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A Collaborative Star Wars Saga Edit

Here I’ve listed each proposed question asked on the first page and attempted to find a solution for each as well as offer some of my ideas I’ve come up with, I love discussing this stuff so this won’t be short, so bare with me younglings you’ve all really got me thinking hard here

Why does Obi-Wan say Yoda is the Jedi Master who trained him when that was clearly Qui-Gon Jinn? lines in question from ESB: “There you will learn from Yoda, the Jedi Master who instructed me.” and “Was I any different when you taught me?”

Hmm as many have suggested the line could be altered to say “A Jedi Master who instructed me” or even “The last Jedi Master who instructed me” because Yoda does say he has special training for Obi-Wan while he’s in exile (I always assumed this was learning how to become a force ghost) technically Yoda did teach him a few things but the original line makes it sound like Yoda was Obi-Wans only master

Why do Jedi wear Tatooine robes ?

I never thought about this one, the Jedi are simple folk like monks so I don’t think it would be such a stretch if they were wearing clothes similar to people living in poverty

Why is the tech level so different from OT ?

Only Lucas truly knows, but I do recall him saying on an interview that it’s the same reason why the lightsaber fights are choreographed differently simply because it was a more civilized age, the Jedi were at their height and the galaxy was a better place before the Empire. Basically everything went downhill after Palpatine took over, ships and technology were all mass produced.

Does the Rule of Two contradict contradict the Emperor and Vader trying to recruit Luke in ESB and ROTJ ?

I’m pretty sure Palpatine’s plan from the start was to turn Luke have him kill Vader and become his new and only apprentice , if his plan worked it would only be him and Luke in the end so a master and apprentice, he clearly wants Luke to kill Vader “fulfill your destiny and take your fathers place at my side”

Why is Mace Windu the only Jedi with a purple lightsaber ?

We all know the real world reason but, his saber color could always be changed or as suggested give other Jedi purple sabers to make it stand out less my personal idea would be specifically changing Agen Kolar, Saesee Tiin and Kit Fisto’s sabers to purple to match Windu’s throughout their appearances (Like during the battle of Geonosis, if they are seen I don’t remember, its been a while) that way when they all show up with Mace to arrest Palpatine they all have purple sort of like they’re a specific group of Jedi that Windu leads, perhaps they’re all in the same Jedi class as him or at least on his level

Why was it never explained why Jedi Master “Sifo-Dyas” ordered the clone army ?

I never thought of that one much personally maybe that could be cut out completely and have it left ambiguous who ordered the army, maybe Dooku under Palpatine’s orders

Why does Count Dooku just tell Obi-Wan the Sith’s strategy for undermining the Senate ?

Maybe Dooku really wanted to try and turn Obi-Wan out of respect for Qui-Gon and when he realized he couldn’t he figured that he’d be killed along with Anakin and Padme in the arena thus preserving the secret

If Chewbacca always knew the Jedi were real, why didn’t he ever tell Han ?

To me this one is just a plot hole no one thought about, clearly Chewie was added in because he’s an iconic character, many suggested he be recolored and I think it would work or you could try to cut around him and just have Yoda only refer to Tarful by name

Why does Yoda run away from his fight with Palpatine ?

This always felt to me like he knew that the Jedi were outnumbered and couldn’t win at this point so rather than stay and possibly cause more harm to himself or possibly be beaten he got out while he could to meet up with Obi-Wan and Bail to decide what to do with the twins and plan for him and Obi-Wan to go into hiding until the time was right

Why does the Death Star take so long to build ?

Who really knows, maybe it took a lot longer than they anticipated, maybe Galen Erso was sabotaging it all along before adding in that one final flaw or maybe we could just not have it show up at the end and replace it with a planet instead like someone did already in one edit (don’t remember exactly who did, Hal perhaps ?)

What’s up with Anakin’s yellow Sith eyes? Why does Anakin momentarily get them but we don’t see Dooku, Luke when he almost killed Vader, or Kylo Ren ever have them?

