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Star Wars - Ashes of the Empire (a WIP)

13las said:

I really love the look of this thing so far, man. Definitely shoot me a link to the work print when you get draft 2 done.

Thank you, and thank you for your ideas. They’re really nice but, as you say, possible better in another edit given the ending I’m aiming for. That said I might well keep the Death Star II wreckage/tease, that’s just a very cool idea AND it avoids seeing Star Killer Base in the background.

Full disclosure Han does get a longer scene later in the edit. When Kylo smashes his helmet before going to kill Leia the conversation before Han’s death will play out in part given weight to Kylo’s choice to stay his hand when firing on Leia.

If you need to B*tch about something... this is the place

Spuffure said:

I’m just sorry for my prejudice of Jews and Muslims and the fact you were offended made me feel like a bad person and made me hate myself and Christians.

Spuffure, I called out your problematic behaviour because you have the capacity to be better. The fact that you can so easily switch the focus of your ire again speaks to the fact that you yourself are inherently angry and you are looking for something, anything, to pin that anger on I don’t think you’re a bad person but you do need to find a way to healthily process what you’re going through. I’ve said all that I plan to say on the matter and I sincerely hope you’ll take my advice and look into getting some proper support for yourself.

If you need to B*tch about something... this is the place

Look Spuffure, I’m not here to be your moral compass. I am however concerned that you harbour such deep hatred for things you have little to no experience of and I think you’d be best served educating yourself rather than going off about things that you plainly don’t understand. Speaking from a place of ignorance is the fastest way to make yourself look like an asshole.

I’ve only been on this forum a few months but I’ve lost count of the times you’ve had outbursts. You have a tendency to be hyperbolic and extrapolate your outrage from hear-say and conjecture. You frequently reference your mental health but I don’t know what you’re doing about that. Your anger at everything signals to me that you are simply angry and, since don’t know how to direct that anger, you lash out at everything under the sun. Take it from someone who has a history of mental health; get some help. This isn’t healthy and life is far to short to be consumed by this stuff.

If you need to B*tch about something... this is the place

Spuffure I fully agree with you on the preconceived notions about sexualities and the lazy stereotypes that come with that. I also agree that the fetishizing of lesbians is gross and damaging.

I feel your use of the term “normal” is very problematic. I’m a teacher and work predominantly with women of colour many of whom are Muslims and I’m offended by your previous message. I’m also a staunch atheist which I’m stating merely for context.

Implying that any faith needs to change to fit your “normal” is really not ok. You are obviously not a Muslim or a Jewish person so what gives you the right to tell others how to worship? Saying “Islam can be more progressive” is tacitly saying “I personally want a faith I am not part of to change to make me feel better”. That’s no different than a religious extremist saying “death to the infidels”.

You make your opposition to Islam clear by not being a follower of the faith. And stop with the histrionics, you are absolutely welcome to condemn the actions of individuals and you can be critical of how faiths do things but the way you are phrasing things IS Islamaphobic. I wonder how many Muslims you’ve spoken to about their perception of their life within their religion?

You feel all Islam should change (because you, a non-Muslim, say so). They should change because they aren’t “normal”. How many of my students need to change? How many are not “normal”? How do you decide when something crosses the line? Is it “normal” to pretend you are eating the body of Christ or is it “normal” to choose to cover your head as a sign of respect? The moderate Muslims of the world far outweigh those who hold extremist views.

You’re not the global arbitrator of what is “normal”; no one is. Just live your life, you’re the master of your own destiny. Religious freedom is important and I’ll defend the rights of others to worship despite choosing not to worship personally.

EDIT: It’s frustrating you edited your post to say “equal” not “normal” but I appreciate you saw the problematic nature with that language and choose to change it.

If you need to B*tch about something... this is the place

You don’t need to apologise, just stop using it.

