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Maul: Son of Dathomir (Released!)

I dont think it came off confusion, I actually like the idea of making it regular to show that we are now in a correct chronological order. It was just the transition felt abrupt and the editing made the scene feel a little rushed, but if you can’t fix it thats totally fine because as you said, mauls story arc was not complete.

Batman The Killing Joke restructured (Released)

I did a cut of Batman the killing Joke. This edit is not the book version but it takes the flashback scenes of joker and puts them in the beginning of the film. It also cuts the whole Batgirl subplots. If you want to watch this version, then just pm me and I will send you the link through google drive.
Original runtime:76
Fanedit runtime:47

Feedback is appreciated! 😀

Here’s a the poster

The Karate Kid(1984) The Fan Cut (Released)

I decided to do an edit of the Karate kid (1984). This was just for pure fun and I had no intentions of showing it to people. I’ve always loved the original Karate kid, but there were things that I thought could have been taken out and there should have been more music in particular scenes. I’ve cut in my opinion we’re the silly bits and I added music where I thought was necessary. If you want to watch it just PM me and I will send you a link.

Here’s what I did

-Very Minor cuts in the beach fight

-Added menacing music when Daniel and Johnny’s eyes meet when Daniel visits the cobra kai dojo.

-Cut:”she’s hot definitely hot”

I cut some stuff in the Halloween school dance scene.
-Added a little bit of music when Daniel is about to spray Johnny with water

-Cut “Hey Johnny wats up.”

-Cut Ali tripping the cobra kais and Daniel causing a car crash.

-Add music when myagi and Daniel visit the cobra Kai dojo.

-Cut a comedic scene with Daniel with his history teacher and the cobrai kais. It was a funny bit, but to me the rivalry between Johnny and Daniel felt gone from that scene.

-Added some music to the semi finals when Daniel gets his leg broken and when he is telling Myagi he wants balance when his leg is injured.
-added some footage from karate kid 3 and 2 for the training montage
-Also added some alternate shots in the last fight scene from cobra kai which includes the close up of the crane. I did cut some other minor things but I just didn’t feel like listing them. Feedback is always appreciated!

Modern trailer I made:

Here’s the poster