The most likely reason is that Lucasfilm wanted the audience to know that Anakin was truly gone at that point and no longer the boy/man we’ve come to know from TPM & AOTC, I guess you could argue that Dooku isn’t really a Sith (thought palpatine does call him a sith lord) but rather a fallen Jedi as for Kylo I’d be ok with saying that he’s technically not a Sith either or at least not fully, sure he’s turned to the dark side but he’s still conflicted. If someone wanted to be clever I could see Dooku and Kylo getting Sith eyes at some point maybe have Dooku with them from the get go and have Kylo get them when he kills Han or just cut Palpatine saying “he’s a Sith lord” and recolor or cut Anakin’s in that shot or shots, though I do prefer him getting them during or after order 66, Dooku always having them and Kylo getting them after killing Han

How exactly is Leia a princess ?

I was always under the impression that Bail and his wife were some kind of royalty, are they not ?

Why didn’t the Imperials just shoot the escape pod ?

IDK lol they didn’t want to waste ammo shooting something that had no life signs present ??

Why’d they hide Luke on Vader’s home planet and even have him keep the Skywalker name ?

It’s a pretty safe bet that Vader or the Empire would never look for him there (Especially Vader because he hates that planet, plus he and Palpatine think that the baby is dead along with Padme) as for the last name part, I don’t think the film makers really thought of this one maybe Skywalker isn’t that uncommon of a name plus Tatooine is a backwater planet filled with scum and villainy, what purpose would the empire have for going there anyway, they never show up there until they realize that 3PO and R2 landed there

Why does 3PO mention the princess on board Tantive IV, then doesn’t know about the princess when he is with Luke ? / Ady handled this in original Revisited by removing 3PO’s first line on ship. He reinserted it in the Purist edition though.

Plot hole, probably just an oversite or perhaps 3PO isn’t as big of a blabber mouth as we thought I’d say Ady had the right idea cutting the line, maybe if anyone wanted to keep the line they could change it to “They’ll be no escape this time” or “They’ll be no escape for us this time”

Why doesn’t R2 tell Luke anything about the past ?

I always thought of R2 as the more responsible of the pair, he doesn’t want to tell Luke anything to begin with, in fact he doesn’t want to show him Leia’s message in the first place it plays by accident and he denies that there was ever a message 3PO says to him “What message ? the one you just played, its ok R2 you can trust him he’s our new master” as for him not telling him anything after or during ESB or ROTJ I think that’s going way to far into it lol

Why did Obi-Wan age so much between trilogies ?

I don’t think there is a real answer to this one I’d just try to look past this one, maybe training to be a force ghost takes a lot out of you, or maybe the Obi-Wan movie(s) sill tell us if they ever come out

Why didn’t Obi-Wan change his last name (Ben Kenobi) while in exile ?

I guess the same reason why they didn’t change Luke’s last name, I don’t think the Empire is searching for him or Yoda after order 66 plus Tatooine is in the outer rim and obviously nobody there has ever heard of an Obi-Wan Kenobi or cares at least, to them he’s just an old hermit and a crazy wizard

Why doesn’t Obi-Wan remember R2 or 3PO ?

I always liked to think he did but just like everything else he told Luke about, he was very vague hes clearly in shock looking at R2 when Luke says “He says he belongs to an Obi-Wan Kenobi, is he a relative of yours” ?

“Your father wanted you to have this when you were old enough…”

Another plot hole but can easily be fixed as per the other suggestions on the forum, I personally like “I wanted you to have this when you were old enough” or “Your father would have wanted you to have this when you were old enough”

Why did the Death Star need to travel around the moon to destroy the rebel base? Couldn’t it just blow it up ?

I think its subtle enough to just leave it alone or you can assume Tarkin is a sicko and wanted Leia to have a good view of her home being destroyed, maybe they were aiming right at the capitol where daddy Organa was chillin out

Are stormtroopers clones ?

I’d say yes but they clearly were never meant to be until AOTC came along because they all sound different, can we give them all Jango’s voice lol maybe redub all the troopers in the prequels with different voices ? maybe they can all look, like Jango physically but each sound different for some kind of individuality ?

How did Luke get around the blockade of Hoth ?

Got me there, used the force maybe ? tried spinning that’s a good trick ?
Why does the Empire only disable the Millennium Falcon hyperdrive and not the whole ship ?
I don’t think there is a definitive answer to this one, honestly id just forget that fact all together the empire is really dumb sometimes after all

Luke became a Jedi by training with Yoda for only a few days ?

Remember his training wasn’t complete when he rushed to face Vader in ESB, Yoda says this in ROTJ I personally always thought it had been longer but Snooker had the best idea imo in putting that he had been training with Yoda in the crawl of ROTJ or that he had just finished his training and is on his way to Tatooine to help rescue Han

Why does Obi-Wan call Luke their “last hope” in ESB if he knows about Leia ?

