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Batman Forever - Dark Knight Edition (Released)

CamSMurph said:

Nice idea there, TGWE. I know it’s only been a few days since you’ve signed up on this site, but you never stop running out of snappy ideas relating to the fanediting universe. If you ask me, I believe there is someone out there who has been hoarding information for years on end about the Dark Knight Edition. This edit is said to be one of the most professional fan edits across the globe. So, if anyone has any information on this edit, PM me or TGWE.

Thanks man & i agree about the fan edit infact it’s one of the reasons why i wanted to edit BF in the first place although i went a little more extreme then the nameless editor of BFDKE by fully burtonizing the film but nonetheless his Edit is obviously the superior cut cause not only it can make the burton fans happy (by completely overhauling the score with elfman’s music from B89 & BR ) but people fan of the original BF like myself & others with all the deleted scenes put back in place along with timeline restored. So if one day if this cut ever sees the light of day i plan on burning that sucker on to a dvd, keep it on my shelf for life, & make it my go to version of BF.

Batman Forever : The Tim Burton Cut (Released)

Hello my name is ThatGuyWhoEdits & just recently joined.
So to make my debut i thought about sharing a fan edit that i been going off & on since 2008 & recently finished this year & quite proud of it myself!

Basically it’s a complete burtonized version of batman forever with alot of goofy & silliness excised from the original film along with danny elfman music completely implemented in the edit, & all of the deleted scenes inserted as well along with original timeline restored.

New batman returns style like opening
(Inspired by Jamie Demeter)

Danny Elfman’s expanded scores from Batman 1989,returns,& sleepy hollow are inserted into the film HOWEVER some but very little bits of Elliot Goldenthal’s work will still be in the film mostly his triumphant tracks as elfman’s music has very little triumphant music in his scores.

The original 89 batmobile is back thanks to the onstar batman commercials however some but very little stock footage from 89 & Returns will be inserted into the film just to fill in the gaps.

Added several ambient,noises,& sound effects from 89.

Destaturated the film’s color by 50%

Link to my dvd cover art https://pre00.deviantart.net/2d05/th/pre/f/2017/314/b/8/batman_forever___the_tim_burton_cut_by_theangryrampardos2-dbt8vrb.jpg

And here’s a 20 min sneak peek of what i’ve done.

I can’t list everything that has been deleted but i can tell you my edit runs at an hour & forty mins making the film much darker & more to the point also If you wanna see it check out my YT under the same in the discussion section & you shall receive.