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MCU: A Recommended Reordering

Sure thing, I’ll add links to the info for the others I mentioned as well:

Info pages for other’s edits:

The others mentioned are on the fanedits subreddit

My edit info pages:

MCU: A Recommended Reordering

They don’t really fit into the main series overall, but The Runaways and Cloak & Dagger haven’t seen much editing, but could work really well as Wanda buildup, as both build up some of the Darkhold mythos.

For recommended edits, whether of watching or for research:

  • Spence’s Falcon & the Winter Soldier is about as seamless as you can get for an MCU TV-to-Movie edit, to the point that I forgot I was watching an edit.
  • Thor: Odinson? and Thor (2): Convergence are both fantastic, and raise the early Thor movies up quite a bit.
  • KLRspach’s Agent Carter: The Movie is supposed to be a pretty solid edit of season 1 of Agent Carter.
  • I know Forbidden Marvel’s done edits for Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist - can’t speak to quality as I haven’t seen them, but I’ve heard good things. Might not be in-scope for what you’re looking for here, though.
  • Moon Knight: Fractured and Loki: Journey into Mystery have been recommended to me. IMO they both run bit long at ~3 hours for Loki, ~2 hours 40 minutes for Moon Knight.

I’d also recommend my own edits in for Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk(which has a lot less Hulk in it than the series itself fwiw), and Secret Invasion(which is a fairly radical change), but note that I’m obviously biased in that regard 😛 All try to stick close to the original content in theme and story, with the exception of Secret Invasion.

Secret Invasion: The One Chance Cut

Poster for Secret Invasion: The One Chance Cut

AKA Secret Invasion: A Special Presentation

Secret Invasion was pretty widely disliked, and I think a large part of its problems involved the creators not really knowing what to do with the series or the characters. Marketed as a Winter Soldier-esque spy thriller, we instead got a bunch of ideas thrown at a wall. Too much was revealed right away, removing any sense of tension from the traditional Secret Invasion story they wanted to tell. At the same time the show was thematically at odds with Captain Marvel’s introduction of the Skrulls - no longer are they refugees of a galactic war, looking to survive, they’ve become more of a scary Other. And then Fury dramatically does nothing, meaning the two deaths they made happen felt pointless.

Obviously I have feelings about this show. Feelings that led me to do a complete overhaul of the series into a 1 hour, 20 minute Special Presentation style feature. Heavily restructuring the show, we drop several subplots designed to pad out the series, and move some events forward. If you were disappointed by the series, this may be what you’re looking for.

The major pieces I wanted to do when starting this edit was to make Gravik seem like a lower-tier villain, rather than the leader of all Skrulls, and make Ritson’s declaration of war happen earlier. The tension of an MCU Secret Invasion should never have been about “Who’s a Skrull? Who can I trust”(Not that the series made much of an attempt at pulling it off). Instead, I wanted some teeth behind Ritson’s declaration. This keeps the MCU’s themes with the Skrulls consistent between movies, as now we can have them be Scapegoats for Gravik’s crimes.

To do this, we need to do a few things first:

  • The Skrulls need to be humanized. To this end, G’iah is implied to be undercover from the beginning, and Talos gets more agency in the beginning, moving story forward. Varra is also introduced in a cold open, to help solidify her prominence as a character in the second half of the edit. Notably, Rhodey is implied to be replaced after the attack on the president, rather than from the beginning.
  • The real villain of this edit ends up being the setting. Gravik creates the problem, but Ritson makes for a more compelling villain. His speech needs to have consequences outside of just a montage. Varra no longer works for Gravik, and the people attacking her and G’iah are implied to be humans - vigilantes emboldened by the president’s speech, as we see in montage-form at the end of the series. Sonya becomes an uneasy ally for Fury, and also very much anti-Skrull.
  • In service to the above two points, the Moscow Bomb and London Submarine subplots are dropped(and as a result, Maria Hill doesn’t get fridged). Parts of these plots remain, but changed up in a way to drive forward both Gravik’s attack on the President and the rocky relationship between Talos and G’iah.