To inspire Luke maybe, more deception or points of view perhaps ? maybe because Leia isn’t a Jedi and probably has no chance against Vader or the Emperor alone unless she trains and Luke has trained and at least stands a better chance

Where did the second Death Star come from? How did they build it so fast ?

I love the ideas presented that there was only one Death Star and they are repairing it in ROTJ or once again Snookers excellent idea of there not being a Death Star at all rather a huge Star Destroyer as the weapon also serving as the Emperor’s personal ship/base

What was Luke’s plan to save Han ?

Was there ever a plan to begin with ? maybe his plan was exactly what happen (with the exception of the Ranchor and Sarlacc) once again I turn to Snooker for answers in his Revenge of The Jedi edit, where he changes the crawl and re orders the first act

Why didn’t Yoda and Obi-Wan just tell Luke the truth about Vader ?

I guess he and Obi-Wan felt like it was too much to handle at the time, maybe they figured he’d react by “Rushing to face him” like he did in ESB ?
How can Leia remember her mother, when Padme died in childbirth ?
She was technically alive after giving birth and spoke to Obi-Wan before dying but plot hole again lol someone had Leia be born first instead of Luke in one edit of ROTS so she actually see’s Padme for a bit, still I doubt a newborn can recognize anyone and remember details mere moments out of the womb but I quite like that idea instead of just cutting the line altogether

Leia is Luke’s sister? Incest vibes ?

NOPE cut this out entirely lol though to be fair crazy stuff like long lost siblings meeting and marrying have happened in real life plus they had no idea at the time, still id agree in cutting this come to think of it what if Han left and Luke and Leia got together during ESB and Leia got knocked up, by the time Luke found out it would be to late and Obi-Wan and Yoda inadvertently would have allowed incest to happen especially Obi-Wan because he could clearly could see Luke had a thing for Leia in ANH

“Obi-Wan once thought as you do…”

Id be all for changing it to “Your mother once thought as you do” or “Your mother, Padme once thought as you do” can it be done ?

Why does Vader suggest destroying the Emperor in ESB, but then practically be his lap dog in ROTJ ?

I don’t think it was all an act but I just assumed that by this point he could do nothing to turn Luke or get him to help him so rather than try on his own he just gave up

How can two trees destroy an armored battle vehicle like an AT-ST ?

IDK about this one either, they were pretty big trees though lol

How did the Ewoks have a dress in Leia’s size ?

Luck, they measured her ? who’s to say I think like quite a few of these its best not to think to much about it

How did Anakin know how to become a force ghost ?

How indeed, id just leave old Anakin from the theatrical versions or get a less creepy shot of Hayden from somewhere smiling warmly at his son

Why do all the force ghosts appear to Luke as he knew them in his life, except Anakin ?

Lucas explained it as Anakin becoming the person he was again before turning, which I guess works well enough though there’s no guarantee that Luke would know who he was, still id say he could figure it out on his own

What’s the deal with the First Order ?

Someone suggested putting in the crawl that they were formed out of the last remnants of the Empire, I never had an issue with where they came from originally but if you really want to connect everything it would probably be best to mention that the Resistance formed from the last remnants of the Republic as well

Where did Snoke come from ?

I really hope Episode 9 answers this because I too really want to know, until then though maybe he could be put in in place of one of Palpatine’s body guards ?

What’s the relationship between the New Republic and the Resistance ?

You guys are on your own with this one, I got nothing

How does Rey speak Wookiee ?

Does she or does she learn when spending time with him in her search for Luke between TFA & TLJ ?

How did Poe Dameron survive the crash landing on Jakku ?

I’m sure many of us know that he wasn’t supposed to, originally and it was decided way later on that he would, the best I could come up with is to just leave it to the imagination and take his word for it OR ad a little parachute way in the distance of Jakku after the crash to suggest he ejected before impact

Has Han never really used Chewbacca’s gun ?

I’m willing to accept that he didn’t, I mean has Chewie fired Han’s blaster ?

What happened to Finn’s blaster at Maz’s castle ?

I have a feeling a deleted scene could explain this

Why does Kylo Ren’s scar look so different than it did at the end of TFA ?

You’re our only hope Sir Ridley

Why can’t the First Order send another ship to flank the Resistance? Why don’t they swarm them with TIE fighters ?

