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70mm print of GOUT on Saturday in Academy Theater in CA!

SilverWook said:

Does the behind the scenes footage look restored to anyone else?

And a pro SE crank in the chat already…

Yes, looks that way to me, too. And there are certain BTS scenes I never saw before. And I saw A LOT.
A few months ago there were rumors that Lucasfilm was digging in their archives to preserve a lot of material. I think this footage they are showing right now is a big indicator that those rumors were true.

The Phantom Menace - Theatrical version scanned in 4K

Take your time! It’s already awesome that this movie is getting scanned and - at long last - I’m going to see the true theatrical release with its correct colors. I don’t care what others say, but TPM is my favourite PT movie, and one of my favourite SW films right after the OT. I connect with so many great memories when the film was released in 1999. And it is the only PT movie that actually LOOKS like a movie (reason: recorded on film print 😃) Most of the effects aged very well. Especially in comparison with AOTC and ROTS.