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a Snoopy / Peanuts / Charlie Brown appreciation thread - especially the 2015 film

oojason said:

LuckyGungan2001 said:

… aside from the 2015 film which I thought was shit.

Mate, this is an appreciation thread (especially re the 2015 film - as per the thread title - yes?)

If you’re going to state you didn’t enjoy or rate it, then at lest say which aspects you found wanting etc, or parts you did enjoy / thought were ok. Just calling something ‘shit’ in a thread like this isn’t on, mate.

This isn’t The Cantina (where lighter moderation is in place). And you’re better than that.

Oh damn, sorry dude, I won’t do it again.

Lets try to predict your age thread?

Handman said:

LuckyGungan2001 said:

Anakin Starkiller said:

paja said:


If I have to suffer anymore, Mel Gibson’s gonna make a fuckin’ movie about me!

Close enough. Turning 19 in a few months.

Wait, so you are some immature teenager?

Aren’t you like 17?

Oh, I’m not denying that I’m most likely going to look back on myself as an immature teenager, but Anakin Starkiller did basically say a few pages back that he wasn’t one.

The Simpsons

I don’t agree with the “nothing good after the nineties” mentality that so many have about The Simpsons, although I definitely think there was something special about those earlier episodes, and there’s no denying that it’s run for far too long. But whenever I convince myself that I dislike new Simpsons I’ll see one of the more recent episodes on TV, and it’s rare that I don’t enjoy myself.

If you need to B*tch about something... this is the place

DuracellEnergizer said:

Even separating the artist from the art, I hate Singer’s superhero films. I’m sure the “superhero costumes r stoopid” mindset has always been around, but I don’t recall it infecting the movies, television, and even the comics to any great degree before Singer got his hands on the X-Men. Now superheroes gotta wear “realistic” costumes with extraneous textures & buckles & zippers & straps & plates 'cause so-called creators & so-called fans have disdain/embarrassment for the source material.

I’m not embarrassed by comics, but I do think the costumes worn by characters from those comics would look pretty stupid on the big screen. Maybe we didn’t need black leather outfits, but I’d prefer that to the yellow spandex from the old comics.

TV shows you have loved

Spuffure said:

I really liked The Big Bang Theory. It was VERY funny!

I LOVED LazyTown when I was a little kid, it was one of my favorite shows! I grew out of it though. When I was even younger, The Twisted Whiskers Show aired all the time! But not anymore 😦 Peppa Pig I watched…but didn’t really love. I’m not really into shows on Nickelodeon like Adventure Time, Gumball and The regular show or any of the live action ones like Kid Danger.

The Big Bang Theory I could never get into. I guess I just didn’t like the characters, or that overbearing endless laugh track.

LazyTown I watched as a small child, I never really liked that one either. Just weirded out by it I guess.

Peppa Pig was one I enjoyed as a kid, but looking back now it was really terrible.

Adventure Time and The Amazing World of Gumball are two that my brother really got into, but I never really loved them, or watched them that regularly.

Regular Show is another that my brother got into, and unlike the other two, I really love this show. Great characters and excellent humour, in my opinion.

TV shows you have loved

ChainsawAsh said:

TV’s Frink said:

NBC had a couple of great “Must See TV” Thursday lineups.

The Cosby Show / Family Ties / Cheers / Night Court
Mad About You / Wings / Seinfeld / Frasier

Friends / Seinfeld was hard to beat but there were never good shows in the other two slots.

You’re forgetting The Office / Parks and Recreation / 30 Rock / Community. Best comedy lineup of the last decade.

I’ve watched episodes of all those shows, I should really watched the whole series’.

Last movie seen

Collipso said:

The Da Vinci Code: wow i loved this. the story was really interesting, and the plot twists were all pretty effective to me. tom hanks, sir ian mckellen and paul bettany are great on this.

overall i tend to really enjoy mystery/suspense movies, and i also tend to really enjoy reading or watching stuff about conspiracy theories, so this was a piece of cake to me.

really really enjoyable experience, i should’ve watched this a long time ago.


I watched the third one when it came out. It was dismal. I never watched the others.