pizar films and A Bug’s Life and The Incredibles are the only ones to keep the original Pixar-only Disney castle. All were ones rereleased in 3D so that makes sense.

I think Cars had it’s original castle too, the 2007 BD did anyway… It was replaced in the 2019 repackage/D+.

Info: Which do you prefer - teamnegative1's 4k77/4k83 or Harmy's Despecialized?

CatBus said:

ThatPixarGuy said:

I, myself, prefer Despecialized for it’s cleaner and polished look. The various 4K restorations all look incredible though; I guess I’ve never been one to watch or own a film exactly the way it was seen in a theater.

In my case, the drive-in with the little metal clip-on speaker and the reel that broke partway through isn’t anything I’d ever want to repeat. Not that the film wasn’t amazing anyway, but still.


Technical Help required for a Fan Edit: 'Sonic X' - with the Audio Mixes...

I’ve actually tried doing this (before I made a permanent switch to the sub, hate the 4Kids VA’s now) and I was somewhat effective in removing the Dub VA’s, but the audio sounded awful. On top of the fact that 4Kids cut many lines or scenes entirely, it can be messy. Ultimately, there’s no easy way of doing this. I’d play around with Audacity or Audition and see if you get a better or good result. Good Luck!

The Spongebob Squarepants Movie - 35mm Re Creation

Has anyone tried correcting the trailer itself yet? The Paramount one with the blue tint? Probably so, but I figured i’d try it myself. This film made up a significant chunk of my childhood, and I’d love to see it in it’s theatrical state.