EHHH can someone pull an Adywan and add a few being shot down ?

Why isn’t hyper speed ramming more of a thing ?

Maybe it could be but no one ever wants to do it because its suicide

Why does Anakin’s lightsaber seem to change color between the movies ?

This is most obviously a stylistic change or unintentional but I’ve seen many a talented people do some amazing rotoscoping and recolors on these forums, I’m sure someone could make all the lightsaber cores match throughout if not just Anakin’s/Luke’s

Revenge of the Jedi (The Snooker edit) (Cancelled: *unfinished project *)

Idk about killing off Chewie, we’re already loosing our favorite scruffy looking nurf herder in this version of the final chapter of the OT not sure if we could do with loosing our favorite fuzz ball as well, though if Han and Chewie died together somehow I could see that being very emotional and meaningful. I really like that hologram too, though would it be possible to ad some debris like you’ve depicted it in the other shots you’ve shown, I think it would really help with solidifying it as the same planet

Episode VIII: The Ridiculest Jedi

I love the idea of using the bloopers lol maybe if the entire clip isn’t useable because of unfinished effects you could just use the lines

here’s some of my ideas

have Poe say “you cannot escape the poe” over the com while he’s talking to Hux

when Luke tosses his lightsaber add a porg cry in the background to suggest he hit one with it

after Rey sees Kylo shirtless have her say “you’re a monster” then him say “Its just us now”

when Holdo first appears have a bunch of Raptor calls going on in the background or every time she appears on screen

have Alan Grant yell somewhere off screen at some point for her to “Boot up the door locks”

have “I’m Han Solo” playing when Rey and Chewie fly in on Crait followed by Kylo screaming to blow it out of the sky or have him whisper “Han Solo” under his breath before screaming “He means nothing to me” would also work

have Yondu yell “I’m Mary Poppins y’all” off screen during the Carrie Poppins scene hell maybe even cut to him and star lord flying

have Snoke yell “GENERAL” !!! at Hux when he first appears to him via hologram

have a montage of Kylo/Rey moments as Ben’s contemplating “Killing” her with “Best Friend” playing over it

when Rey literally reaches out have an echo of Han saying “that’s not how the force works”

have Luke say “but I was gonna go to Tosche station to pick up some power converters” some where in the movie

when Snoke pulls Rey close and is grabbing her face/head have “Careless Whisper” begin and cut to Kylo being jealous

when Rey’s in the cave have Palpatine’s voice ask if she’s ever heard the tragedy of darth plagueis then have Rey say “No” and have him reply with “It’s treason then”

when Rey lifts the rocks cut to Hermione saying “its leviosa not leviosaaaa”

have the hologram replaced with Luke and Leia kissing from ESB (preferably the close up from the deleted scenes) prompting Luke’s “That was a cheap move”

have R2 cycle through a bunch of old recordings while trying to get Leia’s hologram to play such as, “I hate sand”, “General Kenobi”, “How Wude”, “This is where the fun begins”, “Dew it” etc

Help: looking for... all the trailers with 5.1 audio for a Rogue One Edit

I was thinking of messing around with doing an edit of Rogue One and trying to see if some shots and lines could be restored in the same way people on the forums have been doing with Justice League, does anyone know where one could find all the trailers with 5.1 audio so I could possibly have access to said lines without any music/sound effects present btw sorry if this isn’t the right place to post this I just figured since I don’t have an edit or any content to share as of yet it could fall under a discussion

The Last Jedi Deleted Scenes Revealed Names and Runtime

Found this little blurb on Blu-Ray.com apparently the deleted scenes have a total runtime of 23 min and 2 seconds so almost a half hour of deleted or alternate content perfect for fan edits ya’ll

Deleted Scenes (1080p) Following a Rian Johnson Introduction, the following scenes are included, with optional Rian Johnson commentary: Alternate Opening, Paige’s Gun Jams, Luke Has a Moment, Poe: Not Much of a Sewer, It’s Kind of Weird That You Recorded That, The Caretaker Sizes Up Rey, Caretaker Village Sequence, Extended Fathier Chase, Mega Destroyer Incursion - Extended Version, Rose Bites the Hand That Taunts Her, Phasma Squealed Like a Whoop Hog, Rose & Finn Go to Where They Belong, Rey & Chewie in the Falcon, and The Costumes and Creatures of Canto Bight.