Key Changes:

  • Special Presentation & Full Length Marvel Fanfare added
  • “Cold” open of Varra & Fury
  • Post-fanfare opens on President Ritson’s convoy being attacked
  • Dropped Neptune Submarine, Moscow dirty bomb, and Super Skrull subplots
  • Ritson’s speech comes at the halfway mark, 40 minutes in
  • The coup against Gravik succeeds
  • Varra no longer works for Gravik
  • Varra’s house is implied to be attacked by human anti-Skrull vigilantes, not Skrulls
  • Sonya is given a darker role
  • Fury doesn’t travel to Finland for his eyepatch. That’s in England now
  • Skrulls are now more in line with Captain Marvel’s depiction, improving consistency
  • Fury is implicated in the attack on Ritson
  • Rhodey is implied to be replaced after the attack on Ritson

Resolution is 1080p, with 5.1 audio, and subs are present.

Ms. Marvel: The Ice Cream Pizza Cut (Released)

ThanosM. said:

I just watched your cut!

To be honest, I have found most Marvel shows thus far to be, at their best, mediocre and I wasn’t a fan of the first Captain Marvel movie. However, I do intend to watch The Marvels when it is released so I wanted to catch up on Ms. Marvel without investing much time into the miniseries.
So your edit was the perfect opportunity for me to do so.

I truly valued the amount of attention and respect devoted to the Pakistani-American culture and traditions within the story, which set Ms. Marvel apart from any preceding Marvel endeavors and evoked a distinctive ambiance. Additionally, I thoroughly enjoyed Iman Vellani’s performance and found the character of Kamala to be very likeable and charismatic. I can say I am excited to see her again in future projects.
As for the rest of the film… I must admit that it just wasn’t my cup of tea. I found the story generic and the action scenes poorly shot.

But, of course, this has nothing to do with your work. You put together a tight and well-paced film that captures the essence of the overall story and highlights the main character. The transitions, while obvious at times, didn’t affect the whole experience and were fitting with the rest of the film. If I may offer a small critique, I found the duration to be slightly prolonged for this specific story. As I’ve said, I haven’t watched the original series so I don’t know what you could have done differently, but I did sense the movie to drag a bit, especially towards the end.

Thanks again for sharing your edit! You definitely saved me much time and allowed me to go into The Marvels not being completely in the blind!
Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the feedback! Definitely agreed on it feeling like it went a bit long. I may have to look and see if there are any scenes I can shift around to give it a bit more momentum near the end

Darth Lucifer said:

Oh, I’ve got to see this. Link please?

PM Sent!

Ms. Marvel: The Ice Cream Pizza Cut (Released)

Poster for Ms. Marvel: The Ice Cream Pizza Cut

The Ice Cream Pizza Cut came about for a few reasons:

  1. I wanted a movie version of Ms. Marvel to ease Marvel Marathons
  2. I was curious to see just how well the show could work in a movie format.

I hope this edit captures the feeling of the original show, without dragging or feeling disjointed. It clocks in at 2 hours, 28 minutes, while retaining all of the major plot beats.

This edit is in no way meant to be an improvement of the original, rather a translation to a shorter medium. Most of the cuts here were difficult decisions. I would, without hesitation, recommend watching this edit only if you don’t have the time to commit to 6 episodes, or are trying to pack the D+ shows into a Marvel marathon - it’s a great show, if a bit too tightly-packed.


I’ll be honest, most of the cuts were made on-the-fly. I came in with a general concept of what I wanted, and very little idea how to get there, even after multiple watch-throughs. This changelog will be rather sparse, considering the length. Some of the new transitions utilize Whip transitions, which were heavily used in the movie.

  • Move 1942 scene where ClanDestines find the bracelet to pre-fanfare.
  • Post-fanfare, cut directly to the Day of Avenger-Con
  • Cut scene where Kamala jumps out the window
  • Cut the Instagrammers in the Mosque
  • Kamala doesn’t ask permission to go to Zoe’s party
  • CalTech subplot is dropped, though still mentioned at the end (implied it was already known)
  • Illuminaunties scene is cut
  • Damage Control’s first visit to the Mosque happens off-screen
  • Kamala doesn’t pass out at dinner
  • Cut Kamala’s dad helping Bruno translate old Djinn info
  • Wedding fight scene “horror” segment cut
  • Family doesn’t confront Kamala for ruining the wedding
  • Najma doesn’t explicitly leave Kamran behind
  • DODC scene happens before flight to Pakistan
  • Tourism scene cut
  • Merge Red Dagger Hideout scenes (yes, the clothing change stands out. I just pretend they gave her an outfit)
  • Chase scene trimmed
  • Kamala flashing to the past now brings us to Najma following Aisha.
  • Kamala back at home now beings with her facetiming Nakia
  • Movie ends on Kamala jumping from the street light as her logo shines onto the screen
  • “1 Week Later” is now the Mid-Credits scene
  • Original Mid-Credits scene moved to End of Credits
  • Several minor cuts

Two Post-Credit Scenes:

  1. “1 Week Later” is now the Mid-Credits Scene
  2. Original Mid-Credits Scene is moved to the End-Credits.

