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Star Wars coming to Blu Ray (UPDATE: August 30 2011, No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!)

I just can't get over how half-assed this set is. The sound on ANH is improved on some of the worst parts like the Tarkin dialogue but there are still parts where the dialogue sticks out like a sore thumb and you can hear hiss whenever someone speaks, and alot of the sound effects are still mixed way to loud to the point that they drown out everything else.

The colors also still look like complete shit. Everything looks like a cartoon and the coloring of the prequels look normal by comparison.

Why do you think he does it?

TServo2049 said:

Agreed about the insecurity and the Michael Jackson analogy. I really do believe that he has the same general kind of issues MJ had (albeit not as severe), and like MJ, he has allowed his wealth and success to insulate him from reality and common sense. And at least MJ didn't alter his songs and bury the originals.

And I'd be willing to excuse him if he'd just let me have the original versions in high-quality HD. People criticize Steven Spielberg for some of the same things as Lucas, but at least he understands the significance of the original versions of his films.

I wish George would listen to Steven on this...

I know I don't post here a whole lot but being a pretty big fan of Jackson's music I just thought I'd throw in that he has indeed altered many of his songs, it's just that with all the controversy and the general public's disinterest in him for the last 18 years, these changes have gone largely unnoticed.

Sure, The basic musical structure of his songs are still the same, but try listening to a 1987 pressing of the Bad album and any subsequent pressing after 1990 and you'll notice a huge difference in the mixing of almost the entire album. I think Dangerous and Thriller are the only albums of his that have not had some alteration or another done to them.

I do think George and MJ are similar in more ways than one though.

If George Lucas won't allow public screenings of the unaltered original trilogy...

Why does he allow screenings of 1997 SE prints?

Surely these no longer conform to his definitive vision of the films, which has already changed twice since 1997. I would be more embarrassed of people seeing that hideous '97 CGI Jabba up on the big screen than any effect in the original versions.

I don't understand why he is so stubborn about letting the originals see the light of day yet he seems to have no problem with letting versions with outdated revisions continue to circulate.

Star Wars coming to Blu Ray (UPDATE: August 30 2011, No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!)


Laserschwert said:

Some of the first leaked screens from TPM looked horrible (extreme denoising causing a wax look), although some other ones looked really good.

HERE'S one of the worst ones (and HERE'S the HDTV-version as a comparison).

Wow! Someone tell Robert Harris over at HTF that looks like we have a title contender for the Blu-ray release of "Patton", who up until now had to be the most wax-works looking P.o.S. ever!

Surely the theatrical 3-D release isn't going to look like that is it? It's going to be Wax figures in 3-D.

Star Wars coming to Blu Ray (UPDATE: August 30 2011, No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!)

Baronlando said:

Lucas' current rep is so tied into this kooky revisionism policy of his own movies. Even Jacko never said "Hey! Turns out you were stupid to like that thing I made!"which is what this current shit amounts to. 


Actually, MJ is guilty of revisionism as well. He has actually made quite a few changes to some of his albums well after they were originally released, it's just that they were never really noticed or documented nearly as heavily as GL's revisionism. The following are the most notable alterations to his albums.

MJ's Off the Wall album had 2 tracks replaced with remixes of the same tracks on later pressings of the album, the original mixes are only available on Vinyl.

The altered tracks are:

1. Rock with You, which was replaced with the 7' Remix of the song.

2. Get on the Floor, which was replaced with the Remix included as the B-Side of the RWY single.

Also, In the early 90's The cover to this album was changed from the original, presumably due to MJ's drastically different appearance at the time.


MJ's Bad album is the most drastically changed from it's original release, with nearly every track having been replaced by a different (and sometimes vastly inferior) mix on subsequent pressings.

The most notable alterations to this album include:

  1. "Bad" having a modified horn arrangement.
  2. "The Way You Make Me Feel" has the vocals turned up higher in the mix.
  3. "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" deletes the spoken intro at the beginning of the song.
  4. "Dirty Diana" is replaced with a shortened version of the song.
  5. "Smooth Criminal" has the heavy breathing in the intro removed and has an overall different sounding mix.


MJ's HIStory album, in addition to having some of the lyrics edited from "They Don't Care About Us" after being accused of antisemitism, also has the beginning intro to the track "HIStory" completely re-recorded.


I just thought I'd point out yet another similarity between MJ and GL.