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Blu-Ray and other HD box size STAR WARS covers

oojason said:

A kind member on here has made a generous offer for those wishing to use his at-cost Disc Printing Service - especially useful for those without a printer with a ‘print-to-disc’ function - the details for which can be found here…

Captain Danielsan’s Blu Ray and DVD Disc Printing Service Thread - A project for all:-


The link is dead.

I might have a way to get the OUT released.

I might have the answer as to how to get Disney to listen to our pleas for the unaltered versions. A long time ago my sister created a non-profit called Randomkid, thing is I can use it to petition and get a word in with the Disney higher ups because this non-profit has friends in high places. If anyone would want to prepare a script or any other requests I should bring up please do tell me.

My ideal box set. Would this be possible?

My dream Star Wars Blu Ray set would be: one disc has the SSE versions of each film, disc two has the best quality version of the DEED, the third would have the 1997 LSD(lightly specialised edition) in 720p, the fourth-eighth discs would have endless hours of bonus content, the ninth-twelfth discs would have the 2004,2006, and 2011 versions of each film, with there being a thirteenth disc that would have an official 4K ultra HD restoration and the fourteenth and final disc having a recorded apology from George Lucas to the fans where he admits that trying to suppress the films was mean.