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Arise! (Church Of The SubGenius Recruitment Tape #16) Original VHS Cut - HD Upscale [WIP]


After doing more research, it turns out that the 1987 cut was never released on VHS, which apparently means the version on youtube is ripped from the only existing master tape. The tape did get here and i managed to do a quick recording of it. It’s going through Topaz as I type this. It will be far from perfect, but this is mostly a project for myself. I’ve already noticed a slight hiccup in my transfer, but I’ve got more important projects to worry about at the moment. Like my upscale of that Herbie Hancock Laserdisc, this is just practice. If anyone wants a link anyway, I’ll be happy to send it once it’s done.

(Original Post)

This film is one of the ultimate cult/nerdy art films, and I thought it might be fun to upscale it to HD. However, there are 3 different versions of it. There’s the original 1987 cut which ran almost 2 hours long, there’s the 1991 revision which is the one most people have seen, then there’s the 2005 revision which added several CG shots overtop the 1991 version. The 1991 and 2005 versions are both available on DVD, though the dvd of the 1991 version is rare. The original 1987 cut is only on VHS and is very rare. There’s rips of all three on youtube, and I have the 2005 version on DVD, but I specifically want to save the original 1987 cut. Unfortunately, the only copy on youtube is from a quite damaged tape with picture and sound cutting out often.

I managed to snag a VHS on ebay that may be the 1987 cut, which I only think because the tape is copyrighted before 1991. It also does not appear to be on the Polygram label which mass marketed the 1991 version, so it may have the original. I won’t know until it gets here, and if it isn’t the original, I may need someone who has or knows someone who has an original 1987 release to provide a rip for me to work with.

If and when I get a good quality source of the 1987 version, it’ll be a simple upscale with the usual Topaz Video Enhance AI.

Project DEVO (The Complete DEVO Videography) [WIP]

This project has proven to be a continuous struggle. Work has never stopped, but barely any progress has been made. Therefore, I’m trying to take my time with each individual aspect of it. I’ve also spent a lot of time experimenting with techniques to get to a point where I can truly say that I’ve got something that works. One thing I’ve noticed since day one is how absolutely horrible the color is on the home video releases of Devo’s work. From what I know, most of their stuff was shot on 16mm, then transferred to video for editing. Time has not been kind to the transfers, as the official HD restoration of Truth About De-Evolution has shown that the original film elements are of a much crisper, cooler color grading.

Each video for this project is now getting the full color correction treatment, and we’re not just talking about adjusting contrast and saturation. Using what few HQ clips and on set photos exist, I’m now attempting to get every video to look as close to the original 16mm film as possible, however without grain. Regraining is tricky, and it’s never worked in my favor, so that will not be utilized for this project.

I’d like to give a very sincere thanks to everyone who has supported this or any of my other projects. The feedback I get is what keeps me going. I’d like to give a extra shout out to RayAfraid. Without his enthusiasm, I would’ve abandoned this project long ago. BTW, I notice he hasn’t been online since August of last year. I certainly hope nothing bad has happened, so if anyone has any information on his whereabouts, please let me know.

Thank you all so much for sticking with me. This project means so much to me on a personal level, as my mom showing me Devo for the first time is one of my most cherished memories. I’ve been a fan for life ever since.

~ Mango

Herbie Hancock & The Rockit Band (1984 OOP Laserdisc HD Restoration) WIP

This is mostly for practice, but I thought it could be fun to do an HD remaster of an old Herbie Hancock laserdisc from 1984. It’s somehow never been re-released on DVD, so while I work on other things, it might be good practice for upscaling SD footage to HD. Most of the stuff on the disc was shot on video, so the content will be rendered at 30fps.

This project will probably not get any attention, but I need to practice more before I can tackle the long awaited Project DEVO.

I even remade the VHS cover as a bluray cover!

Beavis & Butthead (30th Anniversary Complete Series) HD Upscale [WIP]

Sorry for not replying to requests for links. This project is on hold while I wait for the Paramount+ versions to be released. Since some of them are still censored, it will then be a matter of restoring the missing scenes. There are several people working on projects like this at the moment, and I will attempt to collaborate with some other people.

Until then, the links are not available, as there will be far better versions soon.

