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<strong>STAR WARS: REBELS</strong> (animated tv series) - a general discussion thread

Just watched the first episode (the ABC version).  I don't love the art style, but it does have a good Star Wars feel.  I'm interested to see more. 

I wonder if we will see Darth Vader in the future and they had James Earl Jones Jones record lines for that as well.  It seems like that was a pretty brief scene to have Jones come in and record for.

Star Wars Episode III: Labyrinth Of Evil (Released)

I think those sound like really good changes.  Taking out the Yoda/Palpatine fight but leaving in the part where Yoda instructs Obi-Wan to go kill Anakin felt a little odd.  I think it will work a lot better without those lines.

And I think the lines in the final battle certainly would work a lot better in your edit, since you really made Anakin's political beliefs and struggle with the Jedi much more prevalent and logical.

I really want to see this cut now!

Star Wars Prequels 35mm 4K Filmized Editions by Emanswfan (a WIP)

emanswfan said:

Here's the latest screenshot from a deleted scene.  Still needs work on the upscaling aspects.

 Looking better already!  Interested to see what else you can do with these.  A lot of times when I see deleted scenes for movies I think, 'yes I get why they cut that'.  But I think the deleted scenes from Revenge of the Sith are so crucial, especially for Padme's character.

**RUMOR** Original theatrical cut of the OT to be released on blu ray!!

darklordoftech said:

KilroyMcFadden said:

...AND the TFNr's are already debating which changes should stay.   #smh

Sadly, the same is occuring on Reddit.

If they really wanted to make everyone happy, they would probably need to do a release that included both the remastered theatrical version and then another version of the film like something along the lines of Revisited.

But I think most people would be happy with just the originals, it would be a huge step for Disney in restoring Star Wars fans confidence in Lucasfilm and Star Wars in general.  (Assuming this is actually going to happen, which of course who knows.)

Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 - MKV (Released)

Zer0Squared said:

I'd find it hard to believe if those 'certain' people don't already know about it anyway.

Yeah when I first saw those articles I got a little nervous, but its probably foolish to think they aren't already aware of the project.  And Harmy if you are giving Yahoo quotes I guess you aren't too worried about the further exposure either?

The Unofficial Complete REVISITED SAGA Ideas and Random Discussion Thread

G E Predator said:

Don't know of Ady would consider this, but a reason to back-up Leia remembering what little she does about her real mother could be that while she lived on Alderaan, her adopted father showed her holographic images of her mother from when she served in the Republic Senate.  It would similarly to the deleted second from "Episode II" when Padme talks about her childhood friends who died and Anakin sees moving images of them on the wall of her bedroom.

I think this would work well.

I've always thought that a possible explanation of the discrepancy between ROTS and Jedi could be that Bail's wife, the one we see briefly with Bail and the baby at the end of ROTS, died at some point while Leia was growing up.  He remarried, and Leia still believed that Bail and his first wife were her parents.  But his remarriage would be a well-known thing, hence why Luke says "your real mother."  

Star Wars: Episode VII to be directed by J.J. Abrams **NON SPOILER THREAD**

On the aspect ratio issue for IMAX stuff in home viewing, I think it depends on how its done.  In Catching Fire and Tron, I have no problem with it.  I think they handled it well.  But for TDKR I thought it was really bad.  It was super jarring, every other scene it seemed like it was switching back and forth and on the Blu-ray it seemed like the regular shots were not as high quality as the IMAX shots, which was jarring in its own way.  So I think its all in the use.

I think the X-wing looks good.  Blew my mind when I finally realized how the wings were going to split.  Its sleeker but still look has a distinct OT look, which can't be a bad thing.  I'm a fan of JJ so I'm looking forward to seeing more.

What we like about the Prequels

I saw the prequels as I was growing up.  It's funny how I had glowing opinions of them then and now as an adult my opinion is completely different.  It just goes to show who George's intended audience was.

But still, I like a few things.  I guess I really more like the ideas of things, not necessarily how they were executed (looking through the responses already I think some others have made similar statements).

With today's movie technology, stuff like Avatar has proven you can do things in all CG and it can look really good.  But the prequel movies tried that too soon, and watching them in high-def everything looks entirely artificial.  Great artwork and designs, but just would have been better if he had used them more practically and CG more sparingly. (I guess it could be argued that if George hadn't pushed it too much when he did, the technology wouldn't be as far as it is now?  I don't know.)

Anyways, things I like most:


Liam Neeson, doing his best with the awful script.  His rouge-ish sort of nature is a welcome sight among all the other stiff Jedi.

Parts of the podrace, minus the silly bits. (Side note: Hal's edit of it works really well)

The final duel, particularly the final part between Obi and Maul after the barrier comes down.  Ewan McGregor does a good job of showing Obi's emotion through his fighting.

Palpatine causing the whole thing to happen just so he can become Chancellor.


Coruscant, especially the Blade Runner type vibes from the night setting and the underworld parts.

Count Dooku, or at least the premise of his character, he was woefully underutilized (particularly in ROS).  Christopher Lee was excellent.

The CG yoda looks so much better than that terrible puppet in TPM.

The brawl between Obi and Jango was cool.

The sound (or lack of) with Jango's depth charges was also very cool.


The glimpses of the huge space battle at the beginning was really visually impressive. (wish we saw more of that)

Palpatine pulling all the strings behind-the-scenes was a really neat idea (its too bad McDiarmid didn't have a better script and a better actor than Christensen to work off of)

The Order 66 montage, the music was very effective and its very moving (despite that blue Twi-Lek's death being super dumb looking)

Yoda decapitating those two troopers on Kashyyyk.

Obi at the end "You were my brother" Ewan brought some good emotion to that scene.

The ending scenes remind you of the Star Wars movies you really like, which is nice.