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Batman Returns: De-Bizzarified

Name inspired by Greencapt’s “Batman & Robin: De-Assified”

What is there to say about Batman returns that hasn’t already been said? It’s basically a good Tim Burton film but as a Batman film it falls short in that to a degree,So in my cut i aim to remove alot of the weirdness Burton implemented & tried to make more on the level of Batman 89’s status but of course some things had to stay for counuity sake but i think i managed to make Returns more presentable as a Batman film.


-Batman 89 sound effects
-Moon transition shots from FT13 Part 1
-Sleepy hollow expanded score
-Few deleted & alternate scenes from trailers & the making of Returns
-News reporter mentioning the events from 89
-Batman Returns expanded score


-Restored the film’s original timeline

-Penguin “eating” the family cat
-Cats resurrecting Selina
-Shreck & Chip’s convo about Selina
-Penguin biting guys nose
-Catwoman swallowing live bird & everything the follows until penguin’s announcement on tv
-Catwoman’s “suit up” sequence
-Catwoman screaming in the greenhouse
-Bruce making up his mind about going to Max’s party
-Batman finding Shreck’s cooked corpse
-Catwoman looking at the batsignal

I’ll be providing the link to my edit either today or tomorrow (depending how fast my internet is) once it’s uploaded to MEGA so until keep it frosty people!

Batman Forever : The Tim Burton Cut Ver.3

Okay so rather going thru the trouble in quoting everything i’ll answer like so.

“What really caught my eye is the German news report with Superman. I really wasn’t expecting that. 😛”

Eh thought it’d be a cool easter egg have imo.

“And finally, the dialogue isolation is different. Did you stick to Adobe Audition CC or move to AV Music Morpher Gold, because it sounds awfully similar to when your earlier builds used AV.”

Still using audition bud however i did the invert tech (you can look up on youtube if your curious it was really simple) which allowed me to somewhat keep more of BF’s sound effects & added the podcast voice effect just so the voices come out abit cleaner.

Batman Forever : The Tim Burton Cut Ver.3

CamSMurph said:

ThatGuyWhoEdits said:

Okay since for being so awesome guys for waiting i’ll be uploading a rough cut of BF so that way you can give me feedback on what works & what doesn’t so make sure to keep an eye on here so you can be notified when the link is upon my youtube.

Oh, thank God! I’m so excited for this rough cut! Should it be up shortly? 😄

Not yet just keep an eye open doe.

Batman Forever : The Tim Burton Cut Ver.3

Okay so i been really inactive since my last post & that’s partly because i just finished my donner cut of superman 2 which will get an release soon but as for the batman cut it’s going great as i just finished editing the new score & now currently working on the vocal tracks as this is the most gurling & frustrating part of this cut but thankfully i found a neat alternate method in removing the background music abit better & hopefully i’ll have this cut done in october as that’s the release date i wanna aim for this badboy but until then keep an eye on my youtube channel for clips from my cut.

Batman Forever: Darker and Dead Serious, Dixon's Edit

stickydixon said:

Alright, then it’s Christopher I shall call you.

Anyways, I’ll be trying to work out the few remaining kinks I’ve noticed and get version 0.5 out within a week or so - I won’t call it version one as I’d like to give that to a less rough cut. I’ve taken a week or two off of it as I seemed too have gotten to into it.
I hope to be able to say I’ve finished this version, even if it is a basic version.

Hey take your time & don’t rush cause the last thing you need is your edit to be half-assed so again take all the time you need to prefect it.

Batman Forever: Darker and Dead Serious, Dixon's Edit

stickydixon said:

ThatGuyWhoEdits said:

Woooow alot interesting cuts here & additions from my BC as well although kinda bummed out that the battleship sequence is cut cause i thought having a a new track made that scene worked perfectly but to each their own.

Meh, I’m happy with how well simple it was to cut it out, honestly the music flows reasonably well that way. And I think that while it fits well as something Burton would have done - Returns in particular had a lot of goofy shit - I feel it’s too dumb for a serious edit.
Though I do think your version was more bearable than the theatrical version.

Well that’s one of the reasons why i left it in my BC cause of BR’s goofiness (I.E the giant rubber duck & penguin controlling the batmobile with a miniature toy batmobile in his trailer.) but hey understandable & won’t hold that against you but i can’t wait to see the final product.