Sure. I agree, there is inherent sexualisation of women throughout society AND there are societal expectations that negatively impact the acceptance of platonic relationships between genders. Its not okay and as a father and a partner I do what I can to challenge them and raise my daughter in a positive way

If you need to B*tch about something... this is the place

Please don’t use that term. Use the term radfem to describe extreme feminists. They are toxic but the are in no way comparable to Nazis.

Using that term intentionally demonises the feminist movement while simultaneously undermining the plight of millions upon millions of people at the hands of genuine Nazis.

I don’t believe you intended to do so but you can actively choose to not use that term henceforth.

If you need to B*tch about something... this is the place

I hate all the bullshit surrounding so calling feminist agendas in media or gender politics in casting. The very fact that it’s 2021 and it is still unusual for women to be the focus of a movie and not be overtly sexualised is wild. I hate misogyny, I hate misogynistic behaviour and I’m sick of misogynistic fanboys gatekeeping and kicking off about female leads.

Honestly, I would far prefer that these toads would just own their misogyny and say " I hate Captain Marvel because I have a problem with a story about empowered women" than bitch and moan about how Disney’s “so called feminist agenda” is ruining all that is sacred blah blah blah.

They won’t, because they are cowards, and if they did I’d still fucking hate them but I’d at least be grateful they aren’t trying to use a smokescreen to mask their heartfelt prejudices.

There are plenty of reasons to dislike Captain Marvel (I personally really enjoy it but it definitely has flaws that irk me as do most MCU films) but if your anger is steming from a hatred of a woman get wrecked you big dumb baby.

Feel free to replace Captain Marvel with the Star Wars sequel trilogy, Ghostbusters, Charlie’s Angels, Thor: Love and Thunder or any other female led project that has angered the great unwashed man-childen of the world.

Star Wars - Ashes of the Empire (a WIP)

After receiving feedback on the initial draft I’ve come up with an action plan for draft #2: Each point is designed to flesh out character arcs or tighten up plot points.

#1 Kylo - Include flashbacks for Kylo - Revisit Han Solo’s death twice during the movie. Once near the start and an longer one later. The fist flashback will cut back to him removing his mask before cutting to Vader’s mask
#2 Rey - Repurpose her experience within the mirror using the flashes she sees in Ep7 (
#3 Rose - Reinstate aspects of her introduction talking about her sisters death and her admiration for Finn, THE Finn
#4 Poe/Holdo Dynamic - Reinstate some aspects of their conflict.
#5 Luke - Replace Milk montage with deleted scene of him having a moment
#6 First order - rework audio to say - The dreadnought not A dreadnought.

Known continuity issues:

Mention of the forest - This refers Tina scene from Episode 7 which doesn’t appear so I am hopefully going to redub this sequence. Over on the FE discord there’s an individual who sounds uncannily like Adam Driver.

With any luck I’ll have draft #2 finished next week.

Infinity <s>War</s> Thor (Released)

The aim of this edit is a simple one:

To combine Thor: Ragnarok with Infinity War while keeping the focus on Thor.

To achieve this I will be removing all the Thor centric scenes from Infinity War and using them to create an epilogue to Thor: Ragnarok. To keep the run time down the narrative of Thor: Ragnarok will be truncated by removing the bulk of the scenes involving Hela keeping only her introduction and the confrontation upon Thor’s return to Asgard.

Click the poster to watch the trailer

Infinity Thor

Star Wars - Ashes of the Empire (a WIP)

Based on Expanded Universes input I’ve written an alternative crawl



Ashes of the Empire

Han Solo is dead, murdered by his son the fallen Jedi Kylo Ren. Allied to the remnants of the Empire Ren now serves as inquisitor to the First Order. Led by Supreme Leader Snoke these fanatics have developed a new weapon, the Dreadnaught class star destroyer with which they wish to overthrow the New Republic.

