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Cast Away - 35mm preservation opportunity. (a WIP)

sebkarlbjork said:

Monsieur Hulot said:

Well done seb, you have funded this well, I hope this goes underway forgive me that I can’t donate as I have to pay for hard drives for my own project, but I am excited for the final release.

Thanks Monsieur Hulot! No worries, that is understandable. Also, glad to see your Temple of Doom project come ashore.

Glad to see yours kick off 😃.

Fantasia - 35mm Project (Help Needed) (a WIP)

TonyWDA said:

That’s correct. I want to assure anybody concerned over funding that I would not have even announced this project if I was not financially prepared for it. I didn’t just happen on the idea of preserving this film a few days or weeks before posting in April— it’s been years in the making and in that time I‘ve always made sure to set aside whatever I could to eventually afford the UHD scans and audio captures, once I tracked down the right source material as well.

Speaking of which, that’s the real help I’m asking for: to track down R1 and R4 from another 8-reel Technicolor print. I may be receiving such help very soon. I’ll share any good news when I’m able to.

I didn’t want to post this here as complete beginners who just want to get the big files will offer help, but when you have this scanned I would love to help in the restoration of this, like you I have a soft spot for this film. It along with Cinema Paradiso are the only films I have full on cried to. This film has left an impression on me like few others and restoring this would be such a worthwhile task for this beauty of a film.

Sleeping Beauty (1959) & Fantasia Kostal (1982) 35mm (Help Needed!) (a WIP)

RU.08 said:

I’m sorry I’m not accepting any donations right now. Once I can open up a new project please rest assured I’ll get back to everyone who is interested in donating towards a Disney scan.

Wait is this fully funded?! If so then I am truly annoyed with myself for not arriving in time. I was just wondering if you could pledge me for this and your Cinderella/ Pinocchio project. I don’t wish to donate yet, just put in a pledge.