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Holiday Special at SD County Fair

There are no film reel copies of the Holiday Special to anyone’s knowledge - it only exists on video. But even if the guy somehow got hold of a master tape and transferred it to DVD…that’s already been done by EditDroid, and is available for free out there in probably the highest quality we may ever see. So there’s not likely any reason to give him any money regardless.

I don’t suppose he was able to show an example of the quality he supposedly has? Probably not.


70mm print of GOUT on Saturday in Academy Theater in CA!

For various reasons, I never got to see the original Star Wars (or ESB or Jedi) in the theater, even though I was 7 in 77 and soon became the biggest Star Wars fan in my school (no hyperbole either, I was actually known for this, and not always kindly!). It wasn’t until the movies came out on video that I finally saw the actual films for the first time…but in pan and scan, cropped and crappy, likely with mono sound. Obviously I was still dying to see them in the theater, but they weren’t showing anymore.

In the early 1990s (1991 or 1992 I think?) an opportunity arose to see the original Star Wars at a one-time charity showing in my town of Portland, Oregon. I was overjoyed, but there were weird specifications for the tickets where they were $50 but you had to have five people. Believe it or not, I could not find 4 other people to go with me to see Star Wars at this point…“oh, I’ve seen that 100 times before”, etc. from every person I asked. I managed to find ONE other person who wanted to go, but that wasn’t enough. “Oh well,” I thought, “there will be other opportunities.” How wrong I was!

Obviously I went to see the movies in 1997 when they were released as Special Editions. But it was pretty apparent that I’d missed out on something, and when it was announced that this would be the end of the original editions going forward, my heart sank. In the years that followed, numerous theaters around the US announced they were going to show the “original” Star Wars, but in the end they were either mistaken or could not get permission. I vowed I would move mountains and go anywhere to see the original Star Wars. Of course, my ultimate dream was to see it in 70mm…but that idea just seemed preposterous.

So when I first heard about this showing at the Academy, I scoffed and said there was no way they were getting the original, because no one ever got the original. At the time I didn’t know about the 70mm factor. I watched the live stream video of the panel and enjoyed it. But then…then I heard that the print shown not only WAS the original edition, but it was also in 70mm! And I completely missed out on the opportunity.

Some day, universe. Some day.


STAR TOURS (1987) Restoration and Saving of the Original Movie Attraction

SilverWook said:

An original 70mm Star Tours reel is in an upcoming Profiles In History auction!
On page 115 of the auction catalog. I fear it will fetch quite a bit though. 😕

Uh…whatever happened with this?

The auction site doesn’t list it in “Prices Realized”. Did it actually sell? This would have been worth trying to crowdsource the funds for preservation.

(BTW, it’s item #415 in the catalog if you’re looking for it.)


Star Trek TOS Bloopers - where are they now?

oneweekonline said:

I didn’t find any info on that one. Any chance you could post a picture of the cover (and the back, if possible)?

I know this thread is old… but i picked this vhs up at a thrift store for 50cents today and was looking for info on it.

Looks like one of the many bootleg blooper VHS tapes that were on the market in the 90s, typically with a color Xerox or inkjet printed cover and everything but the kitchen sink thrown on the tape. There’s probably more variations of these than anyone could ever track.

As far as “official” or “semi-official” VHS tapes of the bloopers go, though, there seems to have only been around 4-5 versions.


Preserving the...*cringe*...Star Wars Holiday Special

I had to respond to this earlier post, because…

SilverWook said:

Again, how do they get away with selling this? And what’s next, a live show in theaters?

Funny you should say that!

I guess this is the year for it!


Star Wars Holiday Special - Zion Hybrid v2


There isn’t “a link” to this - there’s not a website I know of that you can just go to and download it. If you belong to torrent sites, you may be able to find it on one of those. Unfortunately, the only torrent site I know of that has it for sure is not giving out invites currently, so even members can’t help you on that. Keep searching, and good hunting!


