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Sergio Leone Preservations - Dollars Trilogy, Fistful of Dynamite, Once Upon a Time in the West **All Completed**

Theatrical cut of GBU coming to Blu-ray:

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1967) (50th Anniversary Edition)
Includes both Original U.S. Theatrical Cut, available for the first time in HD and the extended cut.
Disc 1:
• 4K transfer of the Original U.S. Theatrical Cut
• New Audio Commentary by Film Historian Tim Lucas
• “Trailers From Hell” with Ernest Dickerson
• Newly Restored 2.0 Mono Audio
• M.O.S. Deleted Scene of Blondie in the desert finding skeletons
• Trailers for Sergio Leone Westerns
• Italian Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono
• English DTS-HD MA 5.1 Audio
• AND MORE – to be announced
Disc 2:
• 4K transfer of the Extended Cut
• Newly Restored 2.0 Mono Audio
• Audio Commentary By Acclaimed Film Historian Richard Schickel
• Audio Commentary By Noted Cultural Historian Christopher Frayling
• Leone’s West: Making Of Documentary
• The Leone Style: On Sergio Leone Featurette
• The Man Who Lost The Civil War: Civil War Documentary
• Reconstruction The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
• II Maestro: Ennio Morricone and The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Featurette
• Deleted Scenes
• Original U.S. Theatrical Trailer
• Original French Theatrical Trailer
• English DTS-HD MA 5.1 Audio
• Italian Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono

Now do the happy dance !!

Sergio Leone Preservations - Dollars Trilogy, Fistful of Dynamite, Once Upon a Time in the West **All Completed**

The stand-alone remastered Blu-ray of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly from 2014, has the original English Mono.
The gun sounds are all original etc. It obviously downmixes for the extra scenes, but it’s original everywhere else.
Surprised not a lot of people realise.

Also the Italian Blu-ray of Giu La Testa (Duck You Sucker) has the original English Mono track as well, with the correct music in the final flashback, but has Italian Audio for the final line “What About Me?”. But is infinitely better than the censored audio on the MGM discs.

Sergio Leone Preservations - Dollars Trilogy, Fistful of Dynamite, Once Upon a Time in the West **All Completed**


I wrote to a DVD magazine in 1999 complaining about incomplete DVDs of For a Few Dollars More. Gave up and created my own DVD in 2006. 

Now after 14 frustrating years, there is an uncut Blu-ray of For a Few Dollars More released in Germany with the original English mono track.

It has the complete beating scene including a missing shot from the Italian Blu-Ray, Indio's extended laugh and Clint's awesome longer entrance.

I'm having a drink.

Now for a decent version of The Good, The Bad and the Ugly on Blu-ray


TV Shows on DVD ruined by music replacement or cuts/edits: Restoring them back to original state (a project) (Update: The Andy Griffith Show: Season 3 DONE)

Only Fool and Horses has loads of music replacements, most of the time trimming the scene altogether, including one of the best scenes in the series.

There is hope though as UK music licencing laws are slightly different, and was the reason The Young Ones got out completely unscathed on the more recent DVD release.


My Top 10 Reasons ROTJ sucks

I think Return of the Jedi is almost a good enough movie to conclude the original trilogy. I watch less and less these days, but still get a kick out of the Luke/Vader confrontation and the major space battle going on.


1) Han Solo - is way outta character, and has been said he phoned it in because he didn't want to do more Star Wars

2) Leia - has been turned from a feisty princess into some wussy chamber maid and the whole sister thing is pointless

3) Too many jokes, burping frogs, burping slugs, I could go on

4) Jabba's Palace goes on way too long, I literally skip past these scenes until the Sail Barge action

5) Ewoks - Too many cutesy scenes, baby ewoks, ewoks dying, the stupid scene where Threepio tells them the Star Wars story with sound effects



1) Luke/Vader/Emperor confrontation

2) The space battle is awesome imo

3) Speeder chase

4) Ewoks dying

5) Leia in metal bikini

6) Admiral Ackbar and Nein Numb


Are The Star Wars Movies Your Favourite Movies?

These are the movies I can put on any time and enjoy in no order of preference:


Alien / Aliens

Back to the Future I & II

Big Trouble in Little China

Blade Runner

The Blues Brothers

The Cannonball Run


Conan the Barbarian (1982)

Die Hard 1,2 & 3

Dirty Harry

Enter the Dragon

Evil Dead I & II / Army of Darkness

For a Few Dollars More / The Good, The Bad and The Ugly




Lethal Weapon 1 & 2


Monty Python and the Holy Grail / Life of Brian


Raider of the Lost Ark / Temple of Doom

Reservoir Dogs / Pulp Fiction / Jackie Brown / Kill Bill


The Shining / Full Metal Jacket

Sin City

Spinal Tap

Star Wars / The Empire Strikes Back

The Terminator / T2: Judgment Day

The Thing (1982)

Time Bandits / Brazil

Total Recall


The Usual Suspects

Where Eagles Dare


There's no way I can get it any shorter than that, as I don't have a hardcore few favourites.


What's your Personal Canon?

I pretty much gave up on the EU after Bantam lost the licence to Del Rey and the prequel stuff came along.

Most of the Bantam stuff ranged from ok to awful and no longer care for it and don't like most of the Dark Horse comics either.


