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(The Last Jedi) The Legacy of Grand Master Luke Skywalker | A Legends Cut [Workprint Released]

I love the sound of this! How will you deal with the Snoke and Kylo relationship? Since he wasn’t “bested by a girl who had never held a lightsaber”, some things will be different. I liked their scenes in TLJ except for the fact they made Kylo look wimpy. Every thing else makes me excited. I hope the Luke mourns Han scene is included. Another scene I’d like to be included is that unfinished Finn and Phasma scene. It bothers me that such a good scene was cut. Maybe some color correction and smoke filters can help hide the unfinished backgrounds. Looking forward to the change list in the future!

(The Force Awakens) The Legacy of Captain Han Solo | A Legends Cut [Workprint Released]

I loved every part of this! There were two bugs to fix: the opening crawl music starts a little late and Han’s you “hurt chewie you’ll deal with me” is duplicated. This edit has me excited what you can do with the rest. I really don’t like the others. Two editing things I’d have changed/fixed is to change the lightsaber noise when Darth Vader appears in the vision to match his and re-edit the Maz conversation because Rey says “what fight” when the line that triggered that one has been deleted. Other than that, amazing stuff from everyone involved in the clips/footage used! Can’t wait for more!

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Rise of Skywalker Resurgence by krausfadr Latest Version
Loved the new ideas incorporated (Rey being more dark side oriented, killing her parents, Palpatine being a twist later on in the movie, Correlia destruction, etc).
Thank you to everyone involved in the creation of the force ghost scene, the Knights of Ren voices, and fleet voices. Really elevates those aspects.
There were some weird jump cuts when the trooper is shot with an arrow and Finn being force pushed. Some audio popping when Luke says you went straight to the dark and when Snapp dies. I think the “you sent down there ship” is a little clunky. The “you wanted your parents dead” and ship destruction footage is enough to show the audience what happened.
Would have liked some of the humor to be trimmed more (They fly now, be more optimistic, terrible job, sir). But that is personal preference.
Overall, really liked the new version! Would recommend it! Breathes a life into this movie that it needed. As it needs to cap off a saga.