Preserving the...*cringe*...Star Wars Holiday Special

MattMahdi said:

MattMahdi said:

I’m browsing eBay, and I came across a set of four SWHS trading cards. I’ve seen them there before, but today I’m going to actually buy them.

The question is: were there only four, or should I keep looking for another or two?

(And now that I look more closely at the photos of the cards I discover that I already own them. They’re from the first series of Star Wars Galaxy, which is in a binder somewhere at home. But of course I already purchased them. Oh well.)

In addition to those three (I think there’s only three, is there a fourth?) cards, there is also a set of 11 SWHS trading cards given out by the Star Wars Store with orders back in 2008, and a series of cards from the 2007 Topps 30th Anniversary set including 5 cards with pictures from the Holiday Special and 2 cards featuring simulated animation cels from the Holiday Special.


Lights Out! (lost TV anthology shows)

SilverWook said:

My Dad turned me on to listening to old radio show rebroadcasts back in the 70’s, so I think I’ve heard the radio version a few times. The title is certainly familiar. I somehow missed the Sci-Fi channel airings, and I was an avid viewer in the 90’s.

I knew about the Lights Out! radio program from my mother quoting it. I guess she used to listen to it when she was little. Not sure she ever saw the TV show, though.

I think there were a lot of things that quietly aired on SciFi once and slipped through the cracks. I was surprised to hear about this one. Apparently other episodes were aired too, including at least one (Season 3’s “Rappaccini’s Daughter”) that hasn’t appeared on any release and doesn’t exist in the Paley archives either. I only hope someone out there recorded it.

As with lost BBC shows, who knows what will turn up or where.

'Tis true! ReelclassicDVD recently (2016) released a rare Season 1 kinescope (“The Invisible Staircase”) that was privately owned. To date it is the only Season 1 episode available publicly, and also the first time I’d ever seen the original TV show narrator Jack LaRue doing his appearance - all the available later episodes are done by the eerie Frank Gallop. Who knows how many more privately-owned kinescopes are out there (or are being destroyed by people who don’t know or understand their value). More of these, please!


Preserving the...*cringe*...Star Wars Holiday Special

LexX said:

Is there a way to download even the watermarked full images from the site? I can only get 1024 px high and can’t understand the source code that much.

Well, using Microsoft Edge I was able to click on the images to show the larger 1024 size, and then right-click and “Save Picture As”. They’re alll watermarked of course, but it works.


Preserving the...*cringe*...Star Wars Holiday Special

SilverWook said:
I’ve racked my brains for years trying to recall what I think was a one off tv special, that had an even larger grouping of the Cantina guys, plus what looked like the suit from Alien! That would place it around late 1979 or early 1980.

Could it be Starstruck, from 1979? It was a one-off made-for-TV Star Wars rip-off that I think featured some very Cantina-like alien creatures. I have a copy of it but have not watched it yet.


Preserving the...*cringe*...Star Wars Holiday Special

SilverWook said:

Would the drunk driving PSA have been shot around the same time, and utilized the cantina set built for the HS?
The makeup on the bartender seems similar to one of the new characters made for the HS.

Interesting idea, but it’s not the same set. I’m guessing they just mocked one up on the fly, ala the Cantina pick-up shots done for the movie. The commercial apparently aired in 1979, so the time period is right for them to have used anything left over from the Holiday Special, but I guess they didn’t. They captured the hazy look and seedy feel of the Cantina far better than the Holiday Special did, though!

Funny to see how they utilized crappy plastic ice cream sundae cups all over the bar, though!


Preserving the...*cringe*...Star Wars Holiday Special

Tobar said:

Stumbled upon a treasure trove of high res promotional stills from the Special:

Pretty awesome, eh? Shame about the watermarks, though. I’m told Getty takes images that aren’t even their own and watermarks them. That always irks me. But they really are apparently representing the CBS photo archive…though I don’t know that even CBS really owns these images anymore either. Lucasfilm bought all the rights to the Holiday Special back in the 80s, so technically they/Disney should own all of it now, I would think.