Idea: Justice League Edit Concept

These are some of my personal ideas as well as ideas I got from other folks online with my own spin on them I don’t plan on doing an edit because frankly I have no idea whatsoever what I’m doing when it comes mixing and cleaning up sfx and adding new music, but if I ever do I’ll definitely do something, I’ll post links and credit everyone I use footage from on YT here so you guys can get an idea
Like just about everyone else I would rescore the entire movie with Junkie XL/Hans Zimmer tracks from MOS & BVS and the WW Score as well as any other music that fits, I’ve seen it suggested that tracks from DC animated movies be used too which is a great idea
I’d also try to work in every possible clip or line of dialogue not used in the theatrical film
Alternate scenes/clips and ideas are in Bold

Alternate Opening

Instead of the Superman podcast intro how about…….
Bruce’s “Men are still good” speech from the end of BvS is heard over a black screen or some footage of the city (Perhaps not the whole speech) but something like this plus you could utilize cut dialogue from JL here such as “ I had a dream, it was the end of the world”
Bruce – “I failed him in life, I won’t fail him in death help me find the others like you”
Diana – “Perhaps they don’t want to be found”
Bruce – “They will, I had a dream it was the end of the world we have to stand together, we can do better, we have to”

Batman v Parademon

Here we could go to the Batman vs Parademon scene and leave it mostly intact except a few obvious things like Bruce saying “Alfred are you seeing this” out loud in front of a robber I’ve seen edits on youtube that cut him saying Alfred and just leave “Are you seeing this” (I actually do quite like this scene but I guess if you really hate it you could get away with cutting it down a bit or even cutting the robber out and have Batman standing on a ledge waiting for the demon to come up and attack him but then you would lose the signal plot point, the boxes imprint, AND the fact that parademons are attracted to fear, though this particular point is still made by Diana later during the history of Steppanwolf scene so who knows)
Then we go into the opening montage (Everybody Knows) maybe a different song can be used but other than that other footage of crimes and chaos can be added in just to really show the state of the world without Superman as well as the Shot from the trailers of Bruce looking at the hologram of Superman (Maybe) during the montage perhaps it can be suggested that Bruce has been looking into ways to revive Sups long before he suggests it to the League the shot of the newspaper saying “World without hope” can be inserted right before this clip or just about anywhere during this sequence

Wonder Woman Rescue

Here we just need to add more of the Wonder Woman theme during her beating the crap out of the bombers, it does play but not throughout the whole sequence, plus add that shot from the trailers where she kicks the one guy and does a slo-mo hair flip

Uniting The League


Bruce heading out to recruit Aquaman the scene of him saddling his horse and riding to the cliff overlooking the fishing village can be extended here plus the original shot of him looking at the village can be used all, the alternates inside the bar can be used such as Arthur saying “Talk” as well as the alternate takes to make the reshoots less obvious and finally cut around Arthur clearly calling Bruce Batman and also saying “You’re out of your mind Bruce Wayne”

The Flash

Bruce recruiting the flash just needs to utilize the clips and alternate takes from the trailers, plus the k-pop video can be restored to the screen displaying a skull and the music changed and finally the alternate shot of them leaving in the car can be extended with the clip released that shows the sign of central city while they’re leaving


Not much to say about this part Silas goes home and speaks to Victo, it seems fine the way it is but I did find someone rescore it on YT with a track from Tron Legacy and it works really well, other than that idk

Steppenwolf Attacks Themyscira

One of the best sequences in the movie in my opinion, nothing really needs to be done BUT I suppose you could cut Steppy referring to the box as mother I personally had no issue with it and figured he just called them that because they’re called mother boxes but we now know it’s actually part of a plot element that was cut, that being his mother Heggra’s life force is in the boxes and he’s directly talking to her you could probably remove this in all instances if you felt inclined to there may be one cut line here right before Steppy comes through the boom tube in the trailer Hippolyta says “Something is Coming” it can easily added in

Bruce & Diana

Hippolyta fires the arrow to warn Diana of the invasion, she goes to Bruce and they discuss bringing the league together, Diana tells the story of Steppenwolf there is a line in a tv spot of Diana saying “Long ago before I was born” this was likely part of the longer version of this scene and can easily be added back in accordingly

