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Return of the Jedi - The Spence Edit
I thought I'd get a post going about this over on OT.

I've come out of hiding to do another fan edit, this time it's my first ever star wars edit. My edit of Return of the Jedi will be known for mainly removing one thing: The Ewoks.

The little furry buggers are nowhere to be found in this edit. The end battle is between the Empire and the Rebels, without the help of the Teddy Bears. This helps to keep a consistant tone throughout the film.

Also, I trimmed some pointless scenes and bad lines to make the film flow a bit better. Han Solo is less of a punk now, some of his girly "I think you love Luke blah blah blah" stuff is gone. That love triangle already got solved in Empire.

The original running time was 2 hrs. 16 min.

The new running time is 1hr. 38 min.

It'll be on demonoid within the week.
Star Wars prequel film noir (* unfinished project *)
Ive got my rough concepts and basic ideas sort of in place. here's some info, none of which is finalized.

*the story will be about Darth Vader. He is the main character, Luke is also very important but not as much as Vader.
*it will probably end up being two movies. The majority of Phantom and Clones will not be present, and huge chunks of the other films will be removed.
*like the test clip, it will be in black and white with new music. we get to see how the images hold up without John Williams' score.
*the films will cut between present day and the prequel series, in a Godfather II-esque sort of way. Luke's father being Vader will not be made clear till the end of the first film.
*there is one death star.
*ewoks are gone. completely.
*Luke and Leia are not related. Leia posseses no force power.
*Vader will have noir narration. Luke could, depending on if i think it's necessary.
*the prequel films especially will use clips from older films of this kind (such as Metropolis, or perhaps Blade Runner) to feel older and less technologically advanced.

I have many more ideas floating around, but those are the ones im pretty sure are going to happen.
Star Wars prequel film noir (* unfinished project *)
I'm thinking i'm going to revive this idea in a pretty big way. I've got some cool concepts, but itd be a big undertaking.

It would involve making all 6 movies into two film noir sci-fi flicks. Darth Vader's narration would continue throughout. Episode 1 will be more or less totally excised. Many classic sequences will be cut. It will use footage from other films. In general, it'll be a completely different experience than lucas' versions.

I'll keep everyone up to date as i continue work. If you have any good suggestions of old sci-fi movies i could pull footage from or good noir-esque scores that i can use, please give me the recommendation!
Idea: Red Sun, Black Sand - A Spence edit of Flags of Our Fathers/Letters from Iwo Jima

I really, flat out, did not enjoy Flags of our Fathers. At all. The plot jumped around too much, the characters weren’t developed enough, and some of the acting was horrific (yes, i’m looking at you, adam beach.) It did have a good message, and some great battle scenes. All the stuff that actually happened at Iwo Jima was great.

Then I (reluctantly, after seeing Flags) saw Letters from Iwo Jima, and though it had some flaws, it was a very stirring war movie. The performances were great, the story was much more simplified, and the battle scenes were intense.

What I’d like to do is create one, 3 hour movie out of the two films, focusing solely on the battle of Iwo Jima. No “back home” stuff for the American guys. Keep the flashbacks and such to a minimum. Place everything in chronological order. Really just follow the story of this battle from two different perspectives. I think, somewhere there’s a great film in there.

I don’t want to compare myself to a master like ADM, but I’m going for a Pearl Harbor: Strength and Honor type thing with this, and I think an interesting film could come out of it.

I’m working on plans and generating ideas, but I have to wait till Letters gets released somewhere in the world on dvd before I can really begin work. Please toss out any ideas you have about the edit!