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Ideas & Help Wanted: Tenet Chronological Fan-edit? Anyone up for it? (Spoilers)

Is anyone up for a Tenet fan-edit in chronological order… I watched in Cinemas in august & I was confused but on Tuesday I watched the 4k release and felt a little bit more understanding of film, which is why I would like to see a chronologic cut.

Any ideas as to what the chronology is?

The Mandalorian Season 1 & 2 Mixed Edit Ideas? (Spoilers)

Perturbator said:

This season has no continuous momentum & no building tension or stakes. Sure now that the child is abducted (once again) there’s a stake but it’s not as tight nor fresh as season one, and there’s nothing organically cinematic about tying season 2s episodes together in any way.

I’m thinking the base raid maybe could be integrated into season a 1 film edit but everything else would be somewhat at odds. It’s truly meant to be episodic,this season especially so.

But for the most part season 2 just feels like “set up some spin-offs and season 3” in a nutshell.

I feel like all the episodes are just filler until they go to ashoka then to the pillar thingy with boba fett

The Mandalorian Season 1 & 2 Mixed Edit Ideas? (Spoilers)

Starting a thread to ask if anyone will make a new MANDO fanedit when the last episode releases in a few weeks. After watching episodes of season 2, i feel this season has so much filler or some scenes are just not needed and was hoping that someone would make a fanedit that combines S01 & S02 into one Movie type thing.

People could list ideas and we go on from there. Wish i could make it but my editing aint good.

List of Ideas:

Mando and the Frog Lady do no go to the icy planet and just head to their destination to get the eggs safely away (Idk how it would work).