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Put Captain Solo in the Cargo Hold

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Lucas is just trolling now - THR Interview

His point about Han Solo looking like a cold-blooded murdered is valid. Same thing happens with Indiana Jones. Somebody should throw a machete (or poop) at him before he cuts the bridge in Temple of Doom, just to make it clear he didn't have a choice. Additionally, it should be explained somewhere that the alligators hadn't eaten for weeks, and didn't mean to chomp Mola Ram like that.

How did Luke not know Vader was his old man?

What I meant (or I've meant, I'm a bit drunk as of now) by "disregarding the prequels" is that the storyline, "as is" in 1980 gives you a lot of choices as to why Luke doesn't know the whole thing. If we are to go with the info given in ANH, all Luke knows is:

The Clone Wars was serious business, Jedi knights fought.

His father participated, so did Obi-Wan.

Darth Vader is a former Jedi that killed his father.

Notice how "Anakin Skywalker" hasn't been written yet.

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

I was thinking of completely removing the term Sith. They're never mentioned in the first trilogy, and it's easy to assume Palpatine is simply a wizard that has trained himself in the ways of the Dark Side. This would prove extremely difficult to do with Episode III, but since this the Radical Ideas thread, well, I see that as radical enough.

Likewise, losing the Chosen One/Prophecy angle might work in benefit of the film, again the Prophecy is never mentioned in the OT. It would even make Vader's sacrifice more powerful.

Last, here's a short clip adressing both issues:


Idea: for a 'Jurassic Park: The Grindhouse Edition'

One thing that always bugs me about Grindhoused edits of films (and the offical Grindhouse film) is that the audio usually remains crystal clear in opposition with the degraded image, not quite following the "old and hissy" vibe it should have.

Have you considered incorporating stuff from other dinosaur movies, like Carnosaur? Something which does add to the feel of an exploitation film is to repeat footage, and spice things with stock shots of things that have nothing to do with anything ;)