Beavis & Butthead (30th Anniversary Complete Series) HD Upscale [WIP]

As you can probably guess, I’ve been waiting for the new remasters to show up on Paramount +before resuming the project. Though little has been released so far, I now plan on waiting until the entire series is released, then using it as a base for my upscale project. If theres anything missing from the Paramount + versions that I think should still be there, I will splice them in from other sources. I must say I’m genuinely surprised that they seem to be doing these restorations properly, and I’m very glad that they’re taking it seriously. Also, “Do The Universe” was hilarious.

~ memphiselle (AKA Mango)

Still Werking (Kraftwerk Videography 4K) [WIP]

This is a project that along with my Weird Al and Devo projects is something I’ve been planning for years. As I continue to experiment with the world of AV restoration, I learn new things everyday. One thing I’ve learned is that it mostly results in failure, and due to my admittedly unrealistic expectations, I often get frustrated and abandon my projects only to come back to them once I’ve gotten more practice. This is one of those projects.

I’ve learned that in reality, this, the Weird al and Devo projects may never be released at all, at least to my standards. perhaps I put too much trust in Topaz AI and expect it to do all the work for me. Either way, I’ve started and abandoned all of my projects more then I can count. But since people seem to appreciate my work, I fell that I have to at least try. I pray that maybe by the end of the year, all of my projects will have some form of release. Maybe they wont be as grand as originally envisioned, but something is better than nothing.

Either way, this project, if ever finished will include:

Musik Films:
Radio-Activitat (1975)
Antenna (1975)
Trans-Europa Express (1977)
The Robots (1978)
Taschenrechner (1981)
Showroom Dummies (1982)
Das Model (1982)
Tour De France (1983)
Musique Non Stop (1986)
Der Telefon Anruf (1986)
Expo 2000 (1999)
Tour De France Étape 2 (2003)

TV Apperances:
Ruckzuck (Organization) [German TV Appearance] {1970}
Rücktoss-Gondoliere (German TV Appearance) [1970]
Koln II (German TV Appearance) [1970]
Tanzmusik (German TV Appearance) [1973]
Autobahn (Roger Mainwood Film) [1975]
Autobahn (UK TV Appearance) [1975]
Autobahn (US TV Appearance) [1975]
The Robots (Italian TV Appearance) [1978]
The Robots + Radioactivity (French TV Appearance) [1978]
Pocket Calculator (Italian TV Appearance) [1981]
The Model (German TV Appearance) [1982]
The Robots (German TV Appearance) [1991]
Expo 2000 (UK TV Appearance) [1999]
Areo Dynamik (US TV Appearance) [2003]

Bonus Videos:
Autobahn (Roger Mainwood Film) [1975]
Trans-Europe Express (English Version) [1977]
Ohne Maulkorb (Austrian TV Special) [1981]
Pocket Calculator (English Version) [1981]
Dentaku (Japanese Version) [1981]
The Model (English Version) [1982]
Tour De France (German Alternate Version) [1983]
Tour De France (French Alternate Version) [1983]
The Robots (English Remix) [1991]
The Robots (German Remix) [1991]
Radioactivity (Remix) [1991]
Expo 2000 (Remix) [1999]

Project DEVO (The Complete DEVO Videography) [WIP]

WXM said:

A lot of it looks great, but the “chorus shots” of our boys, their faces, sometimes look over-processed…

But I don’t know the source so perhaps that’s to be expected with those shots? (Is this an artifact of de-noising…?)

Mango said:

I finally found a good blend of denoise that retains the detail.

Is noise really that much of a problem in the source?

I’m not out to poo poo on your results. They do look good! 😃 Just throwing out thoughts from looking closely at things as you seemed to say you wanted.

The noise in the source is absolutely atrocious. I’ve come to the conclusion that no amount of work will ever make these look “perfect”. I’m happy enough with the result, and I forgot to mention that these are being regrained to reduce banding. The version I posted had not been regrained yet.

Project DEVO (The Complete DEVO Videography) [WIP]

As my experiments with upscaling software continue, I realize more and more that denoising removes far too much detail. I am making a promise to release this project before spring, (along with my Weird Al project) and I hope you guys appreciate the results. No amount of work will ever make these look “brand new”, but all I want is something marginally better then the DVD’s that are available. New versions of the upscales are being done, and the minimalist approach is the way to go. Screenshots of the new versions coming soon. Thank you for your unbelievable patience with me.

~ Mango