Preserving the...*cringe*...Star Wars Holiday Special

LexX said:
I actually found the English subs around the web but the timing is off. Still, I’ll use it as my base for translation.

Yeah, I imagine the timing is probably off depending on the version they used to create it.

Would there be any interest in creating a multi-language version of this using the Editdroid version as the base? Getting different dubs and subs for it etc. I don’t know if any dubbed releases are around fully but it could be a fun project for 40th anniversary beside the bonus disc if it’s happening, too.

I think that would be great. EditDroid has the official Spanish dub available as an alternate audio track. The French version is out there, but that airing was edited down quite a bit so you’d have to create an alternate cut of the film for it to fit.


Lights Out! (lost TV anthology shows)

Lights Out - episode guide

TV Specials (1946)

First Person Singular (6/30/1946) [likely not kinescoped]
Something in the Wind (8/11/1946) [likely not kinescoped]
DeMortius (9/1/1946) [likely not kinescoped]
The Brave Man with a Cord (10/13/1946) [likely not kinescoped]

Season 1 (1949-1950)

Edna Warren (7/19/1949)
Promise (7/26/1949) [no on-screen narrator, at Paley Center]
Long Distance (8/2/1949) [no on-screen narrator, at Paley Center]
Crater (8/9/1949)
Souvenirs of His Dead Wife (8/16/1949)
The Housekeeper (8/23/1949)
Dressing Gown (8/30/1949)
The Whisper (9/23/1949)
Conqueror's Isle (11/7/1949)
Pengallen's Bell (11/14/1949)
The Fall of the House of Usher (11/21/1949)
I Dreamt I Died (11/28/1949)
Something In the Wind (New Production) (12/5/1949)
Justice Lies Waiting (12/12/1949)
The Elevator (12/19/1949)
The Man Who Couldn't Lose (12/26/1949)
The Riverman (1/2/1950)
Judgment Reversed (1/9/1950) [at Paley Center]
The Green Dress (1/16/1950)
The Devil to Pay (1/23/1950)
Reservations For Four (1/30/1950)
Dead Pigeon (2/6/1950)
The Invisible Staircase (2/13/1950) [Narrator: Jack LaRue, on disc]
Graven Image (2/20/1950)
Portrait of a Dead Man (2/27/1950)
The Strange Case of John Kingman (3/6/1950)
The Emerald Lavalier (3/13/1950)
The Scarab (3/20/1950)
Mary, Mary Quite Contrary (3/27/1950)
The Queen Is Dead (4/3/1950)
The Faithful Heart (4/10/1950)
A Toast to Sergeant Farnsworth (4/17/1950)
The Man Who Couldn't Remember (4/24/1950)
The Gloves of Gino (5/1/1950)
The Silent Voice (5/8/1950)
The House That Time Forgot (5/15/1950)
Rendezvous (5/22/1950)
How Love Came to Professor Guldia (5/29/1950)
The Heart of Jonathan O'Rourke (6/5/1950)
The Determined Lady (6/12/1950)
A Child Is Crying (6/19/1950)
An Encore (6/26/1950)
The Whisper (New Production) (7/3/1950)
I Dreamt I Died (New Production) (7/10/1950)
The Devil to Pay (New Production) (7/17/1950)
The Strange Case of John Kingman (New Production) (7/31/1950)
The Queen Is Dead (New Production) (8/14/1950)
The Heart of Jonathan O'Rourke (New Production) (8/21/1950)

Season 2 (1950-1951)

