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Avatar passes Star Wars at the box office

It really irks me whenever I hear Avatar called (by critics and others) "the greatest sci-fi epic since Star Wars." It is not! They are nothing alike at all in my view. To me Avatar is not even in the same league (or close to it even). Not that I thought Avatar was bad, just not great by any means and just an ok film (Cameron's previous six films were way way better IMO). Now I totally respect other people's opinions and all but the aforementioned idea is just plain absurd to me.


My two cents.

Your first reaction to Hayden is ROTJ

No words can describe how much I despise this change. To me, the hayden insertion at the end of ROTJ is the worst, the crappiest, and the stupidest movie change/edit in the history of cinema. An abomination is an undertatement. To this day, just thinking about it gets me miffed! It, along with the treatment of the OOT is the height of Lucas's inexcusable actions to the fans. It's absolutely contemptible. Sebastian Shaw as Anakin's spirit all the way, forever.


Sorry about the small rant.

What can Be done to save the real original star wars trilogy from 1977-1983?

Yeah, I won't be doing that either Mielr. I second the idea of avoiding all future Star Wars trilogy releases unless it is the OOT done justice. I'm one of the ones who did not buy that outrageously insulting slap in the face called the GOUT. It's a sad sad affair really this shafting of the fans buisness, a shame too, that Lucas can be so disrespectful to his best films and their fans.


P.S. A good thread Sky.

If Lucas did a proper oot restoration for blu ray and dvd would he be forgiven for the special editions and the prequels?

I sure would forgive him for his treatment of the legendary originals. As I have said in the past I have never had a real problem with the PT, but the SE crap (esp. ROTJ) and the OOT's treatment by Lucas I see as an absolutean abomination. If he released the oot in great quality I would buy them without a second thought and I would probably never look at the SEs again and all would be well. My two cents.

Original Intent

Not one bit. I like others perfered the OT exactly the way it was, with no pointless tinkering whatsoever. I am one who is not bothered by the PT as I have said in the past. But the SE crap is what miffs me off royally to to a major degree, and I can't stand the garbage put in it (especially Hayden in ROTJ, absolutely outrageous! aaaarrrrrrgggghhh). I could not care less if he said that the stinkin SE changes were what he envisioned in 77-83. They suck to me either way (like with others), end of story. I agree wholeheartedly with Mielr: A proper OOT release would aid this situation over the SE, definately.

If Lucas Made an Indiana Jones V or VI would anyone here see them ?

Anchorhead pretty much has it for me. I enjoyed Indy 4 (not as much as the first three mind you) and probably would see it if Harrison ford is still the star. I was thankful when I heard that Mutt won't take over the franchise, I would not see a film like that. Now I might possibly see V (assuming that it does happen of course, maybe or maybe not), but that would be as far as I'd be willing to go, and I completely doubt there would be a sixth one. A 3D animated Indy? Forget it.

Return of the Jedi: the worst OT film?

I would not use the word worst for any of the OT films. To me they are all great and enjoyable. ROTJ was classic entertainment, just like ANH and ESB, and it had some memeroable scenes I love too. I do agree with CO in how Lucas wrecked the film with his crap tinkering: That end Anakin spirit change makes me hot under the collar just thinking about it and like him I refuse to watch the 2004 version of ROTJ at all because of it.


Well, this is how I see it at least. Agree or disagree with me, its alright.

Top ten films of the '80s.

Here's my list of ones I know:


1.Empire Strikes Back

2.Return of the Jedi

3.Raiders of the Lost Ark

4.The Temple of Doom

5.The Last Crusade

6.Back To The Future Part 1


8.The Secret Of NIMH

9.Stand By Me

10.Tim Burton's Batman


To be honest I have a number of 80s films that I fav. But I decided I'd just name ten, due to the OP question.

The most godawful sequel?

Crap sequels and the like I can think of include:


Poltergeist II and III-unnecessary stupid rubbish

Jaws III and IV-same as above

Batman Forever + Batman and Robin-cartoony garbage

Every Harry Potter film after #2-they butchered their books unlike the first two

Halloween 3-6 & 8-just did not work for the series to me, especially #8 ugh! I forgot to mention the remake sucked too

Pirates of the Carribean 2 and 3-just were not entertaining like the first, which rocked

The Lion King 1/2-tried to reduce the original to comedy crap

Balto 2 & 3-just bad disney ripoffs

The Rage: Carrie 2-utterly stupid

All Planet of the Apes sequels and remake-they all were a slap in the face of the original to me

The Secret of NIMH 2-no need to elaborate, bottom of the barrel schlock

Dragonheart 2-what the above said

The Hitcher sequel and remake-uneeded trash

Salem's Lot 2004 remake-disgrace to the book and the Tobe Hooper 1979 original

X Men 3-very very very pathetic, compared to the first two

Firestarter 2-no words here

T3 and beyond-another unnecessary crappy cash-in

Tremors 3-the worst film I have ever seen


And these are only a few I know...

This is just my opinionated list and you do not have to agree with it.