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Info Wanted: Good Hi-Fi VHS vs. 192kbps AC3? Which is better?

Hey guys,

The copy of the VHS I found was brand new and it seems like the hi-fi track is in good condition. I made a capture of it using my time base correcting VCR/Blackmagic. I could technically post the audio if someone wants to review it?

The movie in question is Fatal Fury the Motion Picture.

Just FYI, there is a mastering issue where in the left channel there’s a pulse in the left channel for some reason, but otherwise the stereo mix seems to have some really nice directionality. The mastering issue is in both the VHS and DVD, so it had to happen at the mixing stage.

Info Wanted: Good Hi-Fi VHS vs. 192kbps AC3? Which is better?

Hey there guys,

I’m working on a restoration where the original master tape is unavailable.

What exists for the audio of this movie are two things: A VHS release from 1999, and a similar DVD release a few years later that has the audio encoded at 192kbps. (Sadly for me, no Laserdisc exists.) Either can be easily synced to the new video source (which is pristine) and be presented uncompressed.

Both VHS and DVD were mastered from the exact same source, and honestly, sound really good. Since I’m more of a videophile than an audiophile, my question is this; which is technically better? 192 is average but lowish in bitrate in my opinion, but in theory does that still trump an uncompressed analogue VHS recording of the movie?

Info Wanted: Sherlock Hound - original dub/HBO 1983 Version

Hi there,

I’ve been trying to figure out where to ask about this, since finding information about this dub has been a needle in a haystack. I figured this forum might know or might know where to send me to ask!

A long time ago, on DIVX’s level 5 website – if people remember that – an alternate dub of Sherlock Hound appeared which had completely different voices from the rest of the series. The episode that leaked on there was the production order episode #1: A Small Client. I have this. It unfortunately has no opening or closing credits whatsoever.

What I do know is that the version of the episode that showed up on Level5 had a 1982 copyright. Here’s the title screen:


I’ve been trying to figure out where this episode came from, and my best guess is this:

In 1983 Sherlock Hound aired on HBO very briefly: http://www.theguidearchive.com/info.php?ID=1240

At the time, as far as I know, only about 6 episodes had been completed. Production on the show had been halted in 1981 when there were issues with the Conan Doyle estate. It was around 1984 or 1985 when the show came back.

What I’m trying to figure out is if anyone happens to have old VHS recordings of Sherlock Hound from HBO anywhere, and if they do, if we could see if the dub matches this older-sounding dub OR the more popular one that appears everywhere else. Further, figuring out just how many eps appeared on HBO would be great as well.

If I’m on the wrong track and people have any kind of actual information on the earlier dub IN GENERAL that would be amazing too.

What’s interesting about this dub is that it sounds more authentically British than the one which ultimately came out. I’m keen to hear more of it, if it exists!

Idea: Darkly Dawns the Duck - Original Broadcast Version - a preservation?

I've been intending to do this preservation for a while; I found this on laserdisk on Ebay Australia, and I had trouble getting it sent here. It was, unfortunately, lost in transit. :( I've been searching for someone else with this laserdisk. I have the other laserdisk that exists (The Justice Ducks one), but unfortunately this one never happened.

I have the VHS, though, and can do a capture of it still. I've almost given up hope finding the Laserdisk again.

Army Of Darkness Trailer and TV spot HD remasters

Does someone around here happen to have a good capture of the SciFi version? I've been waiting for it to re-air, but I don't think they show it anymore? I purchased the German Ultimated Edition, but obviously it's sped up to 25fps and is a bit blurry.

On some VHS tape around here I have a sci-fi exclusive commercial which dealt with the Sci Fi Fan Club or something. It was around the time the movie was coming out, and they were actually pushing it hard... during the 1980s Transformers. I'll try to dig it up, though if it happens to be on the current release somewhere already, let me know. I haven't gone through this whole thing yet obviously.


Help: looking for... 1980s Dragon Ball 'Harmony Gold' dub.

