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Good morning, everyone,

I’ve been a fan of the film Stargate since I was 6/7 years old, now I’m 19 and being passionate about editing, I had the idea to restructure this film so that it would adapt properly to the atmosphere of the SG1 TV series, for which I’m also a fan.

My project is not to make an extra extended cut but a partially revisited film.

Here is my list of important changes to my edit:

⁃ The edit will be in French version 

⁃ Sound effects from the SG1 series (death glider, stargate sounds, jaffa weapon) have been added to better match the atmosphere of the series. 

⁃ Promotional material plans and cut scenes have been added to the montage 

⁃ A new colorization of the film has been made 

⁃ Several scenes and dialogues have been cut off for a better narration and a good rhythm sequence 

⁃ Pieces of scenes from the web series ORIGINS have been added to the editing 

⁃ The Introduction  is more faster with some shots of the Stargate from promotional material and new soundtrack 

⁃ The Giza scenes were moved further in the film to create the mystery around the stargate 

⁃ After the introduction, follow up with the scene where O'Neil is reassigned to active duty.

⁃ Transition / Scene where Jackson is in conference on the mystery of the Great Pyramids.

⁃ Insertion of a plan of the Cheyenne Mountain base (SG1 series)

⁃ Addition of the scene where O'Neil observes the fossilized bodies of the Horus guards.

⁃ For me in the story, Catherine knows O'Neil and their discussions in the base corridor seem more authentic.

⁃ A flashback of the discovery of the stargate is introduced just before the opening.

⁃ The departure of the exploration team has been modified from the original version, in my assembly, the technicians and the general leave from the base just before the crossing of the stargate.

⁃ There is less tension with Daniel when he announces that he needs more time for the exploration team 

⁃ Daniel's narrative on Ra's story has been modified to match with the Goa'uld symbiotes, some shots of the cut scene where the host is being removed have been added.

⁃ The scene where Jack is thrown in a well with the other team members was cut off 

⁃ The death glider attack on Nagada has been severely wounded to punctuate the scene and illustrate Ra's wrath

⁃ The rhythm of the scene where Daniel must perform his team in public in front of the temple of Ra, has been slightly modified.

⁃ The scene of the leak to the cavern has been added and slightly cut to the right and left so as not to show Jackson fainting. 

⁃ The scenes where Ra blames his men have been grouped into a single scene 

⁃ The rhythm of the final battle is more refined and in line with the course of the battle. 

⁃ Ra receives the bomb that explodes directly into his ship, leaving him no time to do anything. 

⁃ The plans where Ra turns into Alien have been removed.

⁃ Several cuts or modifications have been made without me specifying them all in this list, hoping that you will like some surprises. 

Ask me in a private message if you’re interested.


Here is my list of changes (for the moment)

  • the introductory scene of the host of Ra being mysteriously kidnapped

  • The credits with alternative music composed by David Arnold for the film

  • The scene where researchers discover the fossilized remains of Goa’uld soldiers in 1928 when the Stargate was discovered

  • Catherine ORIGINS plot, I want to make her character mysterious and leave her for β€œdead” without giving an answer before she recruits Dr Jackson, after the scene where Oneil is reassigned to active duty

  • Replacement of the military base view plan by the Cheyenne Mountain view plan visible later in the SG-1 series

    • Colonel Jack Oneil observing the remains of soldiers discovered in 1928
  • A lot of sound effects will be changed to match those of the series (death glider, jaffa weapon staff, opening of the helmets of Ra soldiers, etc…)

(Sorry for my bad english, i’m french πŸ˜…)



Greetings to all of you,

I am a French Star Wars fan and recently started editing the film so hated by many I named it β€œSolo: a Star Wars Story”.

Unfortunately my editing will be in French (Quebec dubbing) it can only serve as a basis for those who would like to be inspired to create their own version. This project will be my very first FanEdit, I was inspired by several editors among you.

The following is a list of the changes made:

⁃ Colouring and increasing exposure to better match other Star Wars movies (especially to better see the scenes in the movie)

	⁃ Addition of soundtracks composed by John Williams, from the original trilogy (especially the song Lapti Nek in Dryden's ship)

	⁃ Many slight cuts of shots to improve the rhythm of the film.

	⁃ Section of the text at the beginning that introduces the character of Han Solo dreaming of "travelling to the stars", we all know his true story no need to leave him.

	⁃ Addition of a spatial shot at the beginning of Corellia's film with several Imperial Star Destroyers in orbit (Multimedios 3D VFX)

	⁃ Purification of the introduction scene with the speeder, Han has some problems to start his speeder (stolen longer before the movie) 

	⁃ The "Solo" logo is cut off from the introduction 

	⁃ Cutting off some dialogues that are really useless to the narrative to give more clarity for the future of the characters in the film.

	⁃ Some "humorous" moments have been removed to dramatize the characters' situation a little more. 

	⁃ Han Solo's character is more similar to that of the original trilogy. 

	⁃ Cut at the time the imperial officer chose Han's last name 

	⁃ Addition of the "Solo" logo from the teaser 

	⁃ Adding a deleted scene (Han ImpΓ©rial Cadet) (cut dialog, sound effects and music only)

	⁃ The smuggler gang infiltrates more discreetly during the Battle of Mimban 

	⁃ The passage where Han asks for Chewbacca's name on the shuttle platform has been cut off 

	⁃ The campfire scene was also ruled out for the simple reason that I prefer Han to get his blaster thanks to Lando during Kessel's escape

	⁃ The humour in the film has been severely cut to avoid looking like a superhero movie 

	⁃ The passages of L3 have been largely excluded from the film, she is only present as the Falcon's co-pilot protocol droid and not Lando's "girlfriend". 

	⁃ The passage where Darth Maul activates his lightsaber has been cut off 

	⁃ Several transitions have been added 

In short, a lot of change in perspective, I let you discover all the changes in the hope that you like them and surprise you pleasantly.

Be lenient for the quality of the film, I used a DVDRIP because the Blu Ray format was not supported by my editing software, as far as the lighting of the shots is concerned, I am not a professional calibrator.