The Ides of April (8/28/1950)
Benuili Chant (9/4/1950)
The Dark Corner (9/11/1950)
The Leopard Lady (9/18/1950)
Sisters of Shadow (9/25/1950)
The Posthumous Dead (10/2/1950)
Just What Happened (10/9/1950) [on Volume 8 DVD]
The Thing Upstairs (10/16/1950)
The Skeptics (10/23/1950)
The Martian Eyes (10/30/1950)
The Half Pint Flask (11/6/1950)
The Waxwork (11/13/1950)
Dr. Heidegger's Experiment (11/20/1950)
The Mule Man (11/27/1950)
Beware This Woman (12/4/1950) [on Volume 4 DVD]
Masque (12/11/1950)
The Men On the Mountain (12/18/1950)
Jasper (12/25/1950) [not on DVD, SciFi Channel broadcast]
The Haunted Skyscraper (1/1/1951)
Bird of Time (1/8/1951)
The Bottle Imp (1/15/1951)
For Release Today (1/22/1951) [on Volume 7 DVD]
The Masque of the Red Death (1/29/1951)
The House of Dust (2/5/1951)
Curtain Call (2/12/1951) [on Volume 6 DVD]
Strange Legacy (2/19/1951) [on Volume 5 DVD]
The Dispossessed (2/26/1951)
The Man With the Astrakhan Hat (3/5/1951)
Leda's Portrait (3/12/1951)
Western Night (3/19/1951)
The Power of the Brute (3/26/1951)
The Mad Dullaghan (4/2/1951) [on Volume 3 DVD]
The Crushed Rose (4/9/1951)
The Witness (4/16/1951) [at Paley Center]
The Fonceville Curse (4/23/1951) [on Volume 6 DVD]
Grey Reminder (4/30/1951) [on Volume 4 DVD]
The Lost Will of Dr. Rant (5/7/1951) [on Volume 8 DVD]
Dead Man's Coat (5/14/1951) [on Volume 5 DVD]
Cat's Cradle (5/21/1951) [on Volume 6 DVD]
The Pattern (5/28/1951) [on Volume 3 DVD]
The Martian Eyes (New Production) (6/4/1951) [on Volume 8 DVD]
Pit of the Dead (6/11/1951)
Dead Freight (6/18/1951)
The Passage Beyond (6/25/1951) [on Volume 1 DVD]
And Adam Begot (7/2/1951) [on Volume 5 DVD]
The Meddlers (7/9/1951) [on Volume 5 DVD]
The Devil In Glencairn (7/16/1951) [on Volume 4 DVD]
Zero Hour (7/23/1951)
The Fingers (7/30/1951)
The Faceless Man (8/6/1951) [on Volume 2 DVD]
The Man With the Watch (8/13/1951) [on Volume 1 DVD]
Follow Me (8/20/1951)

Season 3 (1951-1952)

Mrs. Manifold (8/27/1951) [on Volume 7 DVD]
Blackwood Hall (9/3/1951)
Prophet of Darkness (9/10/1951)
To See Ourselves (9/17/1951)
Rappaccini's Daughter (9/24/1951) [SciFi Channel broadcast]
Will-O'-the-Wisp (10/1/1951) [on Volume 6 DVD]
Dark Image (10/8/1951) [on Volume 2 DVD]
I Spy! (10/15/1951) [on Volume 3 DVD]
The Deal (10/22/1951) [on Volume 7 DVD]
The Veil (10/29/1951) [on Volume 2 DVD]
The Chamber of Gloom (11/5/1951)
The Beast In the Garden (11/12/1951)
Friday the Nineteenth (11/19/1951)
The Far-Off Island (11/26/1951)
The Silent Supper (12/3/1951) [on Volume 3 DVD]
The Angry Birds (12/10/1951) on Volume 7 DVD]
Perchance to Dream (12/17/1951) [on Volume 2 DVD]
This Way to Heaven (12/24/1951)
Of Time and Third Avenue (12/30/1951)
The School For the Unspeakable (1/7/1952)
Blood Relation (1/14/1952)
The Intruder (1/21/1952)
The Third Door (1/28/1952)
The Chain (2/4/1952) [at UCLA archive]
Cries the String (2/11/1952)
The Eyes From San Francisco (2/18/1952)
The Perfect Servant (2/25/1952)
Private - Keep Out (3/3/1952)
The Upstairs Floor (3/10/1952) [on Volume 4 DVD]
The Borgia Lamp (3/17/1952)
Another Country (3/24/1952) [on Volume 7 DVD]
The Pit (4/7/1952)
The Men On the Mountain (New Production) (4/14/1952)
A Lucky Piece (4/21/1952)
For Rent (4/28/1952)
A Journey Into the Shadows (5/5/1952)
The Green Thumb (5/12/1952)
Little Girl (5/19/1952)
The Death's Head (5/26/1952)
Night Walk (6/2/1952)
Blind Man's Bluff (6/9/1952)
Nightmare (6/16/1952)
The Coins of Death (6/23/1952)
The Lonely Albatross (6/30/1952)
The Corpse In Room Thirteen (7/7/1952)
The Bog Oak Necklace (7/14/1952)
Death Trap (7/28/1952)
Man In the Dark (8/4/1952)
The Killer's Moon (8/11/1952)
Twist of Fate (8/18/1952)
Death Is a Small Monkey (8/25/1952)
The Verdict (9/1/1952)
The Red Rose (9/8/1952)
The Darker Night (9/15/1952)
Flight Thirteen (9/22/1952)
The Hollow Man (9/29/1952)

