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Info Wanted: The Secret of Nimh

RadRen said:

Redbreast1 said:

Is that the German edition you are referring to? 😄

Unfortunately, the German Koch Media release is pretty bad. It’s the same transfer as the old BD but tampered with an added layer of DVNR destroying some of the finer lines and some really strange visual errors on some frames.
It’s a shame because it did have a nice new bonus feature and a higher bitrate compared to the (better) old BD.

As I recall the old blu ray didn’t get good reviews due to a bad transfer and “squashed” aspect ratio… whereas the new Koch one - which I have - got raves for picture and remastered soundtrack. Guess it depends on the viewer 😄

Anyway, a 35MM open matte scan would be great, as they included it in the 2DVD set, but in questionable quality.

Info: How many Disney 35mm scans exist?

Class316 said:

RU.08 said:

I’ll be doing Lion King hopefully this year, hopefully we’ll be re-scanning SOTS sometime and BATB hopefully later in the year from a better print. I’ll also be digitising several classics this year from a collection, we’re just working out how best to get the films cleaned first and then they’ll all be transferred en-mass (or as we can afford to) and I should be able to share with donors. For example, we can scan 3 or 4 distinctly separate Snow White prints on 35 and 16mm. There’s something like 20 prints probably covering about 8 classics we can scan in that collection.

I’m still hamstring by funding though.

Lion King would be so awesome and so needed!

Regarding Snow White, I believe Thunderbean did it


Sleeping Beauty as well


But Sleeping Beauty is 1959… whereas Cinderella is 1950? So which is right? Does anyone know?

Help: looking for... Hans Christian Andersen - The Tinderbox 1946

I was wondering if anyone has/know of a 35MM copy of the 1946 Danish animated feature “The Tinderbox.”

It was the first Danish animated feature - and not a very good on I might add - but it was only released on VHS and recently on DVD. However the transfers are horrible, not in the least cleaned up at all. The DVD looks like it’s taken straight from the VHS.

It would be lovely to see it restored like the wonderful Fleischer “Gulliver’s Travels”.

I know it was released and dubbed in both UK and Italy - so copies could be floating around.

Song Of The South - many projects, much info & discussion thread (Released)

YoshiKiller2S said:

Update: ok so it’s been a long time and I just wanted to say that we’re still working on it and I think it will be coming out soon, I don’t know when though.

However, I do have some things to tie you guys over.

Here’s a SOTS trailer I got scanned recently https://youtu.be/7DwRhEeAwJ4

And here’s a comparison of the dirt cleanup process https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KM043levdfY

What a great teaser-update 😉

Help: looking for... 'The Secret of Nimh' - Open matte; has anyone done this in HD?

I was wondering if anyone had ever done a 35MM transfer of Don Bluth’s beautiful “The Secret of NIMH”

It has recently been released in Germany on blu ray, which used a gorgeous transfer, looking very pristine and NOT digitally retouched to death.

It’s presented in 185:1…but a previous DVD released had an open matte presentation as well… but a poor transfer.

Has there ever been a proper HD open matte transfer?

Help: looking for... 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks' - the Roadshow Version 35MM

One of my childhood favorites is Disney’s Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

I saw it in a tiny cinema in the beginning of the 80’s, and subsequently added the VHS, DVD and Blu Ray to my collection.

However all these feature different running times.

The VHS is the shortest of them all, running only 97 mins. It is cut beyond what is reasonable.
The DVD is the restored 25th Anniversary version first released on Laserdisc runs a whopping 139 mins.
The Blu Ray is a between the two running 117 mins.

Now I read that the original release was a roadshow version, reportedly running close to three hours.
I was sort of recreated for the Laserdisc/DVD version, but footage for one song was never recovered and was added to the special features as movie stills to music.

Do any of you guys know if an original 35MM copy exists of the first release? With the missing song?

Info: Disney foreign dubs - and preservation
  • The Little Mermaid: The first version came out in 1990 and was released on VHS one year later. The new version has been made for the re-release in 1998 and people always hated it. After only releasing the 98-version for 15 years Disney finally had a heart (or Dollar-signs in their eyes) and put both versions on the Diamond Edition again. Today they also use the old version for TV-airings etc.

That is actually interesting - that they put BOTH version on the Diamond Edition - I wouldn’t mind them reducing every year if only we had the luxury of being able to choose which dub we wanted. I know it’s a question of many - and in the Danish dubbing world they say it’s because quality of the recordings is bad, but I’d rather have my VHS extracted soundtrack with hisses and pops than the new dubs - any day! 😄