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Superman II: The Restored International Cut?

Booshman said:

There are 2 updated versions of this on Myspleen. One is the 2 single layer discs of the original release combined to a dual layer DVD. I reathoured the whole thing so it’s basically the same as the original release, but no need to swap discs half way. The other is the RIC in 720P, the extended footage is the VHS upscaled and the rest is the bluray pan and scanned. I recoloured everything to make it a consistent viewing experience, and would say it’s the best way to watch the RIC right now if you don’t mind the change in image quality for the extra footage.

Sorry Im not on Myspleen, Can you please upload both uploads to mega or something?

Spider-man 2.2 (Fan Edit of 2 mixed with 2.1)

Hello, this is going to be my very first FAN EDIT So I came up with an Idea to combine some of the Spider-man 2.1 Aspects into 2, as we all know that 2.1 made the film worse but there are some things that I would like to incorporate or keep in the film such as the Jameson on Desk as Spider-man or Extended hospital scene that was censored in theatrical.

Strawpoll: - Results of the poll, Don’t need to vote anymore

Here are the changes if you don’t know what they are

The Strawpoll finished and i’m so excited to start working on this.

Here are the things that are gonna come to this Fan Edit.

Jameson as Spider-Man (2.1 Exclusive).

Extended Doc Ock Hospital Scene - Theatrical was Censored so I understand why people wanted it.

Extended Birthday Party Scene minus Radio scene from extended cut as it was not needed.I also included the theatrical MJ trash scene as it makes more sense. (Done)

Extended Dr Otto Octavius/Rosie Meeting Scene - I personally do not remember it being extended but I can’t complain and I kept the theatrical Laundrette ending too. (Done)

Theatrical Elevator Scene - I wanted this as well as others due to the change of him thinking it is a fan rather than in the Extended Cut he knew it was Spider-Man. (Done)

Doc Ock Drawing Scene (2.1 Exclusive) - People wanted it and I personally have nothing against it, maybe it’s foreshadowing the events?

Extended First Fight (Bank Scene) - Personally I do not mind having Extended or Theatrical, I like the bank scene in any form.

Extended Second Fight (Train Scene) - Personally I do not mind having Extended or Theatrical, I like the Train scene in any form.

Extended Reflection Scene with Doctor & Uncle Ben - For me Personally, I like theatrical doctor and Extended uncle ben but I’ll give you what you want

Theatrical Pizza Delivery Scene (Pizza Time!) - The removal of Goooooo was replaced with Go! was not needed, a longer scene with Mr Aziz & a longer useless scene where he is at the delivery point is also no needed so we are sticking with the theatrical version which is superior. (Done)

Mary Jane Shopping Scene (2.1 Exclusive) - Definitely was not needed at all so I agree as to why it was voted out.

Theatrical Theater/Theatre/Usher Scene - The extended one was over the top because after the theatrical one ends it continues with the usher’s hand gestures that were pointless and the extended car chase is not needed. (Done)

Batman 1943 Full Version?

"The serial was released on home video in the late '80s in a heavily edited format that removed the offensive racial content. Dan Scapperotti, a reviewer for the magazine Cinefantastique, commented: “The revisions aren’t surprising when you consider that Columbia is now owned by Japan’s Sony Corporation. It appears that some of Daka’s operatives escaped Batman’s justice and were rewarded with positions at the new George Orwell department at Columbia. No doubt we can expect to see David Lean’s Bridge on the River Kwai reissued as the story of a joyous Anglo-Japanese cooperative construction job interrupted by imperialistic American terrorists.”[5] Sony released the serial on DVD in October 2005 in an unedited version, with the exception of Chapter 2, which is missing its “Next Chapter” sequence and a shot of the villains listening to Bruce and Linda’s conversation instead of Robin being angry.

The image and sound quality of Columbia’s two-disc set is varied. The first episode is an upscale of the previous VHS transfer: very grainy, slightly cropped off, and with too high contrast in some scenes, such as the first establishing shot of Batman sitting at a desk amid a bunch of bats in the Bat Cave. The rest of the episodes were restored as much as possible, with the result being solid pictures and good sound.

Mill Creek Entertainment released in February 4, 2014 Gotham City Serials, a two-disc DVD set that contains both the 1943 serial and the 1949 Batman and Robin serial.

The serial was also released on home movie formats in the 1960s and 1970s:

The 1960s: A silent abridged version. The complete serial was edited into six chapters (available in 8mm and Super-8) running 10 minutes each. A seventh three-minute reel titled “Batman’s Last Chance” with action scenes was also issued.
The 1970s: The complete 15-chapter serial (in its original unaltered format) was released in a Super-8 Sound edition."

After reading all this from Wikipedia I was wondering, where I could find a complete Version of Batman 1943?