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What happened to the original Tantive IV model?

I saw the model in person at a Star Wars exhibit what was probably now a decade ago. It was indeed bigger than the Star Destroyer that dwarfed it in the movie. I also believe it was bigger and more detailed since it was the original Millennium Falcon. I happened to see both of the Kenner Collector Fleet versions of the ships at a sell it on eBay store window. I should go back and see what they’re asking for them.

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

A few ideas I’ve had over the years include having Bail Organa sent to negotiate with the Trade Federation and Obi-Wan Kenobi appear as his aide but revealed to be his Jedi bodyguard once they are attempted to be killed. It also would have been fun to have introduce C-3PO as the protocol droid instead of TC-14 and he could have served as the comic relief instead of Jar Jar.

The Outsiders (1983) Servanov Theatrical HD Reconstruction (Released)

The Complete Novel is seen as a novelty style release and not a “Lucas-y” replacement. Coppola allowed the release of theatrical version of Apocalypse Now, so he’s above that type of thinking. The reason there’s a HD master is because when the film plays on television, they will have the original theatrical version instead of an extended version. The same can be said for other Warner releases like Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Woodstock and JFK. All of these are available for streaming in both their theatrical and extended versions to stream.

Replacing the Warners logo is about the only noble thing you’d have to do, since the Blu-ray edition of the film screwed up having the modern logo, despite Coppola’s original commentary stating it’s the Saul Bass logo.

Marcia Lucas Speaks!

This is a pretty monumental moment, since George likes to keep a close lid on Marcia’s involvement with the series, despite being the only Lucas to ever win an Academy Award for Star Wars. Nice to hear her voice for once and see her personality. If she was good at pointing out “Where’s Marion?” imagine what she could have contributed to the prequels. Hope she can conduct a more thorough interview in the future. Want to hear her opinion on the Special Editions.

Idea: Original dark version of Batman '89?

I saw a 35mm film print of this film a couple of years ago and I have to say that there were no significant differences between it and the Blu-ray release. For example, you could still see Joker's face when he was in the shadows. The Blu-ray transfer was proved by the Director of Photography, Roger Pratt. Also, those screen captures from the teaser trailer are not fair to judge from, due to it's aging and damage. There's supposed to be another edition coming out later this year, so we'll see if Warners is willing to give this another go, but the Blu-ray will be as good as it gets.

Help: looking for... 2004 Audio Commentaries

m_s0 said:

Moth3r said:

Mavimao said:

Buy the dvd. 

The web exclusive link from the DVD no longer works.

Apparently the rapidshare links are down as well. Does anyone still have all of this? I'd love to grab these.

Yes, I would greatly appreciate this as well. I'm curious to hear the details that were cut out for the Despecialized edition.

Jetrell Fo said:

Kamdan said:

It's one of the multiple tracks on the Despecialized Edition of A New Hope.

If you aren't in the market to buy the DVD why don't you just send Harmy a pm?  I'm sure he'd be able to answer your question since you heard it on one of his projects.


I tried, but got no response.