Desperate to stop these growing threats, General Leia Organa has sent her pupil Rey along with Chewbacca to seek out her brother Luke Skywalker. Their mission; to convince the hero of legend to return to the fight. However, Rey is not the only one seeking Luke.

Snoke has sent his inquisitor to hunt down the last Jedi but Luke is not so easily found. His whereabouts are classified and known only to a handful of resistance leaders. In this age of turmoil, the shadow of the First Order is spreading and no one is safe…

Star Wars - Ashes of the Empire (a WIP)

Draft one is nearing completion

Aim: To produce a stand alone epilogue to the original Star Wars trilogy

Create a fanmixed narrative combining aspects of episode 7 and episode 8 (see sample below)
Remove Star Killer Base plotline
Remove TLJ Hux/Poe comedy (see sample below)
Remove Canto Bight plotline
Disclaimer: This is not an effort to “fix” episode 7 or episode 8, I enjoy both of those films in their own right. This is an attempt to craft a single enjoyable adventure that could serve as an alternative to the sequel trilogy.


I will write up a formal cutlist once I begin my second draft of this.

Current narrative structure:

Crawl -
The First Order capture Poe Dameron
Introduction to FN-2187
Rey and Chewbacca meet Luke
Kylo is conflicted -
Luke tells Rey she needs a teacher
Kylo Tortures Poe
Luke wrestles with his responsibility
Kylo and Rey connect for the first time
FN-2187 frees Poe and escapes the First Order
Luke gives Rey and Lesson
Kylo learns that FN-2187 has helped Poe evade capture
Poe and Finn arrive at the Resistance base
Snoke meets with General Hux and Kylo -
The Dreadnaught is unleashed
The Resistance flee
Rey continues to train with Luke
Snoke berates Kylo
Kylo attacks the fleet
Leia is injured Holdo assumes command
Rey has an experience with the dark side of the force
The fleet lose a vessel
Rey leaves to meet Kylo
Luke is visited by Yoda
Poe and Holdo clash
Rey meets Snoke
Poe attempts a mutiny
Kylo betrays Snoke
Leia incapacitates Poe
Kylo offers Rey a chance to rule together
Holdo makes a sacrifice
The battle of Crait

The end

Current status:

The edit’s first draft is proceeding well with only the battle of Crait left to edit as I need to reconcile the fact Poe and Rey have not met. A workprint is available and I would welcome input on this project.

Known continuity issues:

Kylo’s scar. I believe this could be explained away in the crawl. Snoke describes the effort to kill Han Solo as having ‘split’ Kylo’s spirit. What if the scar was an unhealing physical wound that represents how torn Kylo is. I think a line in the crawl saying something like ‘Left with an unhealing wound Kylo now seeks out Luke at the behest of his new master, supreme leader Snoke’

Key jobs to do:
Create an authentic custom crawl
Make trailer
Possible reinstate deleted scenes (Extra lesson and Luke has a moment)

Star Wars - Ashes of the Empire (a WIP)

Current crawl:



Ashes of the Empire

Han Solo is dead, killed by his son the
rogue Jedi Kylo Ren. To make matters
worse General Hux of the First Order is
nearing completion of a new weapon, a
Dreadnaught class star destroyer with
which they wish to eradicate any trace
of resistance.

With dark forces swirling General Leia
Organa has sent her pupil Rey along
with Chewbacca to seek out her brother
Luke Skywalker in the hope that he will
return to the fight and put an end to the
First Order but Rey is not the only one
who is seeking Luke.

By order of Supreme Leader Snoke, Kylo
Ren has set his sights on the legendary
Jedi Master. However, Luke is not found
so easily. His whereabouts is classified
known only to a handful of resistance
leaders. The First Order are searching
and no one is safe…

Star Wars - Ashes of the Empire (a WIP)

Yes, they know each other but the key difference is that Poe is not searching for Luke. The crawl establishes that the resistance leaders know Luke’s whereabouts but it’s classified information. Kylo is hunting down resistance leaders in an effort to find this information. Poe only has the map at the start as he’s trying to keep it out of Kylo’s hands.