Resolution is 1080p, Audio is 5.1.

Marvel's She Hulk: A Special Presentation (released)

Poster for Marvel's She-Hulk: A Special Presentation

I’m one of the people who enjoyed She-Hulk - the humor and irreverence for Marvel productions was great, and so far, it’s been the only D+ MCU series that really understood the TV format. That said, between the Special Presentation fanfare being a shiny new toy, and my ongoing desire to make marathons go more smoothly, I had to bring She-Hulk to the chopping block. While this is a “Special Presentation” style edit, the series has been cut down to 1 hour, 39 minutes.

Despite heavy cuts, I wanted to retain the essence of the series - hopefully this comes across as well as I think it does. The first half of the edit splits between the Abomination and Mr. Immortal cases, while the second half is the final two episodes, mostly untrimmed. The Donny Blaze, Titania Lawsuit, Wedding, Josh, and Hot Doctor plots have been excised for time, though aspects of each episode have been included.

Some major cuts/changes:

  • Intro with Special Presentation sequence
  • Open on Walters vs GLK & H - Move Jen’s narration to happen as she punches Titania
  • Flashback ends on Jen’s first transformation, cuts to Jen requesting to give her closing argument
  • Dennis is mostly cut
  • Jen being fired leads directly into Hollaway offering her a job.
  • Cut Donny Blaze arc - it happens after the events of the edit
  • Cut the Titania Lawsuit, Wedding, and Josh
  • Hot Doctor now plays the role of Josh (Sorry Hot Doctor, your sacrifice was necessary)
  • Cut Jen’s initial visit with Emil

Two post-credits sequences:

  1. Madisynn dumped at Wong’s, Wong goes to Jen to sue Donny Blaze
  2. Megan Thee Stallion

Resolution is 1080p, with 5.1 audio, and subs are present.

Feedback is always welcome - I know there’s a few spots that could be improved, particularly smoothing out some of the audio levels in a couple scenes.

Hawkeye: Carol of the Bows (Released)

Poster for Hawkeye: Carol of the Bows

When I first watched Hawkeye, all I could think was, despite how fun everything was, there was just too much happening. It was a series without focus. In July 2022, I set out to take Hawkeye and transform it into a more streamlined movie format, while maintaining the comedy and Christmasy feel. 4 iterations and 8 months later, here we are.

Whole swaths of the show have been restructured to fit a 2 hour, 8 minute runtime. Establishing Yelena at the beginning, we focus in on three arcs:

  1. Yelena’s desire for Revenge
  2. Clint’s guilt from the events of Endgame
  3. Kate’s journey

To make this work, Echo’s storyline had to be minimized - Kazi barely exists, Clint doesn’t get captured, and (sadly) the bridge chase doesn’t happen. The chase has too many things going on at once, and including it would, unfortunately, cause the edit to become either too long, or incoherent. This also means we lose the hearing aid subplot, which, while really good, eats up a lot of time. The Rolex subplot is dropped. Combined with some heavy restructuring and micro-cuts, this was enough to get things down to a more reasonable length. Keep an ear out for some additional Christmas music!

