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Star Wars Episodes 1-9 : Correct buying / downloading versions

ChainsawAsh said:

kujythrgefdw said:

If you want the theatrical versions
The Phantom Menace: 2000 Widescreen Video Collector’s Edition (VHS)

Also laserdisc.

Attack of the Clones: 2002 widescreen DVD is identical to the digital projection version

This is probably false (as far as we know the garage scene was extended for the DVD) but we don’t know for certain since we have no bootleg of the digital theatrical cut.

Revenge of the Sith: Theatrical version never released, but the Blu-ray and 2005 widescreen DVD are almost identical (Disney+ version is the Blu-ray version upscaled to 4K)

Literally the only difference between the HDTV/DVD and the theatrical cut is a wipe that accidentally got changed to a hard cut.

As for the BR, the wipe was fixed, but moss was added to Kashyyyk rooftops and some sound effects added when the clones attack on Utapau. That’s it. Other than that, the BR is the theatrical cut.

Original trilogy: 1992 Special Letterbox Collector’s Edition or 1995 THX Widescreen Edition (VHS)

Also laserdiscs and 2006 GOUT DVD release.

We have a normal bootleg of the AOTC tho?

Goldeneye 35mm Scan and Preservation

Colson said:

Moiisty said:

So what is the difference between THIS one and the other 4k ones?

This project is a preservation of a 35mm theatrical print of the movie. As such, it’s sort of a “Grindhouse” presentation.

aren the 4k ones the same tho just with bluray audio or am i confusing myself cause I have seen this preservation being done and I was like yeah I like this one but then itunes and amazon have one and im confused