History of Stepphanwolf

Can’t think of anything


While Diana is watching the footage of Victor’s transformation into Cyborg, the dialogue from the trailer “Mechanical and biomechatronic body parts, he’s a Cyborg “ from Diana can be used before the footage gets interrupted and Alfred comes in on a related note the footage of the transformation should be cut and replaced with the one seen in BvS for continuity sake, then the scene continues I also had the idea of replacing the text on the screen that Victor is using to talk to Diana with something more hi-tech looking and finally the clip of him Soaring above the clouds can be inserted after he flies off (though it’s from a different scene altogether it could work here) for the part where Cyborg is in his home before figuring out who Bruce and Diana really are before agreeing to meet Diana, he hears Alfred’s voice from the earlier conversation with Bruce saying “Victor Stone, deceased” the slow motion clip of him playing football can be spliced in here as well as footage of a car crash and explosion from another film to represent his accident, if anyone wants to get really fancy you could even add a woman screaming Victor this can come right before he begins projecting holograms to suggest hearing that he’s been declared dead gave him a sort of flash back of his former life

Steppenwolf in Atlantis

Alternate shots of Aquaman looking on at the dead Atlantian and the original farther away shot of Mera approaching the box before Steppy appears

Meeting Gordon & The Tunnel Fight

With everyone together we come to the scene on the rooftop, they end up under Braxton Island, as they’re about to cross the broken bridge you could insert Diana saying “Shall We” from the trailer as she’s jumping across here, the scene of Cyborg telling Batman that he didn’t think he was real comes in just before Bats fires his grapple, they all cross and find Stepphanwolf with the hostages before Cyborg fires his blaster the scene of Diana saying “We do this together, on my lead” can be restored, the fight can go as usual utilizing the scene of the flash pushing the parademon through the door I’ve seen a few clips restored on Youtube but the exact location of where is up to the editor at this point, battle goes on with WW fighting Steppy (someone used the WW score a bit here and it’s amazing) Aquaman comes in and stops the flood (maybe utilize this score from the animated Throne of Atlantis movie) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5NDP2NQYTw after the fight Cyborg takes off to get the last mother box from his home The shot of his armor covering his face as he’s flying can be added in quickly here before going back to Gordon assessing the damages caused by the fight the Again of his line about how it’s nice to see batman playing well with others can be restored


I can’t think of anything really to change other than possibly using the “I had a dream, it was the end of the world” here instead of in the beginning or utilizing some lines that were cut here as long as they make sense, cut the ‘The team needs Clark” line from Bruce so now it goes “The World Needs Superman” from Bruce then “And what does Clark need” from Alfred

Return of Superman

Again can’t really think of anything other than maybe adding a brief vison of the Knightmare future after Cyborg plugs into the ship, supposedly this is what originally happened this can also set up for later when he tries to split the boxes, I saw someone edit a more complete vision of the future using bits of the Knightmare as well as clips from other films this makes Steppy’s line “Now do you see it” a lot more clarity the shot of the leagues feet can be restored right before Superman turns around and sees them, you can probably get around Bruce saying Clark and just have him turn and see him during the scene I’ve seen people add lines/clips from MOS & BvS to imply Clark is thinking or sort of regaining his memories it seems like a good idea honestly I also read somewhere that Clark’s eyes were glowing red when he says “Tell me do you bleed” to Bruce if someone could do that I say go for it as for Lois calling him “Clark” out loud you could probably edit enough so it seems like he just notices her as well

The Kent Farm

Use original trailer footage to include the “I’ll take that as a yes” etc and to make everyone happy cut the “Itchy” and “You smell good” lines and Possibly add voice over from Pa Kent and Jor-El while Clark’s in the field further signifying his thoughts

Preparing For Battle

Add Clark going tom the fortress to get his suit, and add the “bridge between two peoples speech” or parts of it, then while the League is in Russia cut to Clark meeting Alfred scene

Final Fight

Possibly rearrange Superman’s entrance to try to cut as much of the CGI moustache as possible (I’ve seen at least one good example) Cut Bruce’s goofy smile when Clark arrives as well as the “Not’ from “I don’t……not” by cutting to Clark hearing the civilians as if cutting him off, plus cut Bruce’s “Clark” after the boxes split, restore Lois’ original speech for the ending montage as released in the “Hope” motion poster

Info: Return of Godzilla & Godzilla 1985

We finally got a US release for this entry in the series, as many know the original Japanese version is included as well as the international English Dub which was previously unavailable in the US my question though is how many versions of this movie are there and how many different audio tracks are their, so far I’ve found these

