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Hawkeye: Carol of the Bows (Released)

Poster for Hawkeye: Carol of the Bows

When I first watched Hawkeye, all I could think was, despite how fun everything was, there was just too much happening. It was a series without focus. In July 2022, I set out to take Hawkeye and transform it into a more streamlined movie format, while maintaining the comedy and Christmasy feel. 4 iterations and 8 months later, here we are.

Whole swaths of the show have been restructured to fit a 2 hour, 8 minute runtime. Establishing Yelena at the beginning, we focus in on three arcs:

  1. Yelena’s desire for Revenge
  2. Clint’s guilt from the events of Endgame
  3. Kate’s journey

To make this work, Echo’s storyline had to be minimized - Kazi barely exists, Clint doesn’t get captured, and (sadly) the bridge chase doesn’t happen. The chase has too many things going on at once, and including it would, unfortunately, cause the edit to become either too long, or incoherent. This also means we lose the hearing aid subplot, which, while really good, eats up a lot of time. The Rolex subplot is dropped. Combined with some heavy restructuring and micro-cuts, this was enough to get things down to a more reasonable length. Keep an ear out for some additional Christmas music!

Some major cuts/changes:

  • The movie begins with a cold open on Yelena, while the Avengers flashback is removed entirely.
  • The Marvel Fanfare has been swapped out for Holiday-themed one introduced by the GotG Holiday Special.
  • The holiday gala has been shortened considerably.
  • Clint no longer walks Kate to work.
  • Clint asks Natasha for forgiveness directly after sending his kids away, after which we see Yelena stalking Kate’s mom.
  • Instead of doing some “Catch and Release,” Clint sends his arrow message to the Tracksuits, retrieves the suit from the LARPers, and then goes to fight Maya at a used car lot, where Kate meets up with him after dinner. This establishes an offscreen familiarity between Clint and Maya that establishes her goals, in an albeit exposition-heavy manner.
  • Yelena’s conversation with Kate has been carefully recut to account for the rooftop scene not being present.
  • Eleanor’s conversation with Kingpin occurs shortly after the conversation, and before Kate’s Christmas bonding session with Clint.
  • Maya doesn’t have her fight with Kazi.
  • Eleanor’s character is kept consistent by her silently accepting her arrest, instead of shaming Kate for being responsible for once.
  • Close on Kate coming to Clint’s home

Two post-credits sequences:

  1. Maya shooting Kingpin
  2. Wendy asking Jack if he’s LARPed, since the scene resembles early MCU “Have you heard of the Avengers Initiative” scenes

Resolution is 1080p, with 5.1 audio, and subs are present.

The Clone Wars: Refocused [COMPLETE] - Plus the (Improved) Citadel Arc!

Subtitles would be excellent, but in my experience, they’re much easier to set up when making an edit from scratch. imunfair from r/fanedits made an automatic subtitle script, though, which takes in subs made for the unedited content, and changes them based on the edited version - caveat that it only works if you’ve been editing in Premiere Pro.

That said, Premiere Pro does make working with subtitles pretty easy, since you can move them around in the same way as moving clips or audio around, and you can edit the subtitles within the program.

KENOBI: A STAR WARS STORY [The Radical "Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi" Cut]

Anjohan said:

So, I read all your brilliant feedback and decided to do another crack at the rescue entry:

(I’ll do some more recomposing on Leia now - glad to hear it’s very close to fully working for most)

This is fantastic, it feels much less jarring, and the sense of movement imo helps sell Haja a bit better, since we don’t get the resolution to him considering betraying Obi-Wan with this cut. Spacing out the dialogue slightly through the establishing shots, like you’ve done here, mitigates the untrustworthiness in his delivery when Obi-Wan has him at blaster-point

KENOBI: A STAR WARS STORY [The Radical "Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi" Cut]

I think Obi-Wan getting the chance to shift Reva’s sense of failure into a redemption-esque moment is key to Obi-Wan not spiraling again, but I get removing it, as it would be jarring. Depending on how season 2 plays out, it might be something that could be used toward the beginning of a cut there, with her seeing the tracker as a post-credit stinger for this one.

I do wonder if the conversation Obi-Wan has with Owen about trusting the Lars family to take care of Luke should be retained, and possibly pushed toward the beginning, after Reva’s confrontation with Owen from Episode 1 (if that’s still in). It would be a major re-contextualization of the scene - he’s well aware that adventuring is a massive risk that he might not make it back from, so it becomes a decision made out of fear and worry of failure.

EDIT: Regarding the streamables for score changes, love what was done here, though I’d worry that the piano theme might clash with the scene at Mustafar featuring the regular Imperial March, which would come very soon after this scene if kept. I wonder if bits and pieces of the piano theme could be mixed in throughout the duel, intensifying when he speaks with Anakin’s voice, but only giving us the full payoff with the regular Imperial March.

KENOBI: A STAR WARS STORY [The Radical "Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi" Cut]

I like the cut, but I’m agreeing with John William’s Imperial March not having the right tone for the scene. I think a lower, slowed mix of the song would work well. We’re seeing the scene through Obi-Wan’s perspective, so we have the external horror of Vader, the monster, in addition to the internal horror of Obi-Wan seeing for the first time how far his former apprentice and old friend has fallen. The OG version of the song doesn’t quite give that, but a variation could. Something along the lines of this would work nicely(Starting about a minute in, after the initial fanfare so we get the low build-up as he enters the scene):

Regardless, I’m liking the direction you’re taking, and looking forward to seeing how this goes!

EDIT: This was written with that first example in mind, the piano cut works really well!

The Clone Wars: Refocused [COMPLETE] - Plus the (Improved) Citadel Arc!

Depending on the editing timeline, for the parts where you’d want to incorporate RotS, it might be worth keeping an eye on this:

There’s obviously the big caveat that they seem to be doing just the battle between Anakin and Obi-Wan, and there’s no guarantee on when or if it’ll ever be completed, of course