Godzilla 1998 : Toho Cut

Okay i’ll just cut to the point.

I was particularly inspired by the japanese trailers & posters for Godzilla 98 & figured since they used the showa Godzilla roar in the trailers i wondered by the movie would’ve been like if they used toho sound effects in the japanese cut of Godzilla 98 so i did this.

-Cut & addition list-

Removed tristar & centropolis entertainment logo

Added Toho logo

Changed the entire opening credits to BW

Added Showa Godzilla roars & growls in place of Godzilla 98’s although a tiny bit of his roars & growl are still present as they were too hard to remove

Nick still sings but has been heavily toned to down to the point where he’s just quietly singing it now

Deleted Audrey’s introduction

Added a shot of Godzilla swimming underwater

Deleted Audrey in the diner with her friends

Deleted Caiman obliviousness to Godzilla passing through the window

Added Museum teaser trailer

Deleted Animal’s laughter after surviving getting stepped on by Godzilla

Deleted Audrey stealing Caiman’s badge

Deleted Audrey & Lucy in the subway

Deleted Mayor Ebert’s “You never know anything”

Deleted Mayor Ebert’s “Why do i keep you around?”

Deleted Godzilla crushing on Nick

Deleted Godzilla Vs. helicopter Sequence

Added A scene from independence day where the aliens destroy a building that had people looking up at them for Godzilla’s power breath sequence

Deleted Mayor Ebert’s “What the hell is the matter with you people?!YOU’VE CAUSED MORE DAMAGE THAN THE GODDAMN THING DID”

Deleted a large portion of the underwater battle with Godzilla & the subs & just kept the second half where he changes course

Deleted Animal mentioning where the Nicks take showers

Deleted Nick’s “wrong floor” moment

Deleted The comical tire bounce once Godzilla falls down

So yeah this is pretty much my take on Godzilla 1998 & hope everyone enjoys what i’ve done with the movie also i should mention the i used both the expanded soundtrack & the 5 channels sound from the movie so there will be a couple moments where the audio is stereo & mono but it’s only because the first 3 channels has moments where Godzilla’s roars & growls are absent & was perfect for me to add the show Godzilla sound effects so keep that in mind before downloading.


Here’s some samples.

Batman Forever : The Tim Burton Cut Ver.3

stickydixon said:

This edit is AMAZING!
Every change you made works, and the Elfman soundtrack was sorely missed in the original.

However, I have had trouble ignoring the quality issues.
If the video were of higher quality, and you were given help by someone who knows how to add sound to footage, they could hypothetically isolate the dialogue and just replace the audio effects. There seems to be a community of people who like “Re-Sounding” film scenes, that could be done to a whole movie, hypothetically.
Make the cuts, outsource to be re sounded, then add soundtrack?

That is the only way you could improve this edit, no recommendations other than that.

PS I can no longer listen to descent into mystery without thinking of the red book scene!

Wow i’m still getting feedback for this edit? XD

Well thanks for the feedback & the “hypothetical” advice.

& i assume that’s a good thing about the descent into mystery right?

Batman Forever : The Tim Burton Cut Ver.3

Okay so it’s been a looooooooong time since i gave an update on my BF cut & well it’s not good.

For starters i went & tried to isolate some of the more explosive scenes in BF & see how the sound effects along with the vocals would come out after using the expanded soundtrack as the extraction & the results are pretty much the same as in my Ver.2 cut in fact they’re nearly identical even after applying the radio announcer effect.So i’m pretty much in a deep trench at the moment & contemplating whether or i should continue cause it’ll pretty much be my Ver.2 cut just with the bank scene included,Nygma during the stickly crime scene deleted,& just little snippets of the deleted scenes from my Un-Official director’s cut.


Batman Forever : The Tim Burton Cut Ver.3

Nerdman3000 said:

Really loved the BR style twenty minutes clip, and the use of the 89 Batmobile. However, if I could make a suggestion, during the scene where Bruce goes to Wayne Enterprises because of the suicide, we see a shot of Nigma before we see the Security Log scene. The cut comes off as a bit weird, and if I could maybe make a suggestion, I would either have Nigma say something before we cut to the Security Log scene, or just not show him at all.

Yeah i’ll probably just remove his scene completely & cut to the security log scene because even i found it jarring myself.