Original Japanese cut/audio
Original Japanese cut with international dub
Godzilla 1985 Monsters HD version
Godzilla 1985 cut on vhs/laserdisc with different audio/shots then the monsters HD version

Apparently the Monsters HD master was based off of a workprint of the theatrical 85 version and has subtle differences in sound and some alternate shots

There was a release of the international version on vhs with the same English dub as the blu ray but considering that for the blu ray all they did was sync the English dub with the Japanese print (because they’re exactly the same) does that mean there was a version with “The Return of Godzilla” title card before this blu ray somewhere

Just wondering, it’s not really that big of a deal but I found it interesting

Info & Help Wanted: Accurate English Subtitles for the GODZILLA franchise

I was thinking of this a whole back when I found out that a lot of the US releases of the Godzilla movies only have dubtitles included for both the Japanese and English cuts of some movies, now there have been a fair number of accurate or close to accurate subs in some releases but overall it’s pretty mixed, what I was wondering was if their was a project that translated the original Japanese subtitles into English, if not would there be a way to get the Japanese sub tracks and translate then accurately ? I know there are programs that do that sort of thing automatically anyway just was wondering

The Last Jedi: Official Review and Opinions Thread ** SPOILERS **

I saw TLJ last night and have mixed feelings about it. Personally a lot of the things people have issues with don’t bother me like many movies there are good elements and bad elements depending on your tastes and “certain point of view” here are my thoughts

• The opening space battle was super fun and a great way to get into the movie, Poe is a very like able character who certainly was utilized more this time around because he wasn’t original supposed to die this time. Oh and of course B.B.-8 continues to be the greatest droid sidekick since R2-D2 (though K2-S0 was a personal favorite of mine in Rogue One)

• The whole Finn and Rose plot line was actually something I really enjoyed more than the Rey and Luke one which is surprising to me because I really like those two characters. I did like the casino planet as a setting, I loved the fact that they freed the space horse/rabbits and rode them to victory (while also destroying the casino) plus BB-8 being mistaken for a slot machine by a little leprechaun man (played by Mark Hamil by the way) and then using all the coins that he had inserted in him as projectiles to knock out guards was another bit of BB-8 badass-ness that was equally adorable (though I do wonder how he tied them up, was it DJ ?)

• The Rey and Kylo Ren stuff was pretty cool in my opinion, I didn’t mind them communicating through the force. It was cool that we also saw the reasons for kylo turning to the dark side it makes sense for the situation that he’d automatically go into defense mode after waking up and seeing his uncle standing over him with a crazed look in his eyes and holding a lightsaber over him. Though I do wish it were a grander event because it sort of felt like a pretty small thing that happened to set all of this in motion, The reylo shippers probably had a ball with the force communication and the fact that kylo ren appeared shirtless to Rey was pretty freaking Reylo-ey that and when Luke walked in on them “touching” hands and reacting like he caught them fucking was priceless need I mention the elevator scene where manny though (or so I’ve read) Rey and Kylo were about to full on make out on the way to Snoke maybe they will join forces and reshape the galaxy in their image eventually

• SNOKE DIED, that caught me off guard and I really wish he didn’t yet because their is SO much unanswered with him yet, I’m sure it will be explained eventually in another movie though, the Rey and Kylo team up fight against the guards was cool RIP Skywalker lightsaber

• Shockingly I didn’t love the whole Rey and Luke on the island plot line, while it had its moments I sort of felt it was pretty boring overall BUT the dark side cave and ancient Jedi texts were enjoyable for me as was the return of Yoda as a force ghost who as always had great advice (and was also pretty funny too)

• PORGS are freaking adorable, chewie trying to eat one while they watched him in fear was great and so was the part where they’re playing with the lightsaber and sneaking on the falcon and destroying simultaneously while nesting plus now chewie has a porg companion

• General Haldo was decent enough though I do agree with others in saying that Leia should have been the one to sacrifice herself to save the survivors because of carrie’s death in real life it felt like it would have been a good way to kill off the character in a meaningful and respective way. I don’t mind her floating in space and saving herself by pulling the ship or pulling herself to the ship (we know she’s been force sensitive since empire when she sensed Luke on cloud city)

