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NINJAI (Released)

alt text

So I have every single episode they released, luckily back in the day i downloaded the actually Flash File by ripping the site, can’t remember why I did it, Anyway, this means I can create video files from this to any size…
anyway I have Created mp4 files on Google drive
I don’t know if Im allowed posting here
as Answering every single Private message to send them the Google drive link can be kinda boring lol
I’d rather just paste here and forget about it

TRON Patch 2.0 (in production)

Heavysyde said:

did you do the whole film in the end?

Solemn.Philosopher said:

I hadn’t seen this, so I am glad someone revived this thread. Some nice visual work. It would be amazing to see the whole film get a similar facelift, but I imagine it would be quite the effort.

calisto said:

Would like to know if this got finished as well please?

This is still Not finished, WORK IN PROGRESS


Booshman said:

Sky_ said:

Cameron Samurai said:

Sky_ said:

Cameron Samurai said:

Jeepers that’s awesome…never expected it to swerve like that

There’s actually quite a lot of Errors in this clip, which I’m aware of like, certain shots that shouldn’t be there as I didn’t switch of the layer in the timeline and other split-second frames that popped in, finally sound mix isn’t there yet
but I thought id post something so people have a feel of what I’m trying to do

and Thankyou

Yeah, I wasn’t going to call out the technical glitches because it was clear to me it was just a WIP, I was fixated more on what you were doing right

Here is a Longer version

and thank you

You should credit Kathryn Ross if you are going to use clips from her edit.

I’d flip the shots of the rocket at 1:34 and 1:38. On first watch I thought it was the one Superman took into space re-entering the atmosphere. Having it travel the other direction might make it more clear it’s the other rocket.

I have contacted her and asked her, I’m gonna put her in the credits

also ill look into that shot

EDIT can you use the exact time code displayed on the screen please kinda confused which shot