I like most things pre-90s that aren't Ewok related:

* Original theatrical cuts of Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back & Return of the Jedi --> with some audio fixes of my own

* Novelisations of Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back & Return of the Jedi

* Radio Dramas of Star Wars & The Empire Strikes Back (Excluding Return of the Jedi)

* Star Wars Newspaper Strips (Goodwin/Williamson run especially)

* The Han Solo Adventures - Brian Daley

* Splinter of the Mind's Eye - Alan Dean Foster

* The Lando Calrissian Adventures - L. Neil Smith

* Marvel: Star Wars #1-107, Annual #1-3, Return of the Jedi #1-4, Droids #1-8, Pizzazz strip & extra stories printed in Marvel UK titles

* Blackthorne Star Wars 3-D #1-3

* Droids Cartoon Episodes 1-13, The Great Heep Special & Segment from the Holiday Special

* Rebel Mission to Ord Mantell Audio Drama

Of the EU stuff from the 90s, I enjoyed the following:

* Thrawn Trilogy - Timothy Zahn

* X-Wing Books - Stackpole/Allston

* The Han Solo Trilogy - Crispin

* Tales of the Jedi comics, Freedon Nadd Uprising, Dark Lords of the Sith, The Sith War, Redemption (This is all good stuff, but I don't think of it as proper Star Wars)

* X-Wing comics


I could give or take any of the above in my personal canon, don't really care too much about continuity, Lucasfilm never did...


Star Wars OT & 1997 Special Edition Info.

Downloaded the V3 DVDs last night, and had a quick glance at different points in the movies. Very good for the most part, better than the personal upscale I did four years ago. Still some jaggies in places, but that's down to the source. Overall an excellent release, and the only Star Wars that will get played in my house. Will be watching them tonight on a 50" screen :)



Duck You Sucker preservation

Hi six months late.... the soundtrack on my Duck You Sucker is 99% the mono track from the non-SE R2 DVD (forget the year). I included some extra dialogue from the 5.1 track as well at the end as it syncs with the Duck You Sucker title appearing and was Leone's intention. There is also an Italian Stereo track taken from the Italian CVC DVD included as well. The cue for the final flashback is the Italian version not the English 5.1 version I believe as well.


Marvel StarWars Digital ComicBook DVD

Mine collection has 107 regular issues and:

- The 3 annuals, the 4 issue ROTJ mini-series, 14 Ewoks and 8 Droids, 2 Marvel Paperbacks (with unique stories)

- 300+ issues of the Marvel UK series, which had a few extra stories not printed in the US (including Specials and Annuals)


Let alone all the Blackthorne and Dark Horse series...

I stop getting them around 2003, so I've got almost every US comic from 1977 to 2003 :)





***LeoneNut Edits***
Originally posted by: Lacerated
The Conan the Destroyer Serious Edition came out pretty well for such a bubblegum film. Now the film is at least watchable.

Glad you liked it

I have plans to turn Red Sonja into a third Conan flick, by removing all mention of the name Kalidor and using audio of the name "Conan" from the other two movies. Shame he doesn't use the same Atlantean sword in this too though.
Blade Runner: The Version You've Never Seen Before (Update: Beta available)
Originally posted by: zombie84

I hadn't thought of the whole Zhora/Leon thing, but that sounds like a good idea. One problem might be that the alternate edit of the sequence is not cut that way and might be tricky to lift the V.O--but I'll see how it goes.
One thing that this will do is make a very major and obvious continuity error--the number of replicants. Bryant says that including Rachel there is four--but theres only Pris and Batty left. I know some people might say "Deckards the fourth replicant!" but that makes no sense considering the context of that dialog (ie Deckard should be aware of the discrepancy). Did they accidentally film such a giantly obvious mistake like that and then the re-edit of the sequence order ended up correcting everything by accident? This whole thing is hard to make sense of.

Yeah they fixed the continuity error in the editing originally, but causes Deckard to have cuts on his face from the Leon encounter during the scene with Bryant. These have been removed digitally for the Final Cut though. It's talked about in the book Future Noir (see below):

Just before he's attacked by Leon, Deckard buys a bottle of Tsing-Tao (a Chinese alcoholic beverage) from a sidewalk bar. For some time, a cut on Ford's right cheekbone is clearly visible. Yet during Deckard's fight with Leon in the alley, this cut disappears (so does the bottle of Tsing-Tao). Moments later, however, both items are visible again!
What's the story behind Deckard's on-again, off-again wound? According to BR editor Terry Rawlings, this disappearing cut was a result of a post-production editorial decision. "The way that sequence was originally edited," Rawlings explains "it ran like this:
Deckard kills Zhora. He spots Rachael in the crowd and follows her. Leon pulls him into the alley, where Deckard receives his cut. Then Rachael kills Leon, and Deckard and Rachael walk back to the bar. Deckard buys his bottle of liquor. Gaff and Bryant appear, and they talk while Rachael waits on the other side of the street. Then they leave and Rachael starts walking away. Deckard follows her on the other side of the street.
"Now we decided part of that didn't make sense. Because after Deckard gets his drink and after the other two policemen leave, here he is walking down one side of the street while she's walking down the opposite one. Why wasn't she with him? Gaff and Bryant had left, so she should have come over. After all, she'd just saved Deckard's life.
"So all the reshuffling was done because it seemed more logical for Rachael to save Deckard's life and for Deckard to take her home with him. Ridley and I also felt for Deckard to go back and buy that bottle after Leon's death and to talk to the two policemen and chase after Rachael again really stopped the story. It played a little dull in the original cut, frankly"
"Re-editing this scene also saved us an embarrasing continuity error," Rawlings adds. "Because if we'd left Bryant saying there were four more replicants for Deckard to get, after he'd killed Leon, that wouldn't have made sense. Because there would have been only three to go--Batty, Pris and Rachael. I think that 'four to go' line was a hold-over referring to Mary, whose part had already been written out by the time we shot the alley fight. But by having Bryant say 'four to go' before he killed Leon, things made sense again. But none of us caught this error at the time--we were just lucky that we re-edited this scene for the reasons I've already stated."