Some major cuts/changes:

  • The movie begins with a cold open on Yelena, while the Avengers flashback is removed entirely.
  • The Marvel Fanfare has been swapped out for Holiday-themed one introduced by the GotG Holiday Special.
  • The holiday gala has been shortened considerably.
  • Clint no longer walks Kate to work.
  • Clint asks Natasha for forgiveness directly after sending his kids away, after which we see Yelena stalking Kate’s mom.
  • Instead of doing some “Catch and Release,” Clint sends his arrow message to the Tracksuits, retrieves the suit from the LARPers, and then goes to fight Maya at a used car lot, where Kate meets up with him after dinner. This establishes an offscreen familiarity between Clint and Maya that establishes her goals, in an albeit exposition-heavy manner.
  • Yelena’s conversation with Kate has been carefully recut to account for the rooftop scene not being present.
  • Eleanor’s conversation with Kingpin occurs shortly after the conversation, and before Kate’s Christmas bonding session with Clint.
  • Maya doesn’t have her fight with Kazi.
  • Eleanor’s character is kept consistent by her silently accepting her arrest, instead of shaming Kate for being responsible for once.
  • Close on Kate coming to Clint’s home

Two post-credits sequences:

  1. Maya shooting Kingpin
  2. Wendy asking Jack if he’s LARPed, since the scene resembles early MCU “Have you heard of the Avengers Initiative” scenes

Resolution is 1080p, with 5.1 audio, and subs are present.

The Clone Wars: Refocused [COMPLETE] + Subtitles for season one!

Subtitles would be excellent, but in my experience, they’re much easier to set up when making an edit from scratch. imunfair from r/fanedits made an automatic subtitle script, though, which takes in subs made for the unedited content, and changes them based on the edited version - caveat that it only works if you’ve been editing in Premiere Pro.

That said, Premiere Pro does make working with subtitles pretty easy, since you can move them around in the same way as moving clips or audio around, and you can edit the subtitles within the program.

KENOBI: A STAR WARS STORY [The Radical "Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi" Cut]

Anjohan said:

So, I read all your brilliant feedback and decided to do another crack at the rescue entry:


(I’ll do some more recomposing on Leia now - glad to hear it’s very close to fully working for most)

This is fantastic, it feels much less jarring, and the sense of movement imo helps sell Haja a bit better, since we don’t get the resolution to him considering betraying Obi-Wan with this cut. Spacing out the dialogue slightly through the establishing shots, like you’ve done here, mitigates the untrustworthiness in his delivery when Obi-Wan has him at blaster-point

KENOBI: A STAR WARS STORY [The Radical "Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi" Cut]

I think Obi-Wan getting the chance to shift Reva’s sense of failure into a redemption-esque moment is key to Obi-Wan not spiraling again, but I get removing it, as it would be jarring. Depending on how season 2 plays out, it might be something that could be used toward the beginning of a cut there, with her seeing the tracker as a post-credit stinger for this one.

I do wonder if the conversation Obi-Wan has with Owen about trusting the Lars family to take care of Luke should be retained, and possibly pushed toward the beginning, after Reva’s confrontation with Owen from Episode 1 (if that’s still in). It would be a major re-contextualization of the scene - he’s well aware that adventuring is a massive risk that he might not make it back from, so it becomes a decision made out of fear and worry of failure.

EDIT: Regarding the streamables for score changes, love what was done here, though I’d worry that the piano theme might clash with the scene at Mustafar featuring the regular Imperial March, which would come very soon after this scene if kept. I wonder if bits and pieces of the piano theme could be mixed in throughout the duel, intensifying when he speaks with Anakin’s voice, but only giving us the full payoff with the regular Imperial March.

KENOBI: A STAR WARS STORY [The Radical "Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi" Cut]

I like the cut, but I’m agreeing with John William’s Imperial March not having the right tone for the scene. I think a lower, slowed mix of the song would work well. We’re seeing the scene through Obi-Wan’s perspective, so we have the external horror of Vader, the monster, in addition to the internal horror of Obi-Wan seeing for the first time how far his former apprentice and old friend has fallen. The OG version of the song doesn’t quite give that, but a variation could. Something along the lines of this would work nicely(Starting about a minute in, after the initial fanfare so we get the low build-up as he enters the scene): https://soundcloud.com/slowverbtunes/imperial-march-slowed-reverb

Regardless, I’m liking the direction you’re taking, and looking forward to seeing how this goes!

EDIT: This was written with that first example in mind, the piano cut works really well!

The Clone Wars: Refocused [COMPLETE] + Subtitles for season one!

Depending on the editing timeline, for the parts where you’d want to incorporate RotS, it might be worth keeping an eye on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhzUubfvnDs

There’s obviously the big caveat that they seem to be doing just the battle between Anakin and Obi-Wan, and there’s no guarantee on when or if it’ll ever be completed, of course