TV Pilot (1972)

When Widows Weep (01/15/1972) [at Paley Center]
Lights Out! (lost TV anthology shows)


I’ve always been a big fan of spooky anthology shows, with The Twilight Zone of course being the catalyst for that. Now, TZ of course is well-preserved on a stunning Blu-ray set (which I have), and The Outer Limits is just beginning to arrive on BD as well finally (hooray!). But there were a lot of these kinds of shows since the early days of television, and many of them have not fared so well as the big names. Here’s a fairly complete list someone compiled of such shows:

Some of them are available in varying quality on full DVD sets, while others have only a few episodes that have ever been made available. A few of them (like 'Way Out or Great Ghost Stories) have had no commercial release ever. And then there are some with many episodes that may be missing or lost forever, and just maybe copies of a few episodes locked away in repositories like the Paley Center or Library of Congress.

Lights Out is great example of a show that has faced those troubles. It was based on the old radio show of the same name. There were 3 seasons from 1949-1952, but also a set of 4 specials that aired in 1946 to kick things off. However, since this was the age of live television, the 4 specials were likely never recorded and have vanished into the ether…so we just have to forget about ever seeing those again. For the 3 main seasons, though, a smattering of episodes out of the 156 total have survived as low-quality kinescopes (recordings of a live broadcast off a television screen)…and 30 of those (from Seasons 2 & 3 only) have been released on DVD in no particular order.

Now, outside of that there are a few more Lights Out episodes in the Paley Center for Media’s collection, taken from kinescopes that have been donated or acquired…including 3 from the elusive Season 1, and a pilot for a proposed new series that was aired in 1972 (but which never went any further than that). That episode is pretty dismally bad, but exists as a viewable recording in the Paley Center’s collection. So there are a few more that aren’t available elsewhere but can be viewed if you visit their New York or L.A. archive offices. And then there are some episodes of Lights Out aired on SciFi in the 90s (pre-SyFy), including at least 2 that are not otherwise available. So that’s a few more there. But how many still exist? Are there more in private collections?

This thread is meant as an exploration of what’s out there, and an attempt to see if we can turn up any more sources for further Lights Out episodes.

Preserving the...*cringe*...Star Wars Holiday Special

MattMahdi said:

LexX said:

Are there any high quality subs done for the HS in English? For the latest TV master release I mean. I’d like to try to translate it. Would be fun to have a project Threepio type of thing for this one too.

I’ve got a set of subtitles, but I don’t know how great they are. Also don’t know which version of the Special they’re timed for, but they go through an hour, 50 minutes, and 32 seconds.

Original site says they’re for The.Star.Wars.Holiday.Special.1978.VHSRip.XviD-DaPOO.

I have not seen any English subtitles myself, but there are official subtitles in Swedish for the version that played over there. That one’s slightly edited down…but it’s a start. There is a rumored Norwegian version that is probably subtitled as well, but it has yet to turn up. The official French and Spanish versions I’ve seen are dubbed. It supposedly aired in Belgium with Dutch subtitles, but I’ve yet to see that either.