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Star Wars Prequels 35mm 4K Filmized Editions by Emanswfan

emanswfan said:

Here’s six new screenshots from AOTC using the new HDTV source, denoising, and AI upscaling, along with the methods I’ve previously used. I haven’t put much work into the new grade yet. But goodness, I’m happy to not be dealing with the horrid blu-ray colors anymore.

I’ll post a comparison too once screenshotcomparison is back up (I can’t seem to get framecompare to work either).

They look great!

The Original Trilogy restored from 35mm prints

Poita, just want to say again, thank you sincerely for all the work you are putting in despite all the life pressures you are dealing with. I doubt there is a more passionate and dedicated preservationist on the internet and I will cheerfully wait as long as it takes for your trilogy to be completed. All the best to your good self and your family.

Any interest in professionally made box sets for Despecialized?

JoMaSanRa said:

Personally, I am not a fan of tecnical aspects.
If you give a look at my designs you will see it: just year, country and duration.

About customization of different options to anyone of you… I think you are not going to be too much people; I am reading answers from 5-10 of you. So, I guess it will not be a problem having some kind of personalization if you want.

In fact… to be sincere, I don’t see interest in a design made for the members of ‘Original Trilogy’ but in a specific design made for each of you.
Maybe you should think about that. If finally there is a different design for each of you… I think this should not go on as a project of the community and I would prefer speaking in private with each interested member.


Hi Jose,
Wow, that is extremely generous of you. Thanks so much for the offer. I will be in touch!

Neverar's A New Hope Technicolor Recreation <strong>(V1 Released!)</strong>

NeverarGreat said:

Another scene in progress. Just 7 or so minutes of footage left for this film.
(The second comparison is between my correction and Despecialized 2.5)

That is just beautiful. I love the more film-like contrast; you’re working miracles here. Two thumbs up. 😃