The first draft of this edit is roughly 80% done. I just need to tidy up the Finn/Rose/Rey content in the battle of Crait.

There is one minor continuity frustration which is Kylo’s scar but I don’t believe it is a significant issue. Potentially I could attempt to deep fake the two scenes but I feel that’s over kill. I could explain it away in the crawl saying Kylo has been left with an ‘unhealing scar’ or some such. Perhaps the physical manifestation of his ‘split spirit’.

Star Wars - Ashes of the Empire (a WIP)

Okay so I think I’ve settled on my structure for this edit.

The plot in a nutshell:

• Start with TLJ to introduce Luke and Rey
• Cut to TFA First order destroying the Republic bases with Star Killer
• Return to TLJ Luke has a moment (as a reaction to the death of the Republic.)
• Rey and Luke up to the first Kylo/Rey moment
• Cut to TFA Kylo captures Poe searching for Luke. Introducing Finn
• Back to TLJ Rey and Luke
• Poe interrogated (TFA)
• Training Rey (TLJ)
• Poe escapes with Finn
• More Rey training
• First order destroy Rebel Base (TLJ Intro)
• Luke explains the past
• Leia injured in escape
• Rey leaves to confront Kylo
• Snoke showdown/Holdo Smash
• Battle of Crait


This allows me to alter the time flow of the movie and extend the time Rey spends with Luke. It avoids Canto Bight, simplifies the space chase and keeps a structure similar to TLJ. There are several aspects I enjoy from the sequel trilogy which I would lose in this edit specifically Han’s on screen death and the first Kylo/Rey fight but I believe this is acceptable since it’ll give edit a shorter less bloated narrative and a new crawl will be created explaining things. This is how I’d imagine that crawl starting…

Star Wars: Epilogue

Ashes of the Empire

Han Solo is dead, killed by his own son the rogue Jedi Kylo Ren. Now Leia Organa’s student Rey has set off to locate Kylo’s former master Luke Skywalker with the hope that he will be able to rein in his rabid pupil. Meanwhile the First Order…

The Knights of the Republic - A Mandalorian-esque TPM edit (WIP)

Update: It turns out that bryantmh had already upscaled the TPM deleted scenes and was kind enough to share them with me saving me a job. They used Topaz lab’s software to upscale them which was what I was planning to do and the results are pretty impressive. So now I can reinstate the Farewell to Jira scene and actually explain why Qui Gon and the boy are running to the ship.

Going away? Post so here!

Well, this thread was a rollercoaster.

I only started to read this thread because I saw Hal9000 had posted here yesterday and I was worried he was leaving. Once I started reading I couldn’t stop and I then started feeling really bad for everyone involved. This is meant to be a Star Wars forum and as we all know Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

DominicCobb said:

Surely there’s some way to check IP addresses and put this matter to bed once and for all?

That sounds not only logical but really simple too. I sincerely hope that the mods do do this and do it publicly. It would resolve this issue and people can move on. Obviously if the accounts all have the same IP address I feel it would be only fair to reinstate the members who were recently banned over this. I just checked and some of them have been posting for a really long time. Getting pushed out of a cool community like this at Christmas must really suck.

Anyway, really glad your not leaving Hal!

The Knights of the Republic - A Mandalorian-esque TPM edit (WIP)

Ice said:

Do you plan on doing similar fanedits for ep2 & ep3? If yes, consider naming them non-sequential episode numbers to further the idea that they are scattered episodes of a missing series; so this is ep4, the next ones could be ep9 & ep15 for example

I’m not sure, I feel the plot of Episode 1 is more conducive to this type edit than episodes 2 and 3. Potentially I could do one for episode 2 focused exclusively on Obi Wan but honestly the Anakin plotlines from 2 and 3 don’t really have much to offer this project.