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Episode II: Shroud of the Dark Side (the TM edit) (Released)
Sorry. Why do you so badly want to cut out the fight between Dooku and Yoda? If I were doing it, I'd cut the flips and stuff, because that just looks stupid, and I might cut the lightning, for the reasons already mentioned, but I really like the lightsaber stuff.

The rocks etc Dooku uses the force to fall on Yoda look really fake, and I would kinda do it so they were cut out as well. I don't really like the bit when Dooku escapes because of Yoda using the force, so it would be really good (and kinda impossible) if you could cut it so the bit when Anakin jumps over to save Obi Wan, could you cut that so Anakin actually jumps to save Yoda and then Dooku cuts off Anakin's arm and uses the force to chuck him next to Obi Wan, then you see Dooku getting on his ship? I understand that this would take a long time to make it work, and to delete all the bits before it.

It would probably be way too hard to do, but it would look a lot better than what it is now (I think)
Favourite film out of original trilogy?

Edit: Talking about scientific ridiculness, have you ever thought that a Laser beam should not be visible to anyone unless you are the one being killed by it?

What do you mean?

And also, you couldn't concentrate a beam of light for that length. Another thing is that when they start up, with a real beam of light, it would just turn on, instead of gradually protruding. And light doesn't make a sound.
Episode II: Shroud of the Dark Side (the TM edit) (Released)
I'm 13 and I could do the title in about 2 mins in after effects. Just keyframe a mask with a bit of feathering and put the original footage in track 2, with a random starfield as a mask. Thne put your title "Shroud of the dark side" on top of everything and keyframe it with a bit of 3d perspective.

I guess, if people were occupied reading the credits, they aren't likely to notice the change of starfield. (depending on how much feathering you put in.

The desaturated shots sound really great, I always hated the "plasticy" colour of the speeders.

hope i've been helpful,