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Info: Recommended Editions of Disney Animated (and Partially Animated) Features

Maleficent said:

I am interested in the topic, but unfortunately I know too little about it. What exactly does “35mm scan” mean? I assume that it means that an original camera negative is scanned and not just any copy of a copy of this negative? What are the advantages of a 35mm scan?

I have become very cautious after many bad purchases. About 16 years ago I read a review of the Cinderella DVD in a DVD magazine (which called itself a “professional magazine”). It praised the outstanding, restored picture, which was now free of dirt and offered beautiful colours due to the remastering.
I then bought this DVD without knowing what terrible things had been done to the picture …

basically someone took a film reel which is generally 35mm and scanned it using a scanner and its digitzied, they clean it up and release it, most the time, the colors are better and some instances include uncensored scenes or bits

Suzume: Theatrical Version (IMAX SE v1.0 Released)

haru KI do said:

List of changes in Special Edition:


Im buying the 4k bluray (beautiful packaging), should I buy it and then use this theatrical version

Family Guy: TV & DVD Combined???

Hello, I was making this post to gather ideas about a fanedit i had in mind, idk if I would make it or if someone already has or would do it.

My idea is basically combining the TV and DVD versions of each season of family guy to create the best versions of these episodes because I have been watching family guy lately and was thinking about how either the TV or DVD have different jokes, audio or different animations done. Please give feedback as to if this is a good idea.

Edit: I found this “Family Guy: S01-20 The Chiefly Uncensored Master Collection 1080p NVEnc 10Bit HEVC-DD-DDP 2&5.1Ch” & apparently this is basically an uncensored 1080p upscale (older seasons upscaled) + uncensored episodes, but I do think that this is still lacking as some jokes from the TV version are better than the DVD ones.

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Just Stupid Enough (Complete Videography) [WIP]

Mango said:


Just after I posted that update, the youtube version of Eat It was upgraded to a 4K remaster from the original film. Looks like official restorations are underway. This is the best possible outcome, and I’m officially canceling this project. 😄

Didnt he release a new version of the eat it video?

Info Wanted: Jackass tv show Uncensored and uncut?

SpacemanDoug said:

SpacemanDoug said:

the Paramount+ versions are mostly intact afaik content wise, bizarrely though the “welcome to Jackass” segment in the first episode is replaced with the one in the second episode (which results in a repeat intro whenever you watch the second episode) and the entire Willy Wonka parody from the same episode is cut out as well, not sure if anything else is edited out of the series but I wouldn’t be surprised, and pretty much all of the music is changed as well

if I was given rips of the Paramount+ versions then I could do some restoration work here and there considering the quality of them is much better than the TV rips

I was DEAD wrong about this, it turns out the edits vary wildly from episode to episode

some episodes just need music restored and others need entire stunts restored (I’ve also encountered a couple episodes where all music was intact but a couple of pranks or stunts were still missing), it seems MTV several years ago censored various episodes by removing “dangerous” stunts and to pad out the runtime replaced them with a repeated stunt from either a previous or future episode (in one instance I saw a stunt repeated twice) and Paramount+ used whatever masters were available, even if a few of the episodes ended up being full on butchered in the process

I’m having to do more work than I thought I’d have to initially but surprisingly, this is still less work than if I was working off of the DVD versions, at least in a lot of instances the episodes were returned to their original format somewhat and I don’t have to search every single file for a single stunt in most instances

I did find a few months ago a fanedit called Turd edition or smth but how would it differ to yours

Millennium (1996 FOX TV) DVD Restoration/Upscale Project (RELEASED)

TVArchive said:

Hey, thanks for the kind words! Yes, they’re the standard old NTSC DVDs. The framerate is kind of wonky on these so I had to do some cleanup work on that as well.

I’m glad I picked them up “way back when”, as the 3rd season has become a bit pricey. The good news is that seasons 2 and 3 are in widescreen. Of course, the film masters would give us a beautiful 4k set, but Disney won’t fork out the cash to do it. So I’ll have to be happy with my upscales.

This will take a bit of time to do, but in my sights is another FOX show that was criminally underrated, “Brisco County, Junior” with Bruce Campbell. One season of the Chin in all his campy glory!

Anything Bruce Campbell is worthy of a fanres