Yes... the 2 files are from a single airing. And that single airing was edited into one complete movie. The guy who recorded it just missed the middle part and started to record the second movie late.

There's further reason to believe the scene where Tsurusennin manacing Pilaf was dubbed as linking footage between Legend of Shenlong/Curse of the Blood Rubies and Mystical Adventure.

There's a Latin American (I think) dub based upon Harmony Gold's dub (including leftover Harmony Gold foley and everything) that is almost identical to what exists of the Harmony Gold stuff. The scene with Pilaf and gang is in there, and the LA dub talks about Gurumes' defeat... something which isn't in the original (obviously). There is a complete copy of this LA dub that exists, along with the two above files. 

From that, we know which scenes were cut completely and which are missing from the TV broadcast. The scene with Pilaf is one of those, along with a short scene of Bulma as well as the very very beginning of Legend of Shenlong.

I have the two files that exist. Hopefully what I'm trying to find is someone who lived around Philadelphia who may have recorded this and still has it or the other episodes. :)

Help: looking for... 1980s Dragon Ball 'Harmony Gold' dub.

The rip that's floating around, which is Movie 1 + 3, comes from I think a Betamax. It's actually all one movie... The middle part of the movie is missing (the introduction with Pilaf and Crane Master from Movie 3). That is the biggest missing part, though there's more missing to it later on.

bkev; Yeah, that version is apparently good, but they've been posting in that thread too. They're missing the very beginning and the very first part of the 3rd movie as mentioned...

Molly: ARM?

I'm assuming the rip you guys have is similar to the above one? This is the one I have, and I think the only one floating around.

Help: looking for... 1980s Dragon Ball 'Harmony Gold' dub.

Hi there,

So a bunch of people over at Daizenshuu EX are trying to find materials for this dub to send back to Harmony Gold. For those not in the know, before Funimation dubbed the original Dragonball in 1996 Harmony Gold attempted to do a dub in 1989 or 90.

All the names were changed to things like Zero and Leena instead of Goku and Bulma. It aired maybe once or twice on a couple stations in the US. Philly 57 is the only confirmed airing: http://twistygadget.com/stuff/db/feature.png

One incomplete tape of this dub has surfaced. It is a compilation movie, and it is missing a bunch of audio. There are also around 5 TV episodes that aired which have never surfaced anywhere.

A big problem with the Daizenshuu EX people is they aren’t branching out elsewhere looking for materials. I’ve researched this dub extensively in my spare time, and right now I’m looking for anything new that I can find.

I know this place is a big nexus of awesome and people here collect old VHS tapes and other things. I’m hoping someone here might have recordings of this, or may know someone to ask about it in general. Even names of old cartoon collectors to inquire with would be extremely helpful… or a point in the right direction. 😃

Thanks for your time! Here are a couple clips of what has surfaced… someone posted them over there:




CardCaptors Sakura: Restored Australian Cut? (* unfinished project *)

There's actually an unedited dub of this which airs on Animax in english speaking countries with a completely different voice cast.

I believe at least 5 volumes of this were released on DVD as 'Cardcaptors' in Austrailia.  I have the first DVD with the real first episode in English (instead of episode 9 (?) or the "flashback" version they aired in the US.) somewhere.



Transformers the Movie (1986) - Supplemental Disk (* unfinished project *)

Hey gang. I’ve been wanting to work on a Transformers the Movie supplemental disk for quite a while. While the Sony disk they just put out was pretty damn awesome, it was lacking a couple things due to rights or other issues.

