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RELEASED: "Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Special Longer Version)"

Well, after watching an old version of the theatrical cut at a cinema in London, I am going to bite the bullet and buy a laptop capable of deep learning on Black Friday and I am thinking of investing in Adobe Premier Pro, Character Creator 3, and iClone, Deepfacelab, and Lyrebird (or equivalent).

I’d like to create a hybrid cut for personal use. I’m not 100% sure what is missing from the DE compared to the SLV (excluding scene trims) beyond a couple of lines of dialogue on the bridge and in Ilia’s quarters, plus Sulu & Ilia, and the airlock scene.

So my ‘basic’ plan is:

  • Re-add missing scenes and lines above.
  • Trim the gap between Sulu’s, “Why it’s Mr…” and Kirk’s, “Spock!”. It’s really clumsily edited.
  • Digitally replace Kirk’s space suit to match the airlock scene. (I think from memory I need to re-order the scene in Ilia’s quarters to match the SLV?) Replace the Enterprise over the scaffolding.
  • Insert some additional cloned footage of Grace Lee Whitney to establish Rand in the second half of the movie with additional dialogue (if the Deepfake and Lyrebird results pay off). This is partly because Rand started out as the female lead in the original show and partly because Grace was treated terribly at the time. I lament the fact that she wasn’t more front and centre with the ensemble cast for her return.
  • The basic would be an extra line for her in the McCoy transporter scene plus some dialogue in Kirk’s quarters.
  • If they work out OK, then I might also consider a close up on the bridge during the V’Ger flyover (the problem there being the need to establish her arriving or leaving and a spot to put her in for the long shots) and establishing her on the bridge at the end of the movie so that when Scotty and Chapel arrive, all the original cast is in the scene together.
  • The most ambitious edit would be to add her into the airlock scene, possibly adding an exchange between her and McCoy as Kirk leaves, since that will require a digital avatar.
  • The really, really, really ambitious edit would be to put her in a spacesuit alongside Kirk and give them some dialogue as they head out to the orifice so that Ilia’s question, “Why have two carbon units entered V’Ger,” can apply to them.

If the Rand stuff pays off, I can consider whether I can add a few snippets of dialogue for other characters. McCoy’s funny dialogue was a hit with the audience in London so I considered if it might be possible to add some extra humour. Possibilities would be a line of sass from Uhura when the men meet Ilia, an exchange between McCoy and Chapel in sickbay based on dialogue from In Thy Image, and Spock’s sass about his presence being essential if McCoy is to remain on board in the final scene.

All the above said, I have no real experience with this kind of editing, so wish me luck. If anyone has access to the SLV files, they would be useful, since my only copy currently is on VHS.

RELEASED: "Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Special Longer Version)"

I never noticed the change of shirt or space suit. I think my standards are low.

The digital fixes to replace the scaffolding that have been on YouTube are pretty decent. Kirk’s face is basically pasted into the helmet so I reckon with enough dedication it would be possible to trim the scene where he catches Spock so that the suit close up matches the earlier scene.

I want to tweak the scene in Kirk’s quarters where he and McCoy are viewing Decker and Ilia to include Janice Rand just because I lament that she disappears completely from the second half of the movie.

I’ve already identified that there is a frame where McCoy exits the quarters in their earlier confrontation where you could easily paste a close up of Rand but Deepfake and Deep Video Portrait need to bed in a bit more before any attempt. There is dialogue from TOS appearances that could be added to pad out the scene, albeit logistically tricky:

Rand: “Can I get you something from the galley, Sir?”
Kirk: “Thank you.” [Balance of Terror]
Rand:“Do you suppose she knows?” [Miri]
McCoy: “Jim, she may not know or even remember.”[Spock’s Brain]
Kirk: “Its all we’ve got.” [Wrath of Khan]

It’s a largely pointless exchange since Kirk’s voice-over pretty much already tells us this but I just want Rand to be more visible than her tiny cameo at the start of the film and this underscores her previous role as Kirk’s assistant. It also looked easier than trying to paste her on the bridge during the V’Ger flyover. I have worked out that it would just about work to paste her exiting a Turbolift but the background in the transporter room is so dark, getting her hair to look natural is a problem.

RELEASED: "Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Special Longer Version)"

Managed to get my VCR going again and had another watch of the SLV. It doesn’t drag at all for me. Even Kirk’s mysterious mighty morphing space suit is only one brief head shot before Spock floats back. Not insurmountable.

I like the background technobabble and computer voice but I think the voices are just a fraction too loud in most scenes. They compete too much with the main dialogue.

I wish Grace Lee Whitney had been present on the bridge for a bit in the second half of the movie. Even a couple of reaction shots during the V’Ger flyover would have elevated her appearance to be more noticeable. It’s also a shame she doesn’t come onto the bridge with Scotty and Chapel in the final scene. It would have been nice if they had all been present on the bridge at the same time.

I think a hybrid version of the DE is probably going to be the absolute pinnacle but I do love this version.

RELEASED: "Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Special Longer Version)"

Just involved in a conversation on the TMP appreciation Facebook group about the different versions out there. Is it the intention for the HD SLV edit to include the completed Airlock effects that I’ve seen on YouTube and to correct the helmet of Kirk’s uniform when he retrieves Spock?

RELEASED: "Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Special Longer Version)"

LordZerome1080 said:

Eric#1971 said:

Is there anyway I can get a dvd copy of this
Please let me know.

PM the creator

Is this the wide-screen version with updated effects? I’ve lost track. I tried watching my vhs version of slv but the picture gave out half way through so I watched my dvd of the directors edition. They both have their merits!