• Poor poor captain Phasma how I wished she had a longer fight with Finn and survived to get revenge (maybe she did ?) while her role was bigger than in TFA it wasn’t nearly enough I feel the same way about Bobba Fett too

• The salt planet was cool enough and the crystal aspect of it was beautiful to look at plus the crystal foxes were pretty amazing looking even if they were just native wildlife that hung around (though they did find a way out) I did think it should have been a different type of planet because it was a bit too similar to Hoth

• Luke having his scene with Leia was nice as was giving her Han’s dice but his duel with Ren was just ok in my opinion, I expected something more epic it was coo that he just force projected himself though and it was interesting to see Luke become one with the force though a bit unexpected

Those are just some of my thoughts and personal opinions but all in all I’ll need to rewatch the movie a few times to really see how I feel needless to say I’m looking forward to the Han Solo movie, Episode 9, the Obi-Wan trilogy and Rian Johnson’s new trilogy

Watched the saga again to prepare for TLJ

MalàStrana said:

LuckyGungan2001 said:

I don’t mind the prequels. I actually really like Revenge of the Sith. Also I had never really realised this, but I love the cinematography and look of Attack of the Clones.

I do as well (except the green version on bluray). But AOTC contains some the worst scenes of the Saga but when removed the movie stands as quite good (I still don’t understand the Kamino plot but I think GL didn’t think about it as well so…).

If I recall that plot line was added later, like all the droid factory stuff was an afterthought and I bet the 3PO and R2 being in the battle were too lol

Watched the saga again to prepare for TLJ

LuckyGungan2001 said:

I don’t mind the prequels. I actually really like Revenge of the Sith. Also I had never really realised this, but I love the cinematography and look of Attack of the Clones.

I agree ROTS is one of my favorites actually I really do enjoy the prequels some more than others. Even more so every time a controversial scene comes up because I know somewhere a disgruntled fan is flipping out over sand and Palpatine’s DEW IT and I find it amusing to think of them raging lol

Ranking the Star Wars films

Here’s a crazy order for me at the moment

  1. Return of the Jedi (don’t mind Ewoks)

  2. Revenge of the Sith (I just DEW)

  3. The Force Awakens (Rey of hope)

  4. Rogue One (There’s a fresh one waiting for you if you mouth off again)

  5. Empire Strikes Back (who’s scruffy lookin)

  6. Attack of the Clones (Sand)

  7. A New Hope (I’m so sorry
    - Obi Wan)

  8. The Phantom Menace (not all bombad)

Sorry folks but I love ROTJ and ROTS, TFA probably could switch places with ROTS depending on how I feel, I haven’t seen Empire in a while so maybe I’m being unfair but I unapologetically enjoy AOTC (SAND and all) Rogue One was great and I’m now in love with Jyn Erso
ANH is a classic but I find myself enjoying others more and TPM while I don’t despise it, I’m way to familiar with it at this point so I’m just going through the motions every time I watch now, probably shouldn’t have watched all those Episode 1 fan edits either

Watched the saga again to prepare for TLJ

So as always before a new SW release I was watching the saga again through the month, AOTC is on right now and this made me think of some things I’d like to know the answer to, Ive never been super critical in watching movies I just either enjoy them, kind of do or love them without over analyzing everything, that being said these are mostly prequel related

• So the prequels do a lot of fans dislike them because they feel that they aren’t good Star Wars films, because they don’t think they’re good films in general or is it more of a mix between expectations not being met and overhype when they were released

• Many have bashed the effects of the prequels stating that they were inferior to the OT, isn’t that a little unfair seeing as the originals utilize miniatures, puppets and compositing while the prequels use more CGI effects like fully digital backgrounds and digital characters considering how CGI is always advancing and how practical effects always look the same once it’s complete in comparison shouldn’t it be looked at differently (look at Jurassic Park, sure the CGI has aged and isn’t on the level of something that can be done today BUT it still looks good in its own right)

• watching the prequels again I specially looked closely at the effects and honestly while they have aged a lot of them still look pretty damn good, the texture work on Yoda throughout looks incredibly detailed, the ships look great and have scuffing and battle damage, even in freaking dex’s diner the robot waitress looks good. Not to mention the sets (miniatures and digital) while looking very clean still have a nice detail to them

As someone who enjoys all three trilogies (I liked TFA a lot and will probably love TLJ) these were Just a few things that I’ve wondered for years or wanted to ask for years

Thanks fellow rebels and may the force be with you