Things I would like to include:

-Transformers the Movie promotional trailer restored with the actual audio. This trailer is about 4 minutes long and was used to sell the movie to outside investors. It initially floated around on the internet in a really crappy (160xsomething?) size back in the mid '90s. A big chunk of it is video which did not appear in the actual movie, including old colors for Ultra Magnus and other stuff. The video for this appeared on the recent DVD, but the audio was not present for some reason. It was originally narrated by Vince Dicola with a bunch of music and stuff. Instead there was just a bunch of commentary over it. More on this later.
-Scramble City OAV with Japanese Audio + Subtitles. Maybe even mux the fandub in. The official US DVD has probably the best quality version of the video for this, but it has absolutely no audio. All of the audio is replaced with commentary, and there are no subtitles. I have sourced another version of this with decent subtitles and audio.
-Transformers the Movie Theatrical Trailer, encoded as anamorphic instead of with black bars. This is on the official release, though it’s not anamorphic. Oddly enough most of the audio for this was also used on the promotional trailer, and the audio is actually on this one. This should be cake to do.
-The UK scrolling credits opening to the movie, as well as the ending Vince Dicola narration. Currently have no source for this.
-The Touch Music Video by Stan Bush. Currently have no source for this.
-The Japanese Transformers 2010 Intro, which includes movie footage and other original stuff. I have a good copy of this somewhere, but I don’t know where.
-The 5 Part TV version bumpers with the stop motion Powermaster Optimus Prime and Peter Cullen voiceover. No source currently.
-The interview clips on the DVD website which aren’t on the DVD itself.
-Any trailers that are floating around missing from the DVD set. I’ve also toyed with the idea of recreating the longest ones with the DVD footage.
-The really cool intro to the really bad Japanese PS2 game which has the TFTM prime fight recreated in CG.

So far, I’ve done the most work on the promotional trailer:


This is my currently unfinished work in restoring it. I’ve had to go in and edit some of the footage at the very end, looping some of it, since the audio was longer than the actual video. The audio is sourced from the best copy of this video I could find; I believe it’s from a Japanese Laserdisk. Pretty much every other copy of this video I’ve seen has Japanese titles added to it. In addition, there is some missing audio at the beginning with the scrolling grey text. Every other copy I’ve found starts at the ‘TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE’ part. The missing narration exists on the front of the ‘Theatrical Trailer’ I mention above, however it is backed by some really booming music which doesn’t fit the tone of the trailer. I do not have the technical skill as an audio editor to remove this music, so it is one of the areas where I really need help. In addition, I would like to have someone fluent in Japanese to read over the Japanese titling on the old version of this. If it’s unique, we could add it back in in English via a subtitle track.

The above clip requires the avc/x264 codec, or VLC should chomp right through no matter what…

This is my first ‘project thread’, and I’ve read through the rules and I believe I’m on the right side of everything. I initially wanted to see about fixing the color issues (like Pink Hot Rod) in the 16x9 version of the Sony disk, but I feel that wouldn’t be that different from the released disk. My other thought was to try to do a multilingual disk. Currently I have the movie in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. I’ve been looking for it in Japanese, but I believe the DVD is out of print. A friend of mine did a complete translation of the Japanese movie though, with the dialogue differences, but, again, this is a little too much like a custom disk.

Idea & Info: for a Spider-Man 3 edit...
Originally posted by: maurice2029
^^ Most of the scenes you describe are in the novel, but this doesn't mean they are actually filmed.

Yes, I mentioned that here:

Here's a list compiled from that thread. Some stuff may or may not be accurate. Again, I don't know how much of this stuff is real or was shot:

Though it does look like all the Sandman stuff, and Venom approaching Sandman did get shot according to photos. It's easy to imagine they could've shot the stuff which was just extentions of scenes, too.
Idea & Info: for a Spider-Man 3 edit...
Tons of stuff compiled here: http://www.superherohype.com/forums/showthread.php?t=271711

Here's something to substantiate how Sandman and Venom teaming up would've went: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-f-MiF3_dM From the video game.

I've read that they shot so much they almost made 2 movies out of it, but they couldn't figure out what to use to make a bridging climax.

Here's a list compiled from that thread. Some stuff may or may not be accurate. Again, I don't know how much of this stuff is real or was shot:

- At the play, Peter tries to catch up to Harry, but there are people in his way. Since nobody’s looking, he hops up, bounces off the wall and continues. Nobody notices. Then, when he’s trying to talk to Harry and explain his side of the story, Harry almost considers it. Then Harry looks into the reflection of the car window and sees his father, telling him not to.

