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'The Chosen One' Trailer

I just finished a small project. Well, actually it’s just a trailer. I know the PT movies don’t get much love here (either do they from me), but I always thought they deliver great material for action-packed clips and videos. So I decided to edit a little tribute to Anakin, aka “The Chosen One”. For myself I saw this as a practice lesson with my new editing program.

I tried to avoid as much Gungangs, Battle Droids and Midichlorians as I could, haha. Hope you like it!

YouTube link:

star wars battlefront 2 controversy thoughts

With studios like Naughty Dog, Rockstar or Projekt RED my hope will last long that there are going to be more excellent (multiplayer) games in the future. Studios with great customer service and free / affordable (but every penny worth it) DLCs. We just had bad luck that these scum bags from EA bought the license for a franchise we like too much.

Ranking the Star Wars Soundtracks
  1. TESB
  2. ANH
  3. TPM
  4. ROTJ
  5. SOTE (Shadows of the Empire , by Joel McNeely)

— phew, now it’s getting hard —

  1. RO

  2. TFA

— and harder —

  1. ROTS

— to complete bllsht —

  1. AOTC

I think in the case of the scores to AOTC and ROTS you can hear out that Johnny W. was still upset that George had cut out most of his music scored for a lot of scenes in AOTC (especially the whole arena fight). I remember I read that a few years ago, and obviously AOTC is the movie with the most re-used score from another SW movie. That’s the only understandable reason why both scores seems so weak to me.

4K restoration on Star Wars

Another “leaked hint” ?

(scroll to page 3)

They’re referring here to the OT remastered by Lowry Digital. What stands out is the fact that they’re talking about “grain reduction and dust and dirt removal”, which wouldn`t be necessary if they would’ve to remaster the 2004/2011 versions of the films.

4K restoration on Star Wars

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Oh boy…

"As far as I know, there’s only one person who could make this happen and he hasn’t seemed all that interested."
I don’t think he’s talking about George. I think he’s referring to a studio big wig. That’s just my two cents on
that. Anyways, the Episode III extra has spoken

My thing with Lucas holding it up is that Disney was able to drop his treatments and have JJ and Kasden do what they wanted.

Also, George told John Landis that Disney was going to put out the original versions, which directly conflicts with what Pablo is saying (if he’s referring to George).