- Once back at the mansion, Harry’s butler insists he has some milk to help sleep. Harry freaks out and smacks the milk out of the butler’s hand, shattering the glass across the floor. Harry buries his head into his hands for a moment and looks up, to find his butler and the mess gone. Either the butler cleaned it up fast, or Harry’s going completely mental. In Harry’s mind, Norman walks into the room and they discuss the whole Goblin thing. Harry tries to defend Peter and points out all the horrible things Norman did to people, like the guys he murdered. Norman spins the argument to his advantage and keeps Harry on his side, ending the scene with a hug.

- The Sandman origin sequence is a lot more detailed, given enough padding to make it less random. The facility gets two extra scenes. One is before Flint breaks in, which has them explain what their experiment is and how important it is that they get it done that night. I can’t remember if it’s mentioned in dialogue or narration, but it ties in with the facility Green Goblin attacked early on in the first movie. The other scene is the aftermath, where the police explain to one of the scientists that Flint was snooping around. Despite the scent of the dogs, the police find no sign of Flint in the pit. The horrified and overwhelmed scientist keeps it to himself, but discusses with another scientist that if a human being had fallen into the pit during the experiment, he would have indeed died.

While some of Gwen’s modeling stuff had more dialogue, there was a rather funny scene as she’s hanging on by the phone receiver. Right as she grabbed the phone, she had received a call.

“Hello! Hello?!”

“You’ve got the rockin’ sound of WKRQ! If you can name our last two ‘Two for Tuesday’ songs, you could be our grand-prize winner!”

“Help! I can’t hold on!”

“Right you are! Help and I Can’t Hold On! Pack your bags, ‘cause you’re going on a trip!”

There’s also more stuff with Eddie Brock here. When he tells Captain Stacy that he’s dating his daughter, Stacy reacts with, “Huh. She’s never mentioned you.”

Once Spider-Man saves Gwen, he faces the malfunctioning crane, trying to figure out how he’s going to stop it. Suddenly, all the power in the block goes out and the situation is finally under control.

After swinging away from Eddie Brock, Spider-Man stands on top a building, looks at his stomach and says, “Chunky?”

- After getting fired and while feeling the envy of Spider-Man’s success, MJ is confronted by a stranger who asks if she’s famous, as she looks familiar. MJ just kind of dismisses him.

- Some of the Eddie/Jameson dialogue got cut, including a great exchange.

“What’s that smell?”

“Brock, sir.”

“What kind of cologne is ‘Brock’?”

“No, sir. My name is Brock.”

“Why are you named after a cologne?”

Eddie kisses up to Jameson and when asked how much he wants his photos for, he allows Jameson to give him what he considers fair. Hence the $50 at the end of the scene, which apparently is far lower than what Eddie was comfortable with.

- At the Spider-Man appreciation ceremony, Peter runs into a little boy with toy web-shooters. After getting sprayed on, Peter shoots a little webbing on the kid’s shoe as the boy’s walking away. The kid sees the webbing, turns around and points to his mother that he just met Spider-Man. The mother sees some guy in a ****py suit nearby and figures that’s what he was talking about.

- The symbiote has more of a presence throughout the story, even if subtle. At one point, MJ cleans the black goop off of Peter’s shoe and tosses it out. The symbiote sneaks into the closet and at times, Peter would swear he saw the shadows move.

- There’s a scene where Sandman sneaks into the home of a scientist he had been writing to from prison. The scientist has been doing research on whatever disease Penny Marko has and Flint’s been trying to raise enough money for him to cure it. The guy tries to make it clear how money alone won’t promise a cure, but Sandman intimidates him into shutting up.

- The first time Peter removes the black costume, it sticks to his skin, but he does get it off without too much effort. Later points of the story show that he has no problem removing it because the symbiote knows Peter will be back. The scene of Peter looking at the mirror with the black costume underneath briefly includes him seeing a lashing tongue in the reflection.

- After the Symbiote Peter vs. Harry fight, Harry gets up and sees his face in a reflection. As Peter leaves, he hears the scream and says, “He deserved worse.”

- A hilarious Jameson scene is cut, which gives resolution to both the stress bit and Ted Raimi’s idiotic marketing project.

- Following up on his firing, Eddie goes to see Gwen to ask her out. Gwen wants nothing to do with him and explains that they’ve only gone on one date, not counting the time they bumped into each other at a coffee place. Gwen admits that they did kiss, but is confused when Eddie insists she told him that she loves him. Captain Stacy threatens to arrest Eddie and forces him off the premises. Eddie tries to make it look like he’s optimistic as he waves to the Stacys and jokingly skips away. Captain Stacy tells his daughter that she needs to be careful with how friendly she is towards some people.

- Eddie’s speech in the church is a lot longer, showing that he holds absolutely no responsibility for his own actions.

“Eddie Brock, sir. I’ve been wronged, and the woman I worship will have none of me. I don’t qualify as the perfect boyfriend, but… who does? I ask you, why do I have to suffer for everyone else’s imperfections? Why can’t I ever have what I want? What about me? What about Eddie? I try to do what’s right. I follow your rules. I obey the ‘thou shalt nots.’ I’m a decent person. I’m a decent person! So I come to you today, humbled, humiliated, to ask of you but one thing. I want you to kill Peter Parker.”

- The scene of Venom aligning himself with the Sandman is very different. Sandman takes the form of a rather large sandcastle in a park, just as his ex-wife and daughter come by. Penny plays with the sandcastle briefly. When Penny and her mother aren’t looking for a moment, the sandcastle disappears. Venom talks to Sandman from the shadows, beneath a tree. He brings up Sandman’s family as conversation, not as a threat, but as a way to illustrate how bitter he is at what he feels Parker’s taken from him.

- Upon jumping on the taxi, Spider-Man’s first reaction to Mary Jane is to apologize for hitting her. She kind of laughs, considering how unimportant it is at the moment.

- As the news anchor explains that this may be the end of Spider-Man, we look back at the Osborn residence with the TV on. Zooming out, we see that the room is empty and I think the window is open.

- Harry goes up against Venom one-on-one for a round, not counting the impaling scene.

- Sandman is pulled out of the fight by his daughter Penny. She convinces him that there is no way to cure what she has, and therefore, there’s no reason to fight Spider-Man anymore. Sandman explains his role in the Ben murder, Peter forgives him and Sandman sneaks off to be with his family.

- The final scene of Peter dancing with Mary Jane is followed by a shot of
Spider-Man swinging through New York while carrying MJ.

Info & Help Wanted: Super Space Fortress Macross LD Preservation
I have a copy of the Clash of the Bionoids version as well, that I VHS -> DVDed. Though, from what I remember, it's heavily edited.

I wanted to propose this project for a long while, though. This, and maybe re-created Robotech the Movie with Megazone. Though, I guess we'd need to find the Japanese LD with the newly animated footage for the ending.

The R0 bootleg of DYRL you mention is the result of some fans getting in contact with the bootleggers and working with them to give them a decent script, etc. As far as bootlegs go, it's very good. The font is like Times New Roman instead of arial though, right? They also did the same thing with Read or Die, and something else I can't recall.

I'm surprised no one ever did a preservation of Castle of Cagliostro's Streamline dub. From what I hear, it's far superior than the new Manga one, if only for the fact that that version is loaded with cussing, and the original isn't. The original also has Bob Bergen (the current voice of Porky Pig) as Lupin. That's not as weird as it sounds. It's my favorite: I imported the Disney R2 of it just so I could get that dub. Did anyone ever suceed in syncing the Streamline Akira with the current R1?

And... I always wanted to see the DP fandubs. I have a